How Much Does it Cost to Build a Basketball Court?

Are you planning to build your own basketball court to exterminate all the problems related to your basketball experience? Well, it definitely is possible to build a basketball court, whether outdoor or indoor, but if you are thinking that you can build one with a few thousand dollars, then you are probably wrong. It does not actually matter if you are opting for an indoor basketball court or a residential basketball court; you will have to spend a considerable amount of money to get the things done perfectly. Not only that but spending a good amount will also ensure that you get the best experience while playing your favorite sport. But the question is, how much does it cost to build a basketball court? if you start from scratch?

A minimum of $10,000 will be needed to build a usual basketball court. The cost can go as high as a hundred thousand dollars depending on the type of basketball court you are building and the things you are integrating into it.

This is just a rough figure, and you will have to consider all of the other things to know where all of your money will go if you build a basketball court. For that, I am here to help you out with all the things and possibilities so that you can build the best basketball court of your career.

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Different types of Basketball courts

Do you really and actually think there is only one type of basketball court? If yes, then you are wrong. There are different types of basketball courts that are used all over the world as per the preferences of the players and their playing levels. You will have to determine what type of player you are and which type of court you will like to play.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Basketball Court

That is why it is vital first to see what are the different types of basketball courts that you can build for yourself.

  • High School Court
  • Junior School Court
  • Standard NBA Court

These are the three most common types of basketball courts, and you would now have understood that why these courts are used for different playing levels. The considerably younger players go for Junior School Court or High School court. But the players who are professional and want to pursue their career with basketball professionally opt of Standard NBA courts.

But the thing is, why NBA and not the other leagues? It is because NBA is the most popular basketball league in the whole world, and almost every other basketball league follows NBA and its structure. You might be able to find few leagues that would have different court sizes, but NBA is the most common one, and it is better to follow all your life if you really want to build your basketball career. Besides, the NBA standard size is very comfortable to play with as it offers proper space to both of the teams and allows moving in the best ways. Other than that, it depends on your choices and likings too.

Costs of building different types of basketball courts!

Well, this is for you are here, right? So, yes, what are the building costs of different types of basketball courts? As I have stated earlier that the basketball courts vary as per the players’ skills and age. That is the reason why the basketball courts can be more significant than the others. So if you are wondering what will be the costs of all types of basketball courts, take a look:

High School Court

Just so you know, High School courts are smaller than the standard NBA courts, and that is why you can build them for cheaper. But it does not mean that you will be able to save a lot, just a little. If we talk about the actual cost of building a high school basketball court, you can expect to spend more than $35,000 to get great results. You can definitely get lower than this price range by compromising in some of the aspects, but it is not recommended.

Junior High School Court

Junior High School Courts are even smaller than high school courts. If you compare these courts with the NBA courts, you will find a big difference. If we take a look at the cost to build a Junior High School court, it is relatively lower than the high school court. You will have to spend around $25,000-$30,000 to get a good basketball court where you can play and practice. But again, the size will be smaller, and you might have to compromise your skills. If you are choosing this basketball for your younger kids, then there is no problem going for it.

NBA Court

This is where the real deal starts, and that is where you will have to empty your pockets. As we are talking about the NBA courts, you get the full-sized courts with the perfect dimensions to practice your skills professionally. But what is the cost to build an NBA court? Well, you will have to spend more than $40,000 to build an NBA court where you will get all the vital features and aspects. But the thing is, you will never regret your decision of going that far to get a basketball court because even if you are younger now, you will have to go for a standard-sized or NBA court to play professionally. You cannot just play on the High School or Junior High School courts all your life.

Please note that the actual prices mentioned above are speculations or averages, and you might be able to get a good deal in your country or area. But you will have to keep these prices in mind so that you won’t have to face financial problems once you have made up your mind to build a basketball court. Other than that, decide what type of court will suit you best and get on with it to enjoy what you love.

Half Court vs. Full Court! Size Comparison

If you don’t have ample space available to build a big basketball court of full size, you can simply go for a half-sized court. But yes, you will not be able to play with teams professionally, and you will have to compromise on some aspects. But it is still an excellent idea for those who can do anything for basketball. But the thing is, how much smaller will the court get? Let’s figure it out!

The size of a standard and actual NBA court is about 97’x50′, which is also considered as the full-sized court. But if we go for the half-sized NBA court, the size reduces too. The size of the half-size NBA court is about 47’x50′, where you will be able to play with your teammates only.

If we talk about the size of a High School Court, it is 84’x50′. It is not much smaller than the NBA court, but there still is enough difference to make things a little bit changed. The half-court size of a High School court is about 42’x50′, which is pretty good considering its entire length.

Now, the last one on our list is the Junior High Court, which is already considered very small. The size of a Junior High School Court is 74’x42,’ and when it comes to its half size, it reduces to 37’x42′. Most of the people don’t go for the Junior High School Half courts because they get significantly smaller and make it hard for the players even to practice.

3v3 Court! What are the costs to build it?

The reason why I did not actually mention the 3v3 court in the above list is because 3v3 courts are not usually used professionally. Just like the name suggests, 3v3 courts are built for six players only and not more than that. So if you are actually planning to build a basketball court to play with your family or few friends only, then there is no better option than going for a 3v3 court. The best thing is, you will also not require more space or a hefty amount of money to get the things done.

A 3v3 court can be built within a budget of $10,000 or less. You can definitely consider it if you are short on the budget too. If we talk about the size of a 3v3 court, then it usually is about 30’x30′, which is unquestionably smaller than all of the courts we discussed before.

Now it is up to you to choose any of the courts as per your preferences. So sit down calmly, have a cup of coffee, think about what you want, and then decide.

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Basketball courts cannot be built cheaply. It does not matter; even if you are going for a 3v3 court, you will have to spend $10,000, which is definitely a significant amount. That is why it is not a good idea to make a rush decision to make things worse for your future. So discuss it with your actual friends and family and see if you are making the right decision. Only then you will actually be able to enjoy basketball your whole life and will also have the freedom to do anything with it or to play in it whenever you want.

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