8 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support in 2023

Do you happen to be a basketball enthusiast and you have been searching for best basketball shoes for ankle support? Then you have come to the right place.

Basketball is a difficult support and it requires a lot of effort and enthusiasm. But most of all, it requires a good pair of sneaker.

Finding the best basketball sneakers may be hard but it’s not, if you are searching for it in the right place. We have compiled a list of top shoes that is really going to help you out.

These shoes will ensure that your ankles are supported in the correct way lowering the chance of hurting them in any way. It is vital to keep your ankles checked and safe because basketball is a sport that really requires the support and use of ankles. If you don’t keep this aspect in mind, you might have to face difficulties while running, jumping, and showing off your skills.

You can continue reading and find out what we have in store for you.

How does Our Selection procedure works?

We are sure that by now you must be wondering that how did we choose these products?

Let us shed some light on that. In order to reduce your effort, we performed quite an extensive research ourselves.

We surveyed on the internet among different basketball enthusiasts.

We also read hundreds of reviews, feedbacks and other comments on different platforms like Amazon, eBay and even on the pages of Nike, Adidas and other sports-related links.

It helped us determine some of the good shoes that you can get. Not only that, but we also got to know some of the features of these shoes that can really help you out while playing.


That is how came across these 7 shoes that you will find out about real soon.

top Ankle Support Basketball Shoes

So, continue reading and find out about what we have in store for you.

1. Adidas Dame 5 – 

Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes
The first recommendation on our list is a pair of shoe from Adidas.

We all know that the first brand that comes to our mind when we think about buying sports apparel is Adidas without a doubt. This is why we have added Dame 5 to our most recommended list.

The main feature of Dame 5 is that it utilizes herringbone traction from heel to toe and we would like to bring to your notice that the implementation of this pattern has been the best with Dame 5 so far.

The pattern of these shoes has been designed in such a way that each line of the pattern is thick and spaced apart quite far. It means that dust will find it harder to clog up the outsole when you are playing in unlikely conditions.

The traction and rubber compound used to manufacture the sole of Dame 5 happen to be translucent but still they worked really, a bit slipper but nonetheless, Dame 5 will be one that you will have in your possession.

If you play primarily on the outdoor courts, these shoes are pretty reliable however on the indoor courts, they do slip a little but one wipe here and there and all will be good again.

The shoes happen to be quite bouncy and responsive as well. If you are a hooper you should definitely consider Adidas Dame 5.


  • It comes in mesh and leather, two different textiles.
  • It features a herringbone traction that has been utilized in the best way possible.
  • The shoes are also very responsive and bounce really good.
  • The rubber outsole provides the player with an excellent grip

Dame 5 will not cause any loss of court feel or instability and will still provide you all the impact protection you need. Since it is a full length shoes, this will be the best bounce setup you will find in any shoes for that matter.

The Dame 5 also comes in two material options, mesh and leather. The mesh versions are a bit lightweight as compared to the leather ones. They also feature a synthetic nubuck rear panel that is felt quite significantly and it won’t be appreciated by those who do not like pressure at the backend of their feet.

However, the leather version happens to be quite consistent in performance. The look of these shoes may not be as premium as you want but they’re fairly good for playing on court.

If you want to know whether there was a difference in both these versions from a performance aspect, we would like to tell you, none. Both these shoes perform just as the same which means, the versions don’t really matter that much.

The last thing we would like to mention about Dame 5 is that it provides wider space at the forefront of the shoes. These are highly recommended for those who have wider feet.

Why You Should Get This?

Adidas Dame 5 is recommended here because the lockdown is extremely good and comforting. The extra space provided at the forefront really adds to the stability and bounce cushioning is also exceptional. We highly recommend these shoes.

  • It offers amazing traction
  • It is very comfortable
  • The bounce cushioning is exceptional
  • The shoes are a bit slippery on dusty courts

2. Nike Kyrie 5 – 

High Top Basketball ShoesFor Ankle Support
The next recommendation we have for you is another name that comes to mind when we think about sports apparel, Nike. Nike is among the tycoon of sports and it is has been providing the best and by far the most quality products in the same domain.

The Kyrie 5 was launched not long ago and it made some serious waves in the sneaker industry. The shoes promises terrific traction, incredible lockdown and increased cushioning.

Let’s talk about its traction first. If you have used Kyrie 4 then the underside of Kyrie 5 is going to look a lot different to you because it basically is. However, the performance is top notch and that is guaranteed.

The outsole is also wrapped around the sneaker partially like it did on its predecessor and provides you with a nice grip when you are changing directions. If you want a basketball shoe that provides exceptional traction, Kyrie 5 is the one you should go for.


  • The upper mesh is breathable and supportive
  • It features an Air Zoom Turbo unit in the forefoot
  • The Flytrap mechanism keeps you locked in
  • It comes with unique design elements

Support is another feature that happens to be a high note of Kyrie 5. The all new laces and containment system was based on the mouth of a Venus FlyTrap. Hence, the name Flytrap came into being.

The FlyTrap basically replaces a free-floating tongue on the shoe and precisely winds the laces through its arms and Flywire. Once you pull the laces as tight as you want, the FlyTrap will lock your foot down from all the angles.

However, for some players, this much lockdown may not be comfortable but as far as it goes, the other parts of the shoe also provide great support.

As far as the material is concerned, Nike hasn’t upgraded that when it comes to Kyrie 5. The material used for this shoe is identical to those of Kyrie 3. The quality still hasn’t been compromised but it isn’t an upgrade given other aspects of the article is topnotch.

The Kyrie 5 also get a comfort boost because it features an Air Zoom Turbo unit in the forefoot. In the previous articles manufactured by Nike in the Kyrie series, there was no boost in the forefoot so this is a nice addition.

The layer of Air Zoom Turbo is so thin that you will not feel it at all but you will also not miss the extra bounce it will provide once you are on the court. This is exclusively well for those who love playing on their forefoot.

Why You Should Get This?

Kyrie 5 is best for the ankle because it comes with the FlyTrap feature that locks your feet down nicely and provide the much needs support you need while playing.

  • It provides great support
  • The Air Zoom Turbo provides extra cushioning
  • The shoe is extremely comfortable and court loving
  • The lockdown may be extra tight for some players

3. Adidas Pro Bounce – 

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support
The third recommendation on the list is another article from Adidas. It is the Originals Men’s Pro Bounce.

This basketball shoe slightly resembles their previously released article, the Mad Bounce. The Pro Bounce offers and innovative design, with the best grip, exclusively designed for the basketball court.

If you are having trouble understanding whether this shoe is worth your attention or not, let us provide you with all the necessary details you need to decide that.

The shoe is good for those players who are looking for all around support because it comes as a high top style shoe. The design of this shoe has exclusively been developed to provide performance and efficiency.

Not to mention, the Pro Bounce comes in a variety of colors and provides you with the liberty of choosing the kind of color that suits your personality perfectly. It has a very different design and the part where we tell you it comes in more than seven colors just makes this shoe worth buying.

However, we would like to mention that most of these shoes have a tinge on white color in it. It won’t remain just as white as when you first start wearing it without proper cleaning and maintenance.


  • These shoes are available in two different materials, mesh and leather.
  • They have imported quality
  • These come with bounce cushioning that provide an enhanced performance
  • The upper mesh is breathable in textile version

The Pro Bounce possesses a high top style in terms of design. This style allows the shoe to provide ample support to the player and stability for quick movement. The shoe also features GeoFit construction; this is a major upgrade for this shoe since this feature enhances stability and comfort for the player.

The fitting of this shoe is so good that it will completely hug your feet while still giving room to flex and bounce your feet without any hindrance. However, the forefront of this shoe is a bit narrow so it is not going to provide enough room for your tows to breath during the game.

Now for the material, we all understand that the last thing a player wants is his feet sweating during the game. Adidas has kept that in mind which is why the upper mesh of Pro Bounce is breathable and lets the air flow through the shoe.

If you happen to be one of those people who associate Mesh as a flimsy material, Adidas has made sure you don’t have the same complaint with this shoe.

The details of this shoe have been put in a lot of effort & the mesh has been crafted from Thermoplastic polyurethane coated fibers that have been stiched nicely & have also gone through heat press, all of this ensures durability of this basketball shoe.

The Pro Bounce is also very lightweight and the mesh makes sure your foot remains comfortable while carrying it firmly. These Pro Bounce shoes feature a rubber outsole with an aggressive tread pattern that holds fast to the court when you are running, faking out your opponents, and going in for a basket.

The design of this shoe is so efficient that it perfectly distributed your body weight along the entire shoe. The Pro Bounce also offers plenty of traction on the court as well. It also prevents any kind of slips on the courts and protects your feet from any kind of injuries, strains and sprains.

Why You Should Get This?

The Pro Bounce is perfect because it possesses a very strong design and the entire built of this shoe has been done keeping the performance of the player in mind. It is a very comfortable basketball sneaker that hugs your feet and still provides you room enough to play well.

  • It provides great all around support
  • Provides wide range of color options
  • Offers great traction
  • The toe box will be a bit narrow for some people

4. Adidas Performance Crazy ExplosiveBest Lightweight Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support

Can you guess which brand is it that we are totally in love with? It is none other than Adidas and we have another recommendation for you from this brand.

Their products are to die for and the brand itself is known for providing customers with high level of durability and amazing quality.

We are always looking at the brand whenever we want to recommend a new article and we always get stuck on these shoes, Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive.

The quality and features of these shoes is so on point that you can wear them for literally everything and anything.

The shoes were basically known for providing quality support and for being ultra-lightweight but what you didn’t know is that Crazy Explosive also provides you with a topnotch ankle support.

It features TPU technology and provides incredible support to your ankles and heel. Once you have put these on and you start playing, you will know exactly what we are talking about and how strong these shoes are.

Also, these got basically famous for providing you with extra boost so that your jump rate could increase. If you are looking for a basketball shoe that is highly responsive, this one is it.

Another thing that is worth mentioning regarding Crazy Explosive is that these shoes are extremely lightweight. You will feel like you are wearing socks or something and not even feel these shoes at all.


  • The shoes provide you with an all-around comfort
  • These shoes remain true to your size
  • They are also known for providing an amazing ankle support
  • The shoes are extremely responsive because of the Boost cushioning

It features a rubber sole that provides an enigmatic grip on all kinds of courts. Adidas has also upgraded the lacing system in Crazy Explosive because previously, some people complaint about the pressure laces would have on the feet.

They have now provided with an improved lacing system that offers a customized fit. The Crazy Explosives by Adidas come in numerous colors to choose from.

These are stylish, sleek and a perfect for all your requirements while playing basketball.

Why You Should Get This?

Crazy Explosive provides great ankle support because of the Boost cushioning. The shoes fit perfectly to almost all sizes of feet and don’t put on a restrain. These are really comfortable and work really well on the court.

  • These shoes are extremely lightweight
  • They provide comfort
  • These shoes are perfect for all kinds of courts
  • These shoes do not offer a breathable mesh

5. Nike Lebron Soldier XI – 

Basketball Shoes With Good Ankle Support

Nike has always surprised its customers with the best products. This brand is known for its impressive collection of joggers and trainers. Here is another addition to the Nike family. These set of shoes is one of the best products provided by Nike.

Nike Lebron Soldier XI are extremely comfortable for jumping and walking. The outer fabric is durable. The material of the sole is also amazing. You can walk miles in these shoes easily. As they are made for basketball they are liked by the youngsters. They play tough matches easily in these shoes.  It provides fashion and comfort both in one product. Moreover, the style is very attractive.

The stripes look fancy and trendy. All the sizes are available. Every detail is displayed online which makes it easy for customers to explore. Online delivery is made within mentioned days. The dream pair of shoes is now in range.

Let’s discuss some of the classy features of Nike Lebron Soldier XI that will help you a lot that this shoe is for you or not.


  • The colors available are in fashion. The brown color with some touch of darker shades looks amazing. This is the most demanded color. The variety in black is also appreciated. Black color goes with every outfit.  Metallic silver and varsity red are also in stock.
  • The stripes are amazing. They are according to the latest trending fashion.
  • When it comes to sole it is really comfortable. It is made up of synthetic material which is soft but durable.
  • This product is imported which makes it of the best quality. There is no compromise on providing the best to the customers. It is one of the highlighted features of these shoes.

Why You Should Get This?

The shaft is designed as high top from arch. This makes it reliable and comfortable support for the ankle.

Especially for basketball players. It will provide the best game. Moreover, you will be saved from ankle dislocation and sprain. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for such players. Last but not least, the sole provides firm support.

  • It has a comfortable sole with synthetic material.
  • It is good to support for joint especially the ankle joint.
  • Soldier XI is fashionable to wear for players.
  • Dynamic design made for stripes
  • Colorful appearance in Nike Lebron makes it even better than previous designs of Nike.
  • These shoes are expensive for most of the customers.
  • The variety of colors provided is not enough.

6. Reebok Shaq Attaq

Reebok Ankle Support Basketball Shoes
Reebok is another brand that has made its name among the best sports apparel sellers and we have a product that we would really like you to take a look at Reebok Shaq Attaq.

Ever heard the name of Reebok Men’s Shaq Attaq? If you have then you know exactly the kind of basketball shoe we talking about but if you haven’t, let us tell you all about it.

The quality of these shoes is amazing and they do bring you a layer of nostalgia with the way they look.


  • The shoes feature graphite technology
  • These are also highly durable
  • These shoes are true to size and you will not have to worry about them being either too small or too big
  • It comes with a mid-cut design and because of that, ankle support is really good

The shoes come with a mesh upper and it is quite flexible for the players. It lets the air flow into the shoe and because of that, feet do not sweat while playing which is a huge relief for those who play basketball rigorously.

The Reebok Shaq Attaq is highly comfortable because of the graphite technology. Most of the players have recommended these shoes because of the high comfort they felt while playing.

Even though people call Shaq Attaq old school shoes but Reebok has maintained its quality when it comes to providing amazing shoes.

The shoes are highly durable and it is a perfect pair for those who play in center position. It also has an amazing traction pattern and it sticks to the ground firmly while you play.

The Reebok Shaq Attaq was designed exclusively for those players who look for something true to design and size. The shoes fit perfectly and may seem narrow to some people. We suggest that if you have wide feet, always put these on before buying instead of just purchasing them online.

These shoes come with a mid-cut design. The lockdown is pretty amazing and the lacing system makes it a customizable fit.

All in all, the Reebok Shaq Attaq is the basketball shoe you should go for if you are looking for something on a budget, durable and highly comfortable to wear and play in.

Why You Should Get This?

The Reebok Shaq Attaq comes with a mid-cut design that provides amazing support to the players. The shoe is also pretty comfortable so we highly recommend it for those players who have trouble finding shoes for ankle support.

  • These shoes are highly durable
  • These shoes are pretty comfortable
  • The design is also pretty decent
  • The shoe is a bit narrow footed

7. Adidas NEO CF Executor Mid– 

Best Ankle Support For Basketball
Now, onto the last recommendation, we have another article from Adidas, Neo CF Executor, one of Adidas most hyped sneakers.

As mentioned before, Adidas is among those brands or rather sport tycoons that have made a name for themselves globally.

Adidas is recognized internationally for all the sports goods it provides and the quality they have introduced in the industry, you are not going to find that anywhere.

Adidas NEO CF Executor is for all those basketball enthusiasts out there who hate it when their feet gets sweaty while playing. Those of you, who play regularly know exactly how irritating it gets when your feet is all sweaty and it annoys even more when your shoes have to take the beating for it.

However, Adidas NEO Executor has been an exception in this case. The article comes with a very lightweight design and great breathability features, ones that you are really going to like.

Have you heard about the Cloudfoam cushioning? When we talk about NEO Executor, we would like to tell you that it possesses that feature. It is extremely delicate and provides the right amount of comfort that your feet needs while on the court.

The outsole of this shoe is made of rubber and the tract is really strong. It provides you with great grip while you are playing and also responses really well when making narrow moves. The rubber sole is basically semi-translucent but still, it never slips.


  • These are available in two different materials, synthetic and textile.
  • They are made up of imported quality
  • The lockdown is exceptional
  • These shoes are extremely lightweight

The sole also makes sure that your feet remain cool and dry. It wraps around your feet perfectly and provides you with enough flexibility so that you can play with ease.

As for the design of NEO Executor, it is quite stylish and provides with a very warm feel. The material is mesh and breathable but doesn’t look cheap at all.

You can choose these shoes in variety of colors. Adidas has made sure that it provides you with enough color options when it comes to buying their sneakers.

The fitting of this shoes is not as wide as most men’ require but as far as we have made use of it, it works really well. Some men may find it a bit narrow but Cloudfoam cushioning makes up for that really well.

These shoes are the most breathable and comfortable that you will find in the market. Many shoes fail to provide off-cushioning because of rigid traction. That doesn’t allow your ankle to move naturally and may end up causing an ankle sprain.

However, the lockdown of NEO Executor is really strong and it doesn’t tighten your ankle at all. It provides enough grip and room to the ankle so that it can move naturally and still has a grip on the ground.

The toe box is also wide of this shoe so if you happen to be someone who requires extra room near his toes, the Adidas NEO Executor is the right choice for you.

Another feature that we would like to mention here about this shoe is that it comes with screen-printed lining that makes the shoe more breathable and flexible at the same time.

Why You Should Get This?

The Cloudfoam cushioning provides the player with extra comfort and makes sure the ankle remains in grip still moves naturally. The shoe has been manufactured while keeping in perspective that the player doesn’t get an ankle sprain. The lockdown is phenomenal and it is extremely comfortable for playing on court.

  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with Cloudfoam cushioning
  • The lockdown is exceptional
  • The design may feel stiff in the beginning

8. Under Armour Curry 2.5 – 

Under Armour Ankle Support Shoes
Another product that we would like to recommend is a premium basketball shoe from the brand Under Armour.

Curry 2.5 has never been known as an elite shoe but still the users have labeled it as a premium basketball shoe because it takes amazing features from its predecessor, Curry 2 and takes them to a new and improved level.

The Under Armour Curry 2.5 provides you with a stellar improvement to a basketball shoe that was already recognized as the best basketball shoe on court. you must have gotten an idea of what we are really talking about.

First things first, let’s list down the major features of Curry 2.5 down below, shall we?


  • The upper materials of Curry 2.5 are extremely durable
  • The traction pattern of Curry 2.5 is topnotch and provides the user with an excellent grip
  • It provides an amazing and liquid like heel-to-toe transition
  • Comes with a burrito wrap construction that provides an amazing lockdown
  • It comes with a thick PU insole that has increased the cushioning in this shoe quite a notch

As you can see from the features and if you have been a previous user of Curry 2, then you should know exactly what to expect.

The traction of this shoe is highly commendable and it is pretty solid on hardwood. It may not be as good outdoors as it is indoors but still, Curry 2.5 provides you with an amazing gaming experience.

It offers a multi-directional herringbone pattern that makes movement quite easy while the tread pattern has been spaced quite widely so it doesn’t let the debris or dust get stuck in.

And even if you are afraid of using it on dusty floors, don’t be anymore. With just one or two wipes, you are good to go and you will not have to keep on wiping your shoe off while you play.

The cushioning has had some speculation since it was launched that the Curry 2.5 comes with the brand’s acclaimed MicroG Foam. However, the speculation was wrong and the shoe features Charged Foam UA.

Don’t be upset because the Charged Foam UA still provides an amazing cushioning setup to the player and it also provides good impact protection if not excellent.

The materials that have been used to manufacture Curry 2.5 are highly flexible and provide an amaing feel to the feet. They do not get tight and the fitting is also pretty good.

All in all, if you are looking for a basketball shoe that looks great feels great and provides an amazing response to your feet, go for these shoes without giving a second thought.

Why You Should Get This?

The Curry 2.5  fit like a glove to your feet and they offer higher-top, providing you with all the support that you need for your ankles. The fitting is also pretty good which just adds up to all its features.

  • The shoe is highly durable
  • It comes with a strong herringbone traction pattern
  • It is perfect for indoor use
  • The shoe isn’t breathable

the Buyer’s Guide

Since, we have recommended you a lot of articles for your next shopping for basketball.

It is only fair that we tell you how to really shop for most comfortable basketball shoe and refrain from wasting your hard earned money.

Every player, who is on the lookout for best sneakers wants to purchase a pair of shoe that is going to help him accomplish his game.

He wants the shoes to be comfortable, bounce, roomy, ones that will provide him the ample support he needs while playing.

The biggest obstacle most of the players is the confusion they have while choosing the newly launched pair, whether it is worth the money or not.

Deciding that can take a lot of time and still sometimes, it so happens that even though you have everything figured out regarding the shoe you want, you still end up regretting your choice.

We understand how difficult it is and that is exactly why we have decided to write a proper buying guide for your ease. This buying guide will help you choose the right basketball shoe for you and will make sure you never regret your decision.

We have come up with a few tips that you need to consider before you make your purchase. These tips will not only enable you to choose the best pair for you but it will also help you make the most of your budget.


The first thing you need to consider when buying a basketball shoe is to check its durability the minute you hold it in your hand. Basketballs shoes go are usually used under very rough conditions and ordinary joggers will not be able to keep up with that.

These shoes are exclusively designed for on-court and off-court use, manufactured in such a way that they are able to enhance the performance of the player and remain unharmed in the process.

Once you start looking in the market, you will observe and find that there are a number of brands that provide quality shoes. Adidas and Nike are on the top of that list.


Style should always be the last thing to consider when you are buying shoes. They are basically need to be performance oriented but having style can be a good plus one.

Look for shoes that are performance-oriented and also match your style. In previous times, companies didn’t really care how a shoe looked while manufacturing performance-oriented basketball sneakers but lucky for you, now they do.

We are sure that you will find the most performance-oriented sneaker in the best of style. All you have to do is make your research thorough.

They Are Just Sneakers

Do you think that buying a good pair is going to have an impact on how good of a player you are? You are wrong.

Your shoes are only there to keep you comfortable and to provide you with maximum support on-court. They are never going to play your game for you because they just cannot.

Never think that a good pair will improve your playing skills. These shoes will only enhance the way you play but the playing part has to be done by you.


Most of the people say that they do not want price to determine the kind of purchase they are about to make. But fortunately or unfortunately, price does determine your purchase.

It is a basic human instinct that he always buys something that is cheap and comes under his budget without having to compromise much.

The best way to make a purchase and stay in your budget is by searching the market thoroughly. Compare different sneakers before making a purchase.

This way, you will find plenty of shoes that come under your budget and you will be able to pick the best one

Your Body Type And Size

Not all BB Shoes available in the market are meant for you, depending on your foot size and body type.

Never just go and buy a pair of shoe just because you like how it looks. Always consider your foot size and body type.

If you have a strong built, choose something highly durable and if you have wider feet, never buy a narrow shoe. It will hurt you in the long run.

Always consider the type of body and feet you have before making your final purchase.

Read Reviews

This is another important thing that you must do while you are on the hunt. Almost everything on the internet today has a review.

Read the reviews of the products you are considering for yourself. This will give you the much needed insight and it will also tell you if they are worth buying or not.

Internet has made shopping a lot easy because of the user-reviews. These reviews tell you all about the product before you have even used it so make use of the reviews wisely.

These were the major tips we wanted you to know before you made your purchase. Keep these things in perspective and you will never regret your purchase. Another tip that we would like to add here is buy shoes that have return policies.

Return policies will give you the advantage of returning the shoe in case you weren’t satisfied with it. It protects your money and also keeps your options open.


As you can see, we recommended all of the best options for you regarding the best basketball shoes for ankle support. The two major names leading in this domain are no doubt Adidas and Nike.

These two are known as major sports tycoon and will always provide you with quality products. If you think that there is another basketball shoe we should know about that provides great ankle support.

Let us know through your feedback in the comments below. We highly appreciate your input and it will also help our readers get new ideas as well. Let us know what do you think and for any queries, don’t forget to email us.

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