Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet & Arch Support in 2023

Have you been looking for a pair of basketball shoes that can help in your game because you have flat feet and not every shoe works for you? Then you have come to the right place because we have a lot in store for you.

Finding BB sneakers isn’t an easy task to conquer. It takes a lot of effort and research to find the right product for you. Not to mention, the hundreds of shopping trips that you have to take in order to find yourself the perfect pair.

This is why we came up with a list of the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

Why do you need special shoes for flat feet?

Some doctors have suggested that players with flat feet need proper arch support or custom orthotic devices that can enhance support to the player

Those with flat feet can slip easily and they need proper support alongside stability while playing. This is why you need special shoes.

These types of special shoes ensure that you avoid injuries at all costs and help you play basketball at your full efficiency. If you opt for arch support shoes, you will feel a significant difference while playing basketball because of their specifically designed structure and support than before.

How do we come up with these top products?

After doing thorough research, reading hundreds of detailed reviews and doing our own surveys, we came up with these top 7 articles.

All of our recommended articles have been recommended by consistent players and they are guaranteed for providing support for players with flat feet.

Don’t worry regarding our recommendations because these are top products from top brands.

Now, continue reading about all the recommendations we have for you.

Top Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

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1. Nike Air Jordan XXXIIBest Basketball Sneakers For Wide Flat Feet

The first recommendation is an article from world-famous Nike.

Nike is the flagship brand when it comes to buying sports apparel. They provide the best sports shoes in the industry that come with great comfort and enhance the performance of the player.

The article we are now recommending you is Nike Air Jordan XXXII. It is one of the strongest pair of shoes from Jordans. These shoes has been exclusively designed for those players with flat feet.

Let’s talk about the traction pattern of Nike Air Jordan XXXII first; the traction of this article has been improved to a whole new level as compared to its predecessors. It uses rubber in the tract that actually helps a lot while maintaining the grip and works great on the court.

It uses an altered herringbone which they have used in a previous article as well but this time, the magic they wanted to create actually worked quite well. Dust affected the performance of the shoe merely and wiping is required just for a few seconds on a less desirable court.

The Air Jordan comes in two versions, mid and low. While playing in the lower version, we realized the rubber works better at the grip in this version as compared to the other one’s performance.

This article also features a full-length Unlocked Zoom Air that provides the player with a lot of stability while playing, something that has been missing in Air Jordan for quite a while.


  • It provides the player with an all-around performance
  • The Shoe feature Unlocked Zoom Air that provides stability
  • The sole tract is made up of rubber to provide extra grip
  • The shoe is tightly knitted and material is of premium quality

The shoes may be a bit tight to start but they are true to the size and fit really well. These are also full-length shoe that will provide you with some extra room at your toe box so you remain comfortable while playing.

If you happen to have wider feet, just put on the shoes and make it stretch for a bit, once they begin to hug your feet, Nike Air Jordan XXXII will feel comfortable as anything can be.

The Nike Air Jordan XXXII features a leather rand that pulls your ankle and foot back, keeping them there. It provides great ankle support and keeps your feet in the place.

The material of this shoe is one of the premium features you will get if you buy Nike Air Jordan XXXII. The material is premium; it is comfortable and tight where needed. The Nike Air Jordan XXXII  also provides your feet with all around support.

The stability is also excellent so if you are looking for a shoe that is best for flat feet, you can go ahead and consider this one.

Bottom Line

The traction of this shoe is really strong and it provides comfort along with necessary grip. The shoes are highly comfortable and support your feed thoroughly.

Those who have flat feet may have an issue keeping their balance and that is where Nike Air Jordan XXXII comes in. it provides ample stability you need while running which is why it is best for flat feet.

  • It provides all around support to the player
  • The shoes provide stability
  • The material of Nike Air Jordan XXXII is premium quality
  • The shoes are a bit expensive

2. Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid–  

basketball shoes with arch support

One name that we always want to consider but never do, assuming they are too expensive is none other than Adidas. Adidas is one of the top names in the world, a company that is known for its quality manufacturing and material.

If you happen to be someone who loves Adidas but never bought from them thinking they are too expensive, this recommendation is definitely for you and you might not want to skip it.

Since we are talking about sneakers for flat feet, the article that we have in mind is one of the best joggers that Adidas has ever manufactured. The shoe we are talking about is known as Adidas CloudFoamIlation Mid.

Basketball is a strong sport, one that asks you to be thoroughly on your toes. That requires a solid pair of shoes and the CloudFoamIlation falls nothing short when it comes to durability and strength.

And as for the design and style, we know that we always emphasize on putting these aspects at the last but as for these basketball shoes, you are going to fall in love with the style and design it comes with.


  • The sole of this shoe is extremely strong and sturdy
  • The bounce rate is really good because it has an integrated CloudFoam
  • These are perfect for on-court playing because of the amazing responsiveness
  • These shoes are also great for playing on outdoor courts

Most of the players complain that stronger shoes hurt at the forefront of the feet. Meaning, there is not enough space for the toes to breath.

However, these happen to be quite roomy and they provide the feet with enough breathing space. So much that it allows a player can go about wearing the CloudFoamIlation all day long.

These shoes are exclusively designed in such a way that they become perfect choice for all kinds of courts. Most of the buyers from Adidas wanted something comfortable and roomy so they can put an end to all the discomfort players feel while playing.

The CloudFoamIlation not just provides the players with added comfort but it also helps them in upping their game quite a notch.

These shoes provide amazing impact protection and they will work great for rigorous playing. The CloudFoamIlation also possesses an integrated sock liner and midsole that provides gentle cushioning and maximum support to your feet.

The rubber sole is also quite gripping and the traction pattern is phenomenal. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that you can choose these shoes from a combination of 4 colors according to your own requirement.

Bottom Line

These shoes come integrated with CcloudFoam technology that was created to provide maximum support to those players who have flat feet.

The Adidas Performance Men’s CloudFoamIlation Mid have been deisgned for maximum comfort and they do a great job at being the best choice for players with flat feet.

  • These shoes are extremely lightweight
  • These are breathable
  • The shoes provide enough room to the feet
  • The impact protection is moderate

3. NIKE Zoom Evidence– 

nike basketball shoes for flat feet
The next recommendation we have is Nike Zoom Evidence. This is another one of Nike’s masterpieces that you are really going to like.

The Zoom Evidence comes with a really nice design and number of colors to choose from. If you happen to be someone who is very precise about the style of shoe, these shoes are really going to get your attention.

Nike’s crafter have been really precise and careful while crafting these shoes because they didn’t want to leave anything to question when it came to comfort, design and style of the Zoom Evidence.

This pair possess the most responsive cushioning. Nike stripped this shoe off of weight and bulk in order to make sure it provides absolute and undoubted performance.


  • It features a lightweight composite upper that makes this shoe extremely comfortable
  • It has a very clean and simple design
  • Provides great support because of the Phylon midsole.
  • The stability and comfort it provides is topnotch.

The interference that most of the sneakers have has been minimized with this addition due to the extremely lightweight composite upper. The shoe feels comfortable and easy to carry on the court.

You can use it for everyday wear and competitive playing easily because of its simple and elegant design. As for the performance of Zoom Evidence, it works great for competitive playing because of Phylon midsole that offers stable and responsive feet.

Whereas the Zoom Air unit is in charge of quick and sudden movements and absorbs most of the landing impact, keeping your posture and feet steady.

Another thing that we love about Zoom Evidence is that it has a high collar that protects your ankle nicely and provides a constructive support. It also has a foam heel pad that will make sure all those with flat feet out there don’t slip at all while playing.

A great court sensation and anatomical support has also been provided by the Flywire cables that have perfectly been integrated with a traditional laces system.

Bottom Line

These shoes are best for flat feet because they come with a foam heel pad that prevents slippage to the maximum. So, if you have flat feet and you are looking for the best shoes that you can wear to enhance your performance, you should go ahead and buy these.

  • These are extremely lightweight
  • The ankle support is really impressive
  • These are great for flat feet
  • The shoe may not have enough padding around the area

4. Nike Kobe XI Elite Low– 

Best Mens Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet
Another recommendation is Nike Kobe XI Elite, one of the most comfortable and tremendous low top basketball sneakers that have ever been existed.

Nike has done an amazing job when it comes to manufacturing shoes for those with flat feet and Kobe XI is another sheer example of that.

The first and foremost thing we would like to mention about this shoe is its traction. You could say that it is our least favorite part of the shoe because it picks up a lot of dust particles and you will be wiping off your shoe, more than you have to.

The outsole rubber does work, as long as you are not playing on a daily basis. The shoe works really well on outdoor courts as well but it is probably not going to last you very long.

The Kobe Xi comes with a full-length lunar foam along with an integrated heel Zoom. The midsole cushion set up is adequate and it is perfect for an everyday baller.


  • It features a rubber sole traction pattern
  • Comes with a full-length lunar foam that provides extreme cushioning
  • It features a Nike FlyKnit construction that is of premium quality
  • It also feature TPU wiring to enhance the Flyrwire and provide more sturdiness to the player

The Nike Kobe XI absolutely excels in its material quality. It utilizes TPU yarn for lightweight durability and that is exactly what makes this shoe stand out.

The entire eutilization of the material is also really exceptional and provides great performance enhancement to the player. The shoes feel comfortable, lightweight and stable because of its Knitwire constructions.

The Kobe XI also has a perfect fit, extremely true to the size. It hugs your feet perfectly and feels realky soft on the feet. The shoe also achieves a very good lockdown and the laces system provides ample support to the player.

With the Flywire integrated as the lacing mechanism, the materials utilized give you a direct one-to-one fit. The shoe has a properly molded heel counter and a TPU has been fused in the Flyknit so that the shoe keeps you from thinking about anything else except playing.

Bottom Line

The Kobe XI comes with a very user-oriented design and has been made while keeping every aspect of basketball game in perspective. It is extremely lightweight and the outsole provides the much-needed grip. The shoe doesn’t slip at all on any kind of court and it ois perfect for daily use.

  • It is extremely lightweight
  • It comes in a number of colors to choose from
  • Perfect for daily use
  • The traction gets a lot of dust

5. Adidas Crazy Bounce – 

Best Adidas Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet
The next recommendation is from Adidas. It is the Originals Men’s Crazy Bounce.

This basketball shoe slightly resembles their previously released article, the Mad Bounce. The Crazy Bounce offers an innovative design, with great grip and support, exclusively designed for the basketball court.

If you are having trouble understanding whether this shoe is worth your attention or not, let us provide you with all the necessary details you need to decide that.

This is a high-top style version of the shoe and it is perfect for that player who wants all around support while he is on the court. The design of this shoe has exclusively been developed to provide performance and efficiency.

Not to mention, the Crazy Bounce comes in a variety of colors and provides you with the liberty of choosing the kind of color that suits your personality perfectly. It has a very different design and the part where we tell you it comes in more than seven colors just makes this shoe worth buying.

However, we would like to mention that most of these shoes have a tinge on white color in it. It won’t remain just as white as when you first start wearing it without proper cleaning and maintenance.


  • These shoes are available in two different materials, mesh and leather.
  • They have imported quality
  • These come with bounce cushioning that provide an enhanced performance
  • The upper mesh is breathable in textile version

The Crazy Bounce possesses a high cut style in terms of design. This style allows the shoe to provide ample support to the player and stability for quick movement. The shoe also features GeoFit construction; this is a major upgrade for this shoe since this feature enhances stability and comfort for the player.

The fitting of this shoe is so good that it will completely hug your feet while still giving room to flex and bounce your feet without any hindrance. However, the forefront of this shoe is a bit narrow so it is not going to provide enough room for your tows to breath during the game.

Now for the material, we all understand that the last thing a player wants is his feet sweating during the game. Adidas has kept that in mind which is why the upper mesh of Crazy Bounce is breathable and lets the air flow through the shoe.

However, some people do associate mesh with being flimsy but Adidas has put in a lot of effort to the details of this shoe and has made it quite durable. The mesh has been crafted from TPU-coated fibers that have been stitched in nicely and have been heat pressed to the design.

The Crazy Bounce is also very lightweight and the mesh makes sure your foot remains comfortable while carrying it firmly. These shoes feature a rubber outsole with an aggressive tread pattern that holds fast to the court when you are running, faking out your opponents, and going in for a basket.

The design of this shoe is so efficient that it perfectly distributed your body weight along the entire shoe. The Pro Bounce also offers plenty of traction on the court as well. It also prevents any kind of slips on the courts and protects your feet from any kind of injuries, strains and sprains.

Bottom Line

The CrazyBounce is perfect for flat feet because it possesses a very strong design and the entire built of this shoe has been done keeping the performance of the player in mind.

It is a very comfortable basketball sneaker that hugs your feet and still provides you room enough to play well.

  • Provides great all around support
  • It provides wide range of color options
  • It offers great traction
  • The toe box will be a bit narrow for some people

6. Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct – 

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet
If you have been using NIKE for quite some time now, you must be aware of their Kobe series. This brand is famous for all around support they provided.

We loved their previous articles which is exactly why we decided to recommend Kobe Mamba Instinct because they have a lot to offer you.

This shoe comes with the same upper as Mentality II however; it does have some significant changes that we will be talking about. Another thing that we would like to mention about Kobe Mamba Instinct is that it comes with a removable midsole fashion.

The shoe has a full-length cushion setup that provides you with maximum comfort while playing for longer hours.


  • It features a Lunarlon midsole
  • The sole is made up of a rubber compound that provides an amazing grip on court
  • It provides a very well-balanced support
  • The upper features Flyweave that is of premium quality

The Kobe Mamba Instinct provides the player with amazing fitting and lockdown. Once you have set your foot in and strapped in, your feet isn’t going anywhere and will stay locked in its place.

The shoe is also really lightweight and it is also breathable. For those who used to complain that shoes makes their feet sweat, they need to think about getting themselves the Kobe Mamba Instinct if they don’t want to complain anymore,

As for the cushioning, the Kobe Mamba Instinct feature a Lunarlon midsole that provides them with all the comfort and bounce they need. This also makes the shoe quite responsive and the players will definitely enjoy playing in these shoes.

Another thing that is worth mentioning regarding Kobe Mamba Instinct is that they come with an improved rubber compound and the traction pattern.

It is a lot more solid and provides the player with a lot more grip while on-court. They don’t slip and are also sensitive to dust. However, we will not recommend these shoes for rigorous playing.

Last but not the least, the support and impact protect is pretty decent as well. If we compare the price and the quality of these shoes, we will give it a 10/10.

Bottom Line

When looking for BB sneakers for flat feet, what the player really requires is maximum support. The Kobe Mamba Instinct comes with a Lunarlon midsole that provides the player with ample support.

It is perfect for flat feet and it doesn’t slip, comes with an amazing traction pattern.

  • The shoes have an amazing traction pattern
  • They provide maximum support
  • They are great for indoor use
  • These shoes are not meant for rigorous playing

7. Nike The Air Overplay Ix

Flat Feet Basketball Shoes
The last recommendation is another article from Nike’s collection.

Nike is no doubt one of the best sellers and you are going to fall in love with each and every product that they exclusively offer.

To all those who love stylish shoes as much as they love its enhanced performance are most likely going to adore this recommendation. The Air Overplay IX might be the most stylish yet performance-oriented product that we may have as a recommendation on this list.

These come in black or a wolf gray basic color with a tinge of black, pink, blue and green colors. These shoes provide a stylish yet not so expensive look that you are going to literally fall in love with.

You can use these shoes for playing basketball, jogging or even for casual wear. The style of The Air Overplay is possible the best feature that this shoe comes with but there are a few notable features as well that we would like to enlist below.


  • It has really stylish look
  • Nike Air Overplay IX comes with a number of colors to choose from
  • It provides great ankle and arch support
  • The shoes feature Nike Air Technology incorporated in the heels

We are not exaggerating when we say that this article by Nike is a basketball shoe that you are going to fall for straight out of the box.

It features an encapsulated heel which features Nike Air Technology and alongside that, these shoes provide great arch and ankle support. This means that it provides extra cushioning to those who have flat feet on stronger impact.

Nike Air Unit provides a comfortable playing experience doesn’t matter for how long you are going to play. It makes your feet remains stable and under strong cushioning through the gaming.

These shoes are also made up of breathable and light-weight material that is going to provide you with a very refreshing experience throughout the game. Your feet will neither feel sweaty nor there will be a problem of odor.

You can also remove the thin layer of soul padding and insert a custom orthotics for maximum cushioning and comfort.

The Air Overplay IX is also true to the size and fits perfectly. It provides your feet with all-around support and you can keep on playing in these shoes for hours to come without any fear of blisters o hurting your feet.

Bottom Line

These are best for flat feet because the heel of this shoe is encapsulated and comes with Nike Air Unit that provides your feet with maximum cushioning on impact. If you are looking for a pair with style and support, these shoes are the best you will find.

  • These are lightweight
  • These shoes have great style
  • These provide impact support
  • They are becoming hard to find.

Buyer’s Guide

So, as you can see above, we have recommended you a number of articles for your next trip to the market.

It is only fair that we also explain you through a buying guide how to really shop for basketball and all the things you need to consider before making your purchase so you don’t end up regretting your choice.

Every player, whether flat feet or not, whenever looking for shoes wants to buy a pair that will help him up his game and he will come out as a more accomplished player.

It is the desire of basketball players that there shoes remain comfortable, stable and durable throughout the game and don’t hurt them while playing.

The biggest confusion most of the players face while purchasing their newly favorite sneakers is the fear of wasting their money and not liking the purchase in the end.

Deciding which shoe to buy can take a lot of time and even sometimes when you are certain about your choice, you still end up making a mistake and don’t like your shoes while playing.

We complete understand how difficult this choice and keeping that in perspective, we have decided to right a proper buying guide that will help you choose the right product for yourself.

For your ease, we have come up with a few things that you must consider when buying.

Our buying guide will help you make the right choice and will make sure you don’t end up regretting your decision.

After doing a thorough research and contemplating our own requirements from a basketball shoe, we have come up with the following tips that will help you in your purchase.

Keep these tips in mind and consider these aspects when you make a purchase.


The first and foremost thing to consider is to be certain about its durability. The minute you hold the shoes in your hand, you will know exactly how long they are going to last.

Ordinary joggers are never going to keep up with the game because basketball is played under very tough conditions. Now all joggers are responsive and come with extra cushioning that a basketball player usually needs.

Which is why there are shoes available that are exclusively designed for playing basketball on outdoor and indoor courts? These are highly responsive basketball shoes that enhance the game of the player and help him accomplish his goal nicely.

Make sure they don’t slip

The most common issue that flat feet players face is that there shoes slip. Once you are on the hunt, you need to make that the traction pattern is strong and they don’t slip under any condition. This is a really important thing to consider.

The shoes that come with a rubber sole and have a stronger midsole, don’t slip at all and provide the necessary support to the player.

You will find many articles available in the market that are exclusively designed for those with flat feet. They will work perfectly and the player will not face any kind of problem.

On the other hand, you will also have to play your role by learning the art of balancing while playing basketball. Other than that, good soles will do the job

Your Shoes Can Not Play For You

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should never depend on your shoes completely.

Some players have this opinion is that getting a good pair will help them become better player. That is not true.

At the end of the day, it is you who plays. Not your shoes. Your sneakers will just make sure that they help you out while playing by providing maximum support.

Consider Body Type And Your Foot Size

Another aspect that you must consider while buying is your body type and size.

Some players want to get their hands on a specific basketball shoe that they saw on the website the other day.

But did you know there is a great chance that they might not work for you depending on your physique. So, make sure you buy according to your body type and they should also fit your feet nicely.

Read Reviews

If you are planning on buying your shoes from a website, you need to read all the reviews regarding that shop and the shoe.

Buying BB Sneakers physically is a lot different than buying them online. You cannot wear them in order to make sure if they will work for you or not.

So, read the specs and features, read reviews and then order them online. Make sure you research thoroughly if you don’t want to regret spending your money.

Also, do not forget to pick the right sites and forums to read and check the reviews as there are hundreds of sites offering fake and automated reviews for different types of products. It is better to be safe than sorry.


This is by far the most important thing to consider when buying basketball shoes. As much as people do not want price to matter, it does and it basically determines your final choice.

Before you start surfing for the upcoming shopping spree, make sure you determine your budget beforehand. Look for shoes that come under your price range and do not over-budget yourself.

There are hundreds of choices. You will absolutely find something that is in your budget. To make it easy, consider a few pair of shoes and read about their features. Then buy the one that offer you maximum functionalities in minimum price range.

So, these were a few things that you must keep in perspective when you are out for shopping.

Always consider these aspects before making a purchase, either online or while in the market because if you do, you will never regret spending your money ever.

Another suggestion that we would like to give you is to always go for products that come with exchange or return policies.

With the help of these policies, you can always get your money back or exchange your shoes in case you don’t like them when you get home.


As mentioned above, you will see all our recommended basketball shoes for flat feet. We have done a thorough research and then we came up with all the information.

These shoes are known as the topnotch products of the market and they will provide you with durability, comfort, functionality and stability while you play.

In case, you think that there is another flat feet basketball shoe that we must know about, let us know in the comments below and we would love to hear all about it.

Even our readers will be happy to hear about your recommendations and we will make sure that we add them in our list the next time we upload them.

Also, do leave us with your feedback and if you have any queries in this regard, don’t forget to email us or just comment below.

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