7 Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis for 2023

This is an ultimate review of the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Finding the best basketball sneakers has become really difficult because of so many options being available in the market.

And the quest becomes even more difficult to conquer when you have plantar fasciitis. But, worry no more, because this article is going to help you out in that quest of yours.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

One of the most common types of heel pain known as Plantar fasciitis is experienced very often by those basketball players that play regularly. It involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia).

As we all know that basketball requires extensive jumping abilities along with running abilities. Due to Plantar Fasciitis, a player cannot actually move freely due to the pain and strain causing underneath the feet. These type of injuries are mainly caused due to excessive use of running or jumping abilities and should be treated accordingly.

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Can You Play Basketball With Plantar Fasciitis?

As mentioned above, plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain and that can cause a lot of trouble to a basketball player.

But it won’t be a problem if the player uses certain recommended shoes. Yes, there are some shoes designed exclusively for those who suffer through PF. Those shoes relieve most of the pain for the players and allow them to move freely without any type of hesitation. But you will have to pick the best pair of shoes as per your preferences so that you can treat the injury too along with those specialized shoes.

Some of those shoes have been recommended below. You can take a look at our recommendations and see which shoe will suit you best

Quick Summary

  • Adidas Harden Vol 2 – Best For Players Who have Heal Pain
  • Nike KD8 – Comfortable, Soft
  • Adidas Harden Vol 3 – Best for players who are looking for budget friendly shoes

Top Rated Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

1. Adidas Harden Vol 2 – 

Basketball Shoes For Players With PF

So, the first recommendation on our long list is a signature article from Adidas known as Harden Volume 2.

Adidas is among those names that first come to our minds when we think about getting ourselves sports apparel. It has been one of the strongest contenders for manufacturing best sneakers available in the market and Harden Volume 2 is no less.

First things first, let’s talk about the traction of these shoes. When Harden Volume 1 came out, it provided the players with an extremely strong traction pattern and give that, the expectations from Volume 2 were quite high in that department.

But unfortunately, those expectations weren’t fulfilled by Harden Vol 2. The traction pattern didn’t offer the same grip it did on Volume 1 and the worst issue most of the players faced was the fact that it would get dusty really quick.

It collects massive dust and the one thing you worry most about while playing on court would be to keep the debris out of your shoe instead of being able to focus on the game.

The shoe would feel quite slippery even on a pristine court like NBA’s. Even though the rubber compound used for this shoe is same as Volume 1 but we didn’t know why it could not provide the same performance attributes.


  • There is Boost foam in the mid sole which provides the player with a lot of comfort.
  • The Boost foam is extremely thick which will not cause any kind of harm or joint pains.
  • The forefoot of this shoe is also quite roomy and lets the feet breath nicely.
  • It comes with adjustable lacing system that allows the player to customize the fitting according to his need.

Even though the traction pattern isn’t up-to the mark but, the stability this shoe provides is still commendable.

The midsole has a lot of Boost which makes this shoe extremely firm and easy to play in. the added comfort ensures that the player doesn’t have any kind of joint pains and enhances the overall impact protection.

There is a textile mesh on the forefoot that doesn’t require any break-in time. The stitching of this shoe is quite impressive and the mesh is breathable which will not allow your foot to sweat even a little bit.

Most of the shoes do not really provide customized fitting. Either they are too loose or too tight but Harden Volume 22 has broken that stereotype.

The adjustable lacing system provides the player with an enhanced fitting. It feels like the shoe is wrapped around the feet perfectly. It is true to the size and is perfect for those who have wide feet.

The lockdown is pretty impressive as well. The rear panel of this shoe is quite strong and wraps around the midfoot nicely. The shoe is also really supportive and is going to push you to your maximum strengths while you are on the court.

If you are looking for a basketball shoe that provides you with enhanced impact protection, overall comfort and stability, then Harden Volume 2 is the basketball shoe you should go for.

  • The shoe is extremely supportive
  • The lockdown is really good
  • Harden Volume 2 provides enhanced comfort
  • The traction pattern isn’t up to the mark.

2. NIKE KD 8

Best Basketball Shoes With Heel Support

After Adidas, what is the next name that comes to your mind? Nike, right?
Well, our next recommendation is a product from renowned brand, Nike. It is one of their signature shoes, Nike KD 8, continue reading and know all about its major specifications.

The first thing we would like to mention about this shoe is its tech. The KD 8 possesses full-length articulated Zoom Air cushioning. This technology coming in this shoe depicts that the forefoot Zoom is separated from the heel Zoom.

It has a very solid setup and you will find out more about it once you actually put it on and play. The KD 8 also features Nike FlyWire to ensure an enhanced lockdown and support system for the player.

The upper material of KD 8 is extremely soft and smooth. It is lightweight and doesn’t put any added pressure on your feet while you play.


  • The KD 8 features Zoom Air technology that adds to your comfort.
  • It also features FlyWire technology and provides enhanced lockdown
  • The upper mesh of this shoe is extremely lightweight and soft
  • The cushioning of this shoe is pretty responsive and provides enhanced push while playing.

If you happen to be someone who prefers soft support and doesn’t like any plasticity in shoes, then you are really going to enjoy playing in KD 8.

The fitting of this shoe is super soft, smooth and breathable. You will not feel any kind of discomfort while you play and it will ensure that your feet have enough room to breathe so it doesn’t sweat.

The upper mesh doesn’t require any break-in and you are good to go with the KD 8 as soon as you buy them. However, since the upper is made up of FlyWeave, we won’t suggest you to take these outdoors since they are not very durable.

However, if you are expecting this shoe to provide you with great bounce, it won’t. The shoe has enough cushioning that makes it comfortable but it isn’t bouncy at all.

It also provides you with stability while transitioning and ensures you have enough court feel. The traction pattern is excellent and it does its job really well. It grips the floor extremely well and you will be able to play through tough situations wonderfully.

It provides a very snug fir and is perfect for support. Since it is a low top shoe, do not expect it to wrap around your ankles.

If you are looking for something highly comfortable with great traction pattern and enhanced lockdown, then Nike KD 8 is your go-to.

  • Provides great traction for indoors
  • It is extremely supportive
  • It is very comfortable to play in
  • It isn’t durable

3. Adidas Harden Vol 3

Best Plantar Fasciitis Basketball Shoes

Another recommendation is an article from Adidas, the Harden Vol 3.

Harden VOL3 is also among the top basketball shoes available in the market. without further ado, let’s take a look at all the features this shoes possesses.

When there weren’t many sports apparel brands available in the world, Nike and Adidas were the only two names that would come to the mind of a person whenever he is looking for some nice fleets or joggers to play in.

The Harden Vol 3 is no doubt an exceptional pair of shoes. The traction pattern of this shoe is well reputed because it features the famous Adidas herringbone traction.

However, some players did complain that the grooves of the herringbone traction are a bit tightly spaced. When playing at a surface that happens to have good amount of dust on it, you will have to wipe off your shoes quite a few times and that is a bit distracting.

This shoe is a perfect fit for those who like to play aggressively and have a habit of playing on neat and clean courts.

On one hand, the grooves may irritate a lot of players due to the amount of dust it will collect but on the other hand, having tighter grooves mean that they player will be able to have strong grip on the court.

There is zero to no chance of slipping and he will have complete control over all his moves.


  • The traction pattern of this shoe is herringbone traction.
  • The rubber of the sole is extremely soft and it works really well outdoors.
  • The shoes feature full-length Boost and that provides the players with added stability and comfort.
  • The heel to toe transition is also really smooth and the impact protection is the best.

As for the durability of these shoes, Adidas added the herringbone traction pattern to ensure the players that these basketball sneakers are going to last them a very long time.

The shoe is capable of providing optimal boost not to mention, the midsole of Harden Vol 3 is filled worth some extra boost that will make it easier for you to play in. The shoes also possess added comfort due to the all-around foaming technique.

In case, you are afraid of causing yourself any kind of joint pains, the Harden Vol 3 will prove to be your protector on the court. These shoes also work great for impact protection.

We assure you that once you put these shoes on, there will be nothing for you to worry about.

The upper mesh of Harden Vol 3 is completely made up of fabric and despite that, it provides extreme longevity. The build is quite strong and thick and it is perfect for just about anyone.

Most of the sneakers available in the market lack when it comes to customized fitting. They do not offer the liberty of adjusting the shoes according to player’s playing requirements.

However, these shoes offer you with an adjustable lacing system. This allows the player to transform the factory fitting of Harden Vol 3 into customized fitting. Whether you want to keep it a little loose or too tight, that will be completely up to you.

The lockdown is pretty good as well. Once the shoes have been adjusted nicely, there is no moving and your feet will remain consistent on their place. All in all, Harden Vol 3 is a perfect fit if you want amazing performance along with customized fitting.

  • The shoe is extremely supportive
  • The lockdown is really good
  • Harden Vol 3has an amazing traction pattern
  • It does not come in leather

4. Adidas Crazylight Boost Low 2016 – 


The next recommendation on our list is another product from Adidas. Their Crazylight Boost Low has been making a lot of rounds and we thought it was high time we reviewed it for you guys.

Before we indulge into the detailed review, we would like you to have a brief summary about this shoe. It is a perfect for almost anybody and the only problem that you might have with this shoe will be with its heel.

The first thing that we would like to mention about this shoe is that the Crazylight isn’t light anymore. THE CLB16 comes among the heavier shoe from now on but it still provides amazing support to the players.

The traction pattern of this shoe works really well and it repels the debris that clogs up at times. The sole uses continental rubber which provides the players with optimal grip and ensures them they won’t slip while playing.

While playing in the court, you will not have to worry about wiping your shoes often because there won’t be any dirt present underneath your shoes. The grip is great so which means it is among the finest basketball shoes that you can choose from.


  • This shoe exclusively designed for players with wide feet.
  • It is heavy in size but provides amazing support to the feet
  • CLB 16 uses continental rubber and it doesn’t get clogged up with dirt.
  • The shoe features a full boast from heel to toe.

If you use Apple, then you must be aware of how Apple integrates small changes in its iPhones gradually instead of providing them with everything all at once.

Same is the case with Adidas and looks like with CLB 16, they have reached their final stage. The Crazylight Boost Low features a full-length boost that provides the players with all the responsiveness they need.

The shoes don’t even require any breaking in and you can get your going from the very first time. The cushioning is also extremely well put and you feel softness every step of the way.

The fitting however is a but miss when it comes to CLB 16. Since the forefoot has a lot of room, you may feel that the shoe isn’t true to your size and would seem bigger to your feet.

You will have to go a size down if you want these shoes to fit perfectly. The fitting also affects the lockdown of CLB 16. If you do not buy the right shoes according to your feet’s accurate size, you will feel that the lockdown isn’t strong enough.

The laces are also really thick and do not loosen up while you play. So, if you are looking for a pair that provided added impact protection, great comfort and amazing traction, you should go ahead and buy Crazylight Boost 16.

  • It provides great impact protection
  • It has great overall Boost
  • The traction is great
  • The lockdown isn’t that fulfilling

5. Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive – 

best basketball shoes for heel pain

The next recommendation on our list is another renowned article by Adidas, the Crazy Explosive.

This was one of the biggest launches by Adidas in the year 2017 and the most talked about shoe broke records for being the best basketball shoe that one can find.

The first we would like to talk about regarding this shoe is its upper. Adidas went all crazy for creating a highly supportive upper. On Adidas’s website, they say, “Seamless FUSEDMESH upper designed with areas of support and stretch to help ensure a custom fit that adapts to every move“

And they are genuinely not kidding. The mesh wraps around the feet like marshmallow and provides enigmatic support to the player. It is quite thick and very durable in terms of reliability.

As for the cushioning, there is nothing new in that department. We all know that Adidas is known for integrating Boost in all of its Crazy Explosive Shoes and this one also has an heel to toe boost.


  • The upper mesh is extremely thick and provides ample support to the player
  • It features all over boost
  • The impact protection is outstanding and the sole is also extremely responsive.
  • The traction pattern is also perfect and you will be completely covered all day.

All the predecessors of Crazy Explosive were known for the high level responsiveness and bounce they provided and this one also falls in the same category.

The shoe is extremely responsive and provides the player with all the support he needs. The outsole of this article is also just like the previous articles of Adidas.

The grip is enigmatic and it provides the player with dirt free experience. On cleaner courts, the sole sticks like glue while on the dirty courts, you may have to wipe the dirt of once or twice. Other than that, the traction works perfectly.

The fitting is also extremely comfortable. It fits like socks and is also very lightweight. The shoes will not restrict your natural movements and also provide you with enough space in order to let your feet breathe freely.

The Crazyexplosive come with a stiff structure and soft mesh. Given the structure it has, your feet are not likely to go anywhere. The lockdown is also extremely on point.

So, if you are looking for a basketball shoe that comes with an enigmatic traction, amazing support and perfect upper, you need to go ahead and buy Adidas CrazyExplosve.

  • The upper mesh is extremely soft
  • The fitting is perfect
  • The shoe has an amazing traction pattern
  • It is not made for outdoor courts

6. Under Armour Curry 3 – 

Best Basketball Shoes For Players With Plantar Fasciitis

Under Armour is another name that comes to our mind when we think about getting ourselves a good pair of basketball sneakers.

This basketball shoe comes with herringbone traction and these are good not just for those with plantar fasciitis but also for those players who are looking for amazing traction.

The Curry series launched by Under Armour made a huge bang in the sports apparel industry and all the shoes in this line exclusively come with herringbone traction.

So it is safe to say, that no matter which shoe you choose in this series, you are going to have an awesome traction experience.

However, Curry 3 has some extraordinary feel to it. It is the best shoe in this series due to the phenomenal on court grip it provides to the players.

Under Armour has changes the rubber sole in Curry 3 and the sole now comes with a lot more firmness. The pattern isn’t as aggressive as it was in its predecessor but nonetheless, this shoe is going to up your game quite a notch.

As mentioned, there has been some kind of change in the rubber compound of the sole and the performance has gotten a whole lot better.

This also ensures that Curry 3 is a viable option for those players who enjoy playing on outdoor courts because the shoe will not lose its grip no matter how hard you play.

One thing that you need to keep in mind that durability isn’t an option for Curry 3 since the grooves of curry 3 are quite shallow. So, this shoe is going to provide you with all the performance you but they don’t offer longevity in this case.


  • The upper mesh is textile and it is breathable that doesn’t let your feet sweat
  • The rubber sole provides you with an amazing grip and it is perfect for outdoor playing
  • The shoe features herringbone traction that provides optimal functionality
  • These shoes are available in numerous colors to choose from

Another thing that is worth mentioning regarding this shoe is that it possesses an Ortholite insole that provides the players with impact protection and great comfort. This is one of the reasons why we recommend it for those people that have plantar fasciitis.

Material used for manufacturing this shoe is breathable mesh. It doesn’t let your feet sweat even under intense conditions and hard playing.

The material arsenal of Curry 3 has possesses Threadborne. This high intensity thread provides the players with an amazing fitting and keeps the feet in place, optimizing the lockdown quotient as well.

The anaFoam that has been integrated into Curry 3, molds into your feet in such a way that it will feel like you have strong cushion under your feet. You will be at maximum comfort while you have these shoes on in your basketball court.

You should always try on the shoes before you buy them as we always recommend but if you are planning on buying these shoes online, we would suggest that you remain true to your size.

There is a strong padding present throughout the tongue and rear of Curry 3. It makes your heel feel solid and provides you with maximum support and comfort while playing.

These shoes are also extremely responsive and the ample support they provide while playing is exceptional.

Curry 3 by Under Armour is no doubt one of the best for plantar fasciitis.

  • The shoe has a strong traction pattern
  • It provides ample support
  • The shoe provides an amazing comfort and support to the palyer
  • The shoe isn’t long lasting

7. Nike Air Foamposite Pro Premium – 

Nike basketball shoes for PF

The last recommendation on our list is another article from Nike, the Air Foamposite Pro Premium.

The shoe comes with a translucent soled sneaker that works perfectly for a while but the entire dust situation becomes a huge obstacle in the way of playing well.

The traction pattern isn’t as strong as it should have been and most of the time, you will be concerned about the amount of trust your shoe has possessed. The shoe isn’t ideal for indoor courts unless you are playing on an extremely clear surface.

The shoe takes time to break-in but once it does, it feel like cream on the forefoot and throughout the overall fit. The show features Double Zoom in its heel which makes it extremely comfortable to wear and play in at all times.


  • The Nike Air Foamposite comes in number of colors to choose from
  • The shoe is extremely stylish
  • It features Double Zoom in its heel and it is highly comfortable to play in
  • The overall fitting of this shoe is great after it has taken some time to break-in

When we talk about the fitting of this shoe, we must say that if you are planning on buying it for yourself, you need to be ready to face some of the toughest breaking-in time. The Foamposite will always require to break-in doesn’t matter how long you have worn it yourself.

The material of this shoe is extremely comfortable to play in and the mesh is breathable. it doesn’t tighten up and you can always adjust the laces according to your lockdown need.

The lockdown and support of Foamposite is also commendable. The shoe perfectly keeps your feet in place and you can always let your feet breathe a little because of that extra space.

The shoe features Carbon Fiber, double last midsole and Foamposite to provide you with all the support you need while playing.

One of the major features that Nike Air Foamposite has is its looks. Most of the players loved how attractive it is and the style statement it provides to your personality. Even though style and attraction is the last thing we consider when choosing a basketball shoe but given its nature, it was worth mentioning.

The most important thing that we would like to mention about this article is that it is constructed with foam. The cushioning is absolutely on point and it is comfortable to play in as well.

If you are looking for a basketball shoe that is extremely supportive and provides you with a very comfortable gaming experience, you should go ahead and choose Nike Air Foamposite for yourself. It is extremely responsive and provides all the ample support you need while playing.

  • The shoe provides best support
  • It has an adjustable lacing system
  • The shoe is highly attractive
  • It requires a lot of time to break-in

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As mentioned above, you can see all of our recommended articles regarding basketball shoes for plantar.

Finding bb sneakers for you has become extremely difficult because of their being so many options in the market. We hope that our list of recommendations was able to help you out in this matter.

We chose these articles after researching on the internet thoroughly. We conducted surveys, read feedbacks and got in touch with professional players in order to create the right list for you guys.

We did our best and all of these shoes are recommended after making sure they are up to the quality required by professional players. As you can see, all the brands we mentioned are known for their quality and you will never regret your purchase from them.

If you still think that we may have left something out or forgot to discuss, do let us know through your feedback in the comments section below. We highly appreciate it.

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