Are Basketball Shoes Good for Everyday Use?

So the question is are basketball shoes good for everyday use?

Basketball shoes are not meant for the game. Oh yeah! It is said and believed by many. In the early 70s till 80s people used to wear basketball shoes as casual wear. So much so that it has remained a fashion trend for years. Chuck Taylor’s Converse is the main example of such wear. Another example in the same regard is Michael Jordon. His basketball shoes are quite famous and are worn by many. Some basketball shoes are expensive and people like to buy them as a symbol of status.

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Do you think it is good to wear basketball shoes casually? 

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Everyday Use

According to those who wear basketball shoes as casual footwear, they are simply great. However, there are some ways through which you can keep them fresh. So that there isn’t any smell or air inside the shoes. For that, certain tricks and tips are a must to follow.

What are some reasons for which wearing basketball shoes is considered good? 

Reasons as to which it is recommended to wear basketball are based on what they offer. Features are an integral part of wearing shoes that are particularly meant for basketballs. What do these features do? Well, they keep feet away from warts and other skin conditions. Also, they ensure comfort.

Can you wear basketball balls used casually in a basketball game? 

Naturally, when you are wearing a pair of basketball shoes then you can’t use them in a game. Do you know why? The answer to it is shoes used casually are worn out. They tend to lose grip and cushioning also loses the placement. Basketball needs extreme maintenance if you are using it casually and, in the game, too. But remember, this way these shoes will not last long. Therefore, it is better if you get new pair of shoes for the game.

Wearing Basketball Shoes Casually 

People like to use basketball shoes for a number of reasons. First thing first, it is fashionable footwear.

Vibrant Color Combos 

Comes in different colors and at times the vibrant ones become the most favorite. Also, wearing them with different outfits gives a very chic and modern look. That said, basketball shoes can complement the appearance of the person. Shorts with basketball joggers add value to a personality.

Basketball Shoes Designs and Cuts 

It is a known fact that basketball shoes need a special cut, design, and manufacturing process. Wearing them with anything too low (below ankle) will not do justice. Instead, those who wear it with shorts or anything that is way above shins are able to understand the functionality. It is mainly because these shoes require some look. Besides that, it is always good to keep trousers, pants, or jeans, etc. above shins. So that you can appear flashy to others. In situations where you don’t like to look flashy or vibrant, then prefer wearing these shoes with something that doesn’t attract the attention of others.

Duration of Wearing Basketball Shoes Casually 

Wearing basketball shoes only on the court or during the game will save you from getting a new pair of shoes. It is because people mostly go to court for the game not more than thrice in a week. That gives rest, air, and protection to the shoes. Otherwise, when you wear basketball shoes casually as well as in the game, it is worn out easily.

According to experts and professionals, wearing basketball shoes daily will only last them 5 to 6 months. If you wear them only in the games then the durability increases to 1 and 2 years. Naturally, the choice is yours. It is you who has to decide about the duration. In case you are ready to buy new basketball shoes after every 6 months then wear them casually too.

Which Basketball Shoes are Used Casually?

Another query asked by many out there is usually asked by those who use basketball shoes for the first time. They need to know if it is okay to use basketballs casually. And if there are any special kind of shoes which are used casually. Well, the answer to this – outdoor shoes.

Outdoor shoes particularly for basketball are best for casual use. According to those who are associated with the industry are of the point that it is because of one particular reason – basketball shoes for outdoor use have a harder outsole. Now the question that you may ask is: why outdoor basketball shoes are different from indoor basketball shoes? Well, the answer is not that complicated.

There are tons of hard materials on the road or outside. For example, there is concrete, cement, stones, and whatnot! Therefore, if and when you wear shoes that have less grip or strength, it wears off easily. Unlike, basketball shoes that are specifically designed for outdoor activities don’t lose grip and run for long.

We always recommend players use alternative shoes for everyday use. You can always wear shoes on their turn so that air passes through them completely. Also, it is a must to help in making them fresh on daily basis. Players and other people can simply follow some tricks to maintain freshness. One of the best ways to restore freshness is to keep them in the sun for some time. That helps in removing the smell and passing air. Besides that, it is considered best if you use a deodorizer for your feet if you wear basketball shoes for more than four hours. Are you thinking why? It is so that bacteria borne because of odor doesn’t make their stay in the shoes.

Role of Basketball Shoes in Running and Walking

Basketball is a game that doesn’t involve running alone. There is at times walking and partial running (aka jogging) too. So, it won’t be bad or wrong to walk and run in any basketball shoes. However, basketball enthusiasts and professionals always find running shoes serving bounties of running. It is because running shoes facilitate users with flexibility, comfort, and stability. Remember, it is not a good idea to run in basketball shoes for long. Its structure, design, and complexity are meant for short runs and walks. Otherwise, these shoes as in the basketball ones will only add blisters and pain on the feet.

Considerations to Stay Mindful About Using Basketball Shoes for Running

Among the basic considerations, some of the main ones are mentioned below. However, keep in mind that considerations are based on the type of use you have. For example, a person who is an athlete and wants to use basketball shoes. Will it justify the run? Doubt so! Likewise, a basketball player would need to run in the game. For that, he has to have something better, right? Therefore, recommendations are based on the type of running you do. Nonetheless, ankle support and padding cushioning of the sole are the must-have in a pair of basketball shoes.

Consideration 1: Cushioning and Padding of Shoes

Have you ever gone through pain after wearing shoes? It is mostly due to the fact that the size which you buy is wrong. It is not the perfect fit. Either the size is too narrow or too broad. It is also when you buy smaller or bigger sizes. When you buy basketball shoes they have cushioning that protects feet from getting aches and pain. Even after a lot of jumping and running, players don’t feel tired. Do you know why? Well, it is because they absorb force and don’t let you get an impact on feet after jumping from a height. Cushioning also helps in keeping your feet away from moisture and gives comfort while running.

Consideration 2: Ankle Support in Basketball Shoes 

Other than cushioning, a runner must check ankle support. Without support on the ankles, you can’t run too far. Also, it is said that people who have pain in their ankles or feel pressure on their ankles while running should consider wearing basketball shoes. However, everyone should be mindful of the weight of basketball shoes. Since they are heavier, the user will feel heavy and has to put in extra energy while running. Once you put in more energy, the prospects of getting a tired increase.

Consideration 3: Extra Pair of Shoes 

Keeping an extra pair of basketball shoes is a must. It is not advised to use one pair for long and then discard to get new pair of shoes. If you are a basketball player and want to keep maintain excellent performance in a game, getting more than 2 pairs of basketball shoes would serve best. However, keeping two or more pairs of shoes is to assign different roles to each pair.

For outdoor use, fulfilling running criteria, and using basketball shoes for casual wear. All of them have different roles assigned.

Last Verdict

Because of all that these basketball shoes contain, they are considered good for casual use. We know that sometimes the design and appearance of these shoes can be a bit too flashy and vibrant. That may make the user feel conscious. But, believe it or not, vibrancy calls for fulfilling fashion needs. furthermore, cushioning and ankle support are considered best for running. However, using one pair of shoes for too long will deteriorate the lifespan of shoes.

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