(Top 8) Best Basketball Shoes For Guards in 2023

2023 started with many setbacks. But still, enthusiastic and professionals maintained the course of sports they love. Similarly, there are many rookies, pros, and noobs who didn’t give up on their regular basketball games. That is the reason why we have revised the needful information.

Here, in this article, you will get to read complete reviews of the best basketball shoes for guards. In the reviews, we have mentioned the features, pros, and cons. Besides that, these products are the best ones for all types of basketball gamers. You can rely on them and make the game along, sporty, and fun tide against the opponent.

Basketball is certainly one of those games or sports which require special footwear – that yields in extreme energy, durability, and other features which include: construction, performance, traction, cushioning, fashion, pros and cons, and etc.

Having said so, we understand that shoes for basketball game serves as the main foundation. Feet need to be relaxed in a comfortable position while or during the game.

However, problem arises when you go the market and see hundreds of models from different brands and companies.

Naturally, being the beginner or even veteran player, at times it becomes hard to decide which shoes to go for.

top 8 Basketball Shoes for Guards

So, keeping all the main points in mind, we have short-listed and then finalized 8 top shoes. Particularly for guards because they are the players whom the rest of the team relies. Also, they have skill to score in least possible time and buck other members.

Let’s read on in detail…!

1. Nike Kyrie 4

Best Performance Basketball Shoes for Guards
Kyrie Irving, celebrity and living legend came up with her brand for shoes. Like any of his accessories, belongings, and products; Nike Kyrie 4 is also very revolutionary. These are not just competitive to other shoes for guards, but are also extremely supportive and responsive during basketball game.


Patterns and designs allow multi-directions in the court or ground. Besides that, it has a coverage that goes well in various conditions and forms of courts. traction of these shoes is such that you can’t happen to call it traditional or modern, but something in between.

Sleekness comes in action after few days of use. It is because, residues in the technology of sole plays an important role. It wears off in few days and not right away. In short, grip gets better with use and outsoles start functioning the proper way in a few days use.


We are sure that you are skeptical about the technology Nike Kyrie 4 uses. Well, it is from Nike and known as Zoom Air. Knowing that this is the perfect cushioning that could be offered to a user, it becomes essential to add that the feel is soft and comforting. Moreover, they are responsive enough and worth a try.

Cushioning of Nike Kyrie 4 is a lot better than its previous versions. It is said on the basis of comparison – previous versions were not light in weight as compared to this particular one; and unlike previous models heels of these shoes is a lot comforting than those which were manufactured before Nike Kyrie 4.

  • Flexible construction and pattern
  • Responsive in all types of basketball courts
  • Receptive to all conditions of the basketball courts
  • Breathable and very comforting
  • Comes in various sizes and colors
  • First few days are discomforting
  • Heels get better with time and not instantly

Final Thoughs:

According to professionals, Nike Kyrie 4 is a true representation of excellent exterior sole. It also has amazing pattern which tend to give problem in the start but later gets better with time. When people bought these shoes, they found them narrow as for their feet. That caused cramps too.

However, the acerbic grip is amazing and supports feet nicely. All in all, these professionals gave 4.6 stars out of 5 to this product by Nike.

2.  Adidas Harden Vol 2– 

Best Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards
Adidas came up with Harden Vol 2 after getting inspiration from James Harden’s attributes (such as those which are associated to jab-step, euro-step, and step-back).

This product is a true manifestation and crux of all goodness in the form of protected sole, luxury cushioning, best technology for giving room to breathe, and thickest boost.

Lacing is adaptive and can be taken in control by the player. Since the main attributes lies on the facts of shooting, these shoes are regarded as the best shooting guard shoes.


Outer sole as well as the one inside are somewhat parallel in quality to the previous version of Harden, i.e. Vol 1. This version however is different from some angles. First of all, the pattern is new and not random. It means that there are clusters where most pressurize is focused.

What do they do help in is the main question when we tell players to opt for this pair of shoes. Well, it is all about Harden’s style and the way he wanted to play the game.


Secondly, grooves of these shoes are neither shallow not very deep; but something in between. Therefore, these are not the best for an outdoor game.

Another reason why you can buy this beauty is based on the lacing system. It is somewhat similar to Adidas Dame 3. Since these laces are made up of synthetic supplies, it becomes easier to have the best grip while playing.

  • Product is made up of mesh rubber sole
  • Signature item from James Harden in collaboration with adidas
  • It gives protection to feet
  • Boosts sole
  • There are many colors to select from
  • Sizes are not measured for women
  • Weighs more than any other basketball shoe for guard
  • Traction is not very sustainable or long-lasting

Final Thoughts: 

According to basketball players, Harden Vol 2 by Adidas is one of those shoes which are good for guards. Players find it easy to use them because of laces, material used, and different colors to choose from. Besides that, the fit of the shoe is really good which leaves players satisfied.

Harden Vol 2 came with a perfection note, however, it lost few points because of less traction. Otherwise, it is a good fit for basketball guards. Harden Vol 2 have been rated 4.5 out of 5 though.

3. Adidas Dame 4– 

Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes For Guards
The outer part of the sole is sole which First and foremost, Adidas Dame 4 is best for guards. Reason being, with each version and modification in the designs, Adidas sets a new array of features that comply with the need of basketball player, especially guards.

This particular pair of shoes tend to give flawless traction, excellent booty with desirable sole, and beautiful look. In short, it is good for both – performance and quality.

I would like to add one more thing here That If you are looking for cheap bb sneakers then you should check Out Adidas’s Dame 3.


Direction is changed from one to another without much hassle, in fact there is no problem at all. Traction of Adidas Dame 4 is focused as well as sharp which makes attacking style doable in the court and outside in the ground.

Pattern of traction actually helps in dividing grip according to the player’s choice.

It means that the deflection in the pull and drag. However, it provides best grip in the entire series of Adidas Dame.

Performance is also just too amazing.


Cushioning becomes best when certain technology and materials are used in the making. Among them, the best are the Bounce technology which is actually meant for exact style and design that was dreamt for Dame 4.

Cushioning outlook and arrangement is unpredictable and came as a surprise. Its shock absorbing excellence has proven to give comfort and suppleness to the feet.

  • Excellent support
  • Impressive compression on the collar of the ankle
  • Dust doesn’t reach sole
  • Best and premium quality of material are used in the making of these shoes
  • Bounce cushioning technology brought are not highly recommended or advised
  • Inconsistence in the start
  • Not too easy to put on because laces are tight and hard.

Final Thoughts: 

This product, Adidas Dame 4 is rated 3.7 out of 5 stars because the fit is not as good as it should be. There is no room to breathe which makes the shoes a little too stuffy and are as tight as gloves. It works for some; however, the majority doesn’t like extremely fit shoes.

Comfort lies on the basis of technology used in cushioning though which is what professionals liked about the shoes.

According to professionals these shoes are not meant for those who have sensitive feet or are prone to get warts, and other skin conditions after wearing tight shoes.

4. Under Armour CURRY 3– 

Best High Top Basketball Shoes for Guards
If you are a guard, then you must buy Under Armor CURRY 3 because it gives the best responses in the court as well as in the ground. Also, it has amazing consistency which is not seen or noticed in other products.

Apart from that, these are super light in weight and also helps guards to run faster and in full speed. Other specifications are mentioned below:


Outsole of these shoes are not like those which get slippery and loses traction. In fact, Under Armor CURRY 3 is all about solid and robust feel. However, it has a herringbone that is multi-dimensional and multi-directional.

Apart from all this, the best features of CURRY 3 is to produce stability with consistency and best grip with ultimate support.


It has an impact which leaves user with the unique experience and feel. Why is it so, must be the question in your mind? Well, the cushioning is such which absorbs jerks and that too in a subtle responsive manner.

The energy set in the immersions takes care of speed as well as directions on which it happens to change without prior notice.

Material which complies with the need is based on carbon fiber which is also called “meta-wing”. This enables full support to the important parts of feet like ankle and the bones of heel. Ultimately giving full balance and swirling on the ground or court.

  • Traction is excellent
  • Best for courts which are slightly dusty
  • Allows time for reacting in the court
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Manufactured using premium quality material
  • The fit is horrible – small and narrow
  • Blisters and warts happen to appear because of bad fit
  • Wears off after few weeks

Final Thoughts: 

According to users, Under Armour CURRY 3 is all about a mixture of reviews. Therefore, these shoes for guards are rated 4 out of 5 stars.

First of all, the fit is horrible, though some of the users are of the point that they can wear it for long because they are breathable.

On the contrary, there are some users who say that CURRY 3 is not good in terms of fit because they are small and very narrow. Other objections made by the users are based on the points that soles of these shoes get dethatched.

But simultaneously, there are many players who said that these shoes are best because they are the most rigorous and robust shoes of the line.

5. Adidas CrazyLight Boost– 

Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards
Adidas CrazyLight Boost has several versions. Each comes with the benefits and features which make them different from the rest. Likewise, with this version of Adidas CrazyLight Boost, you will get to see a lot of changes as compared to the previous versions.

It has its own legacy that is fulfilled by the notions and policies of the brand, Adidas. Also, Adidas had lived on the short comings which are progressed in this version of 2019. Means, the newest version 2019 provides more support in motion and extra comforting cushioning.


Rubber is the main material which is used in the manufacturing of soles of CrazyLight Boost. It is not the usual or common rubber though. Instead, the sole is thick enough to support outsole and projects amazing patterns in the form of peacock quills.

Hollows or grooves of these shoes are thick enough to resist pressures in grounds or courts where basketball match is played.

Moreover, traction is such that the player especially guards feel comfort while wearing and running faster than normal scenarios.


Cushioning of Adidas CrazyLight Boost for the year 2018 version is based on the fact that the middle of the sole is fully covered with Boost technology. Along with that, cushioning is such that it gives a high and more defined court feel.

Protection and security of feet in the so not caged feel makes the shoes comfortable and more durable.

  • Materials on the upper surface is premium
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • There is no wear and tear for months, even years – it makes it durable and long-lasting
  • Excellent lateral suppression with support
  • Well-padded cushioning
  • Subtle responsiveness in the court
  • Heel slips during the play
  • Sizes are the problem
  • Design and pattern aren’t as good as the inside dynamics of the shoes

Final Thoughts:

According tobasketball professionals, these shoes Adidas CrazyLight Boost are rated 4.3 out of 5 stars because of the fact that they are light in weight and are best in traction. However, they are more of the slippery sort at times which decreases its value.

Also, the look makes it less attractive. But, pro basketball players like guards always buy shoes which are durable, comfortable, long-lasting, responsive, and can handle twists in the decisions while playing the game. And that are few reasons why they opt for these shoes in first place.

Some players who were not really scoring good started scoring after using these shoes and that makes these shoes the best in their opinion. Last but not the least; these shoes are known as the best performing shoes for point guards.

6. Nike Lebron 16– 

best basketball sneakers for guards
Nike Lebron 16” is specially manufactured for LeBron James, the legend of basketball world is still the same after 15 seasons of being top players of the known NBA.

His abilities have set him apart from other basketball players. It for the protection, security, responsiveness, athletic abilities, support, dominance in the court, lace features, and influential cushioning dynamics which makes these shoes the best among the rest.

Nike Lebron 16 is one which tends to break trends in the world.


There is nothing much to say about Lebron James shoes from Nike. Reason being it is so fabulous and amazing that words cannot justify its importance.

However, for the readers we would say that the traction of these shoes is articulated on the thick rubber sole which adds flexibility with comfort and durability in terms of wear and tear.

Also, these shoes have the best herringbone structure in the traction. Pattern supports the looks as well as grip on anything like hardwood.


There is modification and change in these shoes which were specifically made for legend Lebron James. Cushioning of these shoes are based on a technology called Max Air.

These cushioning techniques or technologies are not changed because the legend Lebron James loved previous versions a lot. Therefore, there wasn’t any need of changing technology.

And modification was demanded which was done in the same Max Air. Last but not the least; cushioning is beautifully managed by the brand Nike by maximizing responsiveness and support on the ankle.

  • Nike Lebron 16 has extremely hard outer sole
  • This version of shoes is more stable and comforting as compared to previous ones
  • Claim to be the best-looking shoes in regard to design and pattern
  • Easy ones to put on
  • Strong, flexible, responsive, and supportive
  • Has beastly traction
  • According to some users these shoes are little stiff
  • Hard to re-lace them
  • Heavy and bulky in size
  • Sloppy fit

Final Thoughts:

According to basketball professionals, Nike Lebron 16 shouldn’t be rated less than 4.9 out of 5 stars. It is because these shoes are a signature design for guards in the basketball game who can do anything to score good.

Also, these shoes are the source of better performance. However, there are few professionals who found few flaws in the shoes. Ability to tying laces again, firm sole, and heavy feel, are some of the glitches which make professionals feel bad.

Apart from that, these shoes have amazing traction which is why they are mostly liked and bought by the pros and not beginners of the basketball game.

7. Nike Lebron Soldier XII – 

Best Basketball Shoes for Quick Guards
In the line of Lebron James shoes, there were new shoes named as “Nike Lebron Soldier XII”.  These happened to appear with the middle sole having python and Zoom Air technology.

Due to the fact that Lebron Soldier XII gives comfortable feel and bendable it becomes important to mention it is circular knitted with upper sole giving user a perfect ride. Quick guards need shoes which are best, therefore these are the best for quick guards. And they can rely on them without any hesitation.


Nike Lebron Soldier XII has colorful outsole which means it is of bubblegum pink color. Solid is the sole and it looks like gum or rubber. Besides that, these shoes are best in terms of providing subtle traction in the multi-directional traction.

The grip of sole supports shoes which ultimately does wonders in courts. Also, it has proven to be amazing for linear and creative maneuvering.


Like the previous edition and version of Nike Lebron 16, these shoes too are made up with the same technology and use of Zoom Air.

It is because the console and sole are best with Zoom Air which enables cultivation of high energy in the shoes. Resulting in best performance and extra scoring.

Middle of the sole is designed with curve so that it can deliver extra support and arch to the feet. Last but not the least; these shoes give relaxed and restful ride and are best for jumping.

  • Energy is way too high which results in giving protection
  • Colors are nice and attractive
  • Designer shoes for basketball guards
  • Terrific foot repression
  • Flexible, soft, comfortable, and supportive
  • Imbalance is caused because of the midsole design
  • Doesn’t do justice in grounds and are meant for courts
  • Not for all types of feet – only for narrow and long feet

Final Thoughts:

It is one of those designer shoes for guards in the basketball game which has been rated 4.6 out of 5 because of many reasons.

According to users who used these shoes, they happen to have some glitches which work for some and others find it hard to cope with the structure.

For example, the structure of the shoes is narrow and long which is perfect for some and horrible for rest. Likewise, straps don’t stay velcroid or in place for too long. Secondly, it is hard to find right size and fit.

On the contrary, it has amazing sole, traction, durability, and color choices.

8. Nike Kobe AD NXT– 

best basketball sneakers for guards
These shoes, Nike Kobe AD NXT were released after the major success of celebrity Kobe Bryant’s retirement as a model.

The story of manufacturing of these shoes is based on the collaboration of two known people – Black Mamba and the most acclaimed senior designer named Eric.

They both created this beauty and named it Nike Kobe AD NXT with a system that delivers uncompromising and normal profile.

However, these shoes remain in the list because they happen to provide the best support and comfort.


Just like the previous versions, this one too uses micro-tread for traction. However, there is a slight modification in this regard. Kobe AD NXT uses micro-tread all over shoes whereas the previous generations used to have it on the forefoot part alone.

Medial moves are more supportive and comfortable with the traction it holds. Besides that, the color of outsole is more towards translucent one with rubber that permits Zoom Air to be seen in the heel. White rubber is used in outsole too.

Last but not the least; you must remember that these shoes have rubber on the outer sole. Therefore, it is best not to use in the ground and keep it fixed for matches or games held in courts.


Similarity of Kobe AD NXT with the predecessors are a bit different on the basis of Lunarlon midsole. This is the reason of subtle responsiveness in the sole and forefoot area of the shoe.

Also, the Zoom unit enables complete protection and security to parts like heel.

Cushioning is also made comfortable by the use of flexible foam which is articulated from the bottom. Last but not the least; the middle of the sole stipulates stiffness to the construction and structure of the shoe.

  • Players score more than normal wearing these shoes
  • Mobility is easier
  • Traction is amazing and comforting
  • Can be worn as a trend on regular basis
  • Laces or no laces, the feel is great
  • Provides right and apt sizes with appropriate fit
  • Plastic toggle on lacing could create problem
  • You need to wear and experience change – not something which opens automatically
  • Only for narrow feet
  • At times Kobe AD NXT is hard to put on
  • Some users find cushioning stiff

Final Thoughts:

These shoes are rated 3.6 four of 5 stars because they are not easy to put on but have comforting feel once you put them on. You need to wear them and move around or play in the court for quite some time to enjoy the actual feel. Traction is one of the best among the rest.

Not suitable for broad feet, however, people who have long or/and narrow feet found it really comforting and excellent in comparison to other shoes for basketball.

In addition to that, these shoes are great for normal wear too.

Buyers’ Guide

Before anyone would buy, he or she must know about basic requirements. Those which actually fixes court and ground’s need. What are they and how to check on them makes many players irritated because they don’t happen to get the right information.

Keeping that in mind, we have stated the main features to look for in any basketball shoes.


Paying attention to fitting is the prime requirement. It determines both, comfort as well as support in a shoe. Compromising on the fitting is the worst idea ever and that must never be done under any circumstance.

Even when you are short on time or money or even size. What happens in compromise is a given – feet don’t get a grip and slide or move here and there within the territory of shoe.

What to look for comfort and fitting in a shoe?
  • It fits heel on the surface and has one finger space to give some room to walk or run.
  • Shoe must be broad so that thumb doesn’t hit the front side of the shoe.

Cut Style and Design:

Cut style is much more important than the design. It is because design is only for the show whereas the cut is something that enables great performance.

To know which style is the best, you need to understand types of basketball shoes style.

First of all, there is a style which is called “HIGH TOP”. It is a style which is more connected to higher collar to support heel.

The second type is called LOW TOP and it has lower heel collar as compared to the first type.

Last one is called MID TOP, which is neither low nor high but is in between of these two.

If you want to know which type of shoes are best for basketball in terms of style and cut, then you must be clear on recommendation – MID TOP shoes. It is because they not only protect ankle but also are comfortable in movement.


Durability and comfort are directly related and dependent on material used in the making of shoes. So here, question arises: which are the best shoes in terms of material?

Well, the answer to it is simple: it is always leather which provides comfort and long-lasting use of a basketball shoe.

If you want to know the reason of durability then you must know that it is because they are amazing source of giving traction.

Besides leather, it is always MESH which supports BB shoes. Reason for its hype is based on breathing space it provides to the player. Therefore, comfortability strikes in the feet. Also, MESH removes all the possibilities of bacterial and fungal growth in the nails.

Other materials like canvas and synthetic ones are highly disapproved by experts of the industry.


Unlike the obvious, at times higher prices bring the worst features in any pair for guards. So, you must know the needs and requirements of what you want in a pair of shoes.

Then fixate price, check out the options in the market, and select the one which is not too costly or too cheap. In short, quality and comfort should not be compromised over price.


Always keep in mind that comfort is something that has a deep impact in the performance of a game. It means that if your shoes are too tight or too lose then they need a second thought (before the purchase obviously). Furthermore, fabric or material should always have smooth feel.


It is always recommended to try shoes out before making a purchase. If you fail to do that or aren’t habitual then better make it a habit. Otherwise it will become a big deal afterwards. Firstly because, they might not fit properly and cause discomfort. Secondly, it may leave you in pain or injuries.

Therefore, walk around the aisle or area in the shop. That way you will ensure about the comfort level as well as traction.


Sole of the shoe, let it be of basketball or any other normal shoe, has traction and it has its own importance. You can know the worth of it by using low quality shoes for running or playing basketball.

Following are some key factors which make it worthwhile, considerable for purchase, and something to rely on for long term use.

  • Grip must be such which doesn’t fade away with time
  • It shouldn’t slip at all – socks must stay put in the sole and they shouldn’t slip
  • Understanding of traction and their types should be clear (there are various patterns and you must know which one works out best for you)

A General Guide for New Basketball Players:

Here are some tips and tricks that will surely help you in the game.

First and foremost, there shouldn’t be one pair on which you rely. Instead, there should be minimum two pairs – one for practicing and other for the game in which you play. You can switch shoes too. The third possibility is to get two shoes and keep one for rainy days (in case of emergency).

In any situation, it is a must to have two pairs of sneakers with you if it is something you are looking to keep as a hobby or otherwise.

Secondly, cleaning of the shoes is mandatory. If you are thinking what will make shoes dirty then you must know they happen to attract dust from and in the court. You carry it in the shoes and bring them with you in them.

So, it is better to clean them from outside and inside before starting next game.

This way your grip on the sole and court will remain focused. There is another tip regarding same – damp the corner of cloth and wipe it in between breaks to play flawlessly.

Mapping of grip is possible through buying stickers and placing them where you see dust. This way there will be no dust and you will be able to play smoothly. Last but not the least; use sandpaper of lightest grains to clean dust and regain grip.

This may be needed after six or seven months of the use of the same shoes. New shoes are mostly fine with damp cloth procedure or cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is a basketball guard?

The guard is a person in the basketball game who is also known as backcourt and keeps players active.

2. Who is a point guard?

Point guard is also referred as “the one”. He is actually the team’s leader who performs his duty within the court amongst the team members or players of the team. His duties and abilities are based on handling of ball as well as the potential to assist players in the team to perform smoothly without any problem.

Besides that, he is the one who manipulates defense, boosts players by shooting for others or himself.

3. What is a shooting guard?

As name suggests, the shooting guard is the one who is best at shooting accurately without missing the hit or goal. Distances, whether far or near are not his concern but the major thing is that he knows about the duty which he has to perform under every condition – to not miss any goal or hit in the basket.

Besides that, they are good with ball handling. Besides that, he specializes in mid-range to long-range shots.

4. Why you should wear These shoes?

These sneakers are important while playing basketball. It helps in avoiding injuries on ground or court. Also, it gives support to ankle and heels. Perfect fit and size enable protection from wards and moles.

5. Can You use these shoes for running?

Yes, you can run in these. It is so obvious. Reason being, you run in basketball court too. So, why can’t you run in them otherwise? However, it is obvious that these shoes are particularly tailored for the sport. So, you cannot seem to spend rigorous time otherwise.

Also, Bb shoes support run in the court and not ground. It is because of the stability and control in cushioning.


To conclude we can say that these mentioned shoes are the best selling sneakers of all time. They happen to attract a lot of people in general – players and normal laymen who are into trends and making themselves look chic.

However, some of them are really counted in the list of most comfortable shoes, whereas, others are slightly off the comfortability part.

Reason being traction or its durability is missing. Besides that, this is the list of best basketball shoes for guards in 2022 which are highly regarded on the fact that either the reputation is high or they are worn by celebrities.

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