I, Kyan Radic, have been playing basketball all my life and exploring how different things work in the current basketball era. My love and enthusiasm for basketball have offered me never-ending happiness that I still enjoy in my long life.

Who am I actually?

Kyan Radic

My love for basketball might also be the reason why I chose it as a professional career. I am not only a basketball player for my home club, but I have been a local trainer helping out hundreds of basketball players with their problems. 

I have competed and won in different local matches and leagues, making it possible to have a better view of the basketball industry. I have got to know the things included in it that amateur or even experienced players are not aware of. 

The Mission

I created this website when the idea of helping a broader basketball community popped up in my mind. I simply thought, why not help the players from all over the world rather than focusing on a small group. Well, and what better way can there be to design a website and unleash all the information you have got effectively?

As for the mission, I am planning to expand the website as much as possible so that it can have all the information a basketball player would need. Just like any other sport, basketball also has some crucial aspects that the players can get confused in. Not only that, but it can precisely be quite hard to pick the right equipment and accessories to make your experience better. For that, I will help you all out with my suggestions, ideas, tips, and evaluation. It might take some time to cover all the aspects included in basketball, but we will definitely reach there together.


Having questions and troubles about anything is surely not a bad thing; the thing that matters is how you solve and conquer it. So make sure to check the content I provide and solve out all your problems related to basketball. If you actually think you have something different to ask that is not available on the website, you can always and without any problems get in touch and ask.


Kyan Radic, The Basketball Perfectionist.