How Much Does a Basketball Hoop Cost?

If you think you can conquer basketball by just visiting your academy or playing for your school, then you might be wrong. Basketball requires extra practice and intense work to reach the levels of top players. But it is only possible if you could also practice your skills while you are at your home. You cannot visit your Basketball school or academy every time you want to practice, and that is where basketball hoops come to the rescue. There are different types of basketball hoops that you can use with ease. But the thing is, how much does a basketball hoop cost? Can you afford them?

A typical basketball hoop can range anywhere between $300 to $1000. You can expect to pay higher or lower depending on the type of basketball hoop you have chosen. Not only that, but the build quality and size also affect the price of a basketball hoop.

Now the most important thing that you will have to understand here is that what are the different types of basketball hoops and how much you can get your hands on them. Not only that, but you will definitely have to know some crucial factors so that you can get the best possible basketball hoop for a great experience. Let’s have a look at them all.

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Different types of basketball hoops

These are some of the types of basketball hoops. The only thing that you have to do now is to check all of them and see how they work. Only then you will really be able to pick the perfect basketball for your needs.

How Much Does a Basketball Hoop Cost

1. Portable Basketball Hoop

If you are really sort of a person who likes to play basketball wherever it is possible, then you would definitely love the idea of getting a portable basketball hoop. Not only that, but the users who don’t have ample space or a proper driveway also like to go for the portable basketball hoop. A portable basketball hoop works just like a simple basketball hoop, but the only difference between it and the others is that you can quickly move it around as per your preferences.

If you don’t have permission to integrate a basketball hoop or space is less to integrate into permanently, you can simply drag your portable basketball hoop for few hours, and you can drag it back again in your house without any worries. Portable basketball hoops come with multiple tires so that it could be easier for the players to move them wherever they want. Not only that, but if we talk about the sturdiness, players have to fill it with sand, gel, or water to make it stable and sturdy.

If you do not fill your portable basketball hoop with suitable material, you can face some severe problems, even injuries. Aside from that, portable basketball hoops also allow their users to adjust the height of them so that players of all heights and skills can use the hoop without any significant problems.

2. In-Ground Basketball Hoops

You might now have concluded what we are talking about right now, right? If not, let me tell you that the In-Ground basketball hoops are pretty different than the portable hoops. There is no need to fix the portable hoops in one place, but when it comes to the in-ground basketball hoops, you will have to face some hurdles first. If you are the actual type of person who does not like to drag every single thing when you want to play, you can surely go for an In-Ground basketball hoop. You will certainly not have to worry about setting all the things up before you could start playing. You will just have to get changed, and boom! You will be able to play your hearts out.

But as I stated earlier, you will have to face some hurdles at the start, but they will be worth it. You will have to arrange cement or any other material you want so that you can fix the hoop permanently. Other than that, the only problem you might face with an In-Ground basketball hoop is that you will need more space. If you have less space, you can face difficulties in playing basketball. This is because that hoop might create problems for you if you want to use that particular space for something else.

If there is no space problem, an In-Ground basketball hoop can be your ideal choice. Besides, In-Ground basketball hoops also offer proper stability, and they are even more durable than portable basketball hoops. You also don’t really have to worry about the material to support your hoop, and it will still offer you the best sturdiness because of its in-ground capabilities.

3. Garage/Wall-Mounted Hoop

This is the last one on our list if we talk about the types of basketball hoops. Garage and Wall Mounted basketball hoops are usually used by users who neither have insufficient space nor ample space. If there is no space available around your house that you can legally use, the only option that is really left for you is to go for a garage or wall-mounted basketball hoop. You don’t have to do anything as wall-mounted basketball hoops can be integrated on any type of wall. It can be top of your garage or even your room. Aside from this feasibility, there are some drawbacks too of a garage basketball hoop.

Most of the wall-mounted basketball hoops do not offer the option to adjust the height. Even if they offer the opportunity to do so, the difference provided is typically meager. Not only that, but the players also don’t get the actual experience like the actual players of basketball leagues. The experience or vibes seem pretty artificial. But, yes, it depends on your mindset too. If you are satisfied with it and have no other options, you will not feel any difference. You will just require enough passion for transforming even this opportunity for your best.

Different types of basketball hoop Cost

We have now discussed different types of basketball hoops, but do you know what their prices are? Let’s find out!

  • Price of a Portable Basketball Hoop: If you have planned to buy a portable basketball hoop, you should have a budget of around $400 to get a good deal. If you go lower than that, you will have to compromise on the quality significantly, and your hoop won’t even last a year. That is why it is better to invest for one time rather than every year.
  • Price of an In-Ground Basketball Hoop: In-Ground basketball hoops are widely available all over the world, and they typically cost around $500-$1000. The reason why they are expensive than the portable hoops is that they are more durable and sturdier than them.
  • Price of a Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop: Wall-Mounted basketball hoops are the cheapest as you can literally get them for even $200. The reasons behind it are definitely the lack of pole, adjustments, and the quality of the hoop.

These are the prices of all types of basketball hoops. Now you will have to decide which type of basketball hoop falls in your budget. If you are getting a better hoop for a little more than your budget, it is better to go for it to get a good hoop. You cannot buy a basketball hoop every other month, and that is why it is actually better to increase your budget for a better thing.

What to look for when buying a basketball hoop?

Well, we now have checked the prices of different basketball hoops, but do you know what you should look for when buying one? If not, then don’t worry! I will give an overview of all the essential things to make things easier for you.

  • Size: The size of a basketball hoop usually defines its backboard size. There are different sizes of basketball hoops you can find on the internet, and you will have to pick the one that is most suitable for you.
  • Backboard Material: Backboard material usually helps in rebounds and other different techniques included in basketball. But it depends on the material if you will be able to implement them correctly.
  • Sturdiness: If you don’t want your hoop to vibrate while you are playing, make sure it is sturdy enough.
  • Adjustability: Adjustability is another very important factor as you might need to adjust the height of your hoop in the future. So do not forget to check it.
  • Durability: Basketball hoops should last for years without any problems; that is why you should check their durability and pole material.
  • Net: The net should be stretchy and reliable so that it would not tear apart if you apply little pressure onto it. Other than that, most of the basketball hoop nets come with excellent quality.


If you have a meager budget, then I would suggest you wait a little longer and save up a little more money so that you can get your hands on a good basketball hoop. Believe me; you will regret your decision if you choose to go with a very low-end basketball hoop.

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