5 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Reviews in 2023

Selection of shoes for basketballs players is quite a big deal. Not only because of the fact that they usually have huge feet, but also due to the reason that they usually are wide and flat too.

Finding the right pair with style and not too boring patent ones (worn by every second person) is another quest for basketball players.

At times when amateur players have to find the best basketball shoes for wide feet, it becomes even more complicated. Reason being they don’t have prior knowledge as to know they can buy and not regret their choice later.

In this article, we are going to review the top 5 sneakers.

Since most of the basketball players are tall and have broader and mostly flatter feet, it becomes easier to find a whole range of shoes that may fit on these feet.

We also have shared a list which suits everyone with the problem of the particular structure of feet – broad and wide. Following are the topics which will be covered in this article.

top Wide Basketball Shoes

First and foremost, there are some questions which need to get addressed prior going into the depth of the topic. There are certainly some ways through the help of which you may find it easy to choose the right fit for your feet.

Following are some of the basic grounds of working on the agenda –

  • Are both feet alike?
  • Is there any kind of change in feet?
  • What will be the material of shoes?
  • Are the shoes comfortable and flexible enough for long use?
  • Seaming is equally important for best shoes. Are shoes flawless in terms of stitching?

These all queries are as vital as anything else for the perfect & comfortable shoes. When it comes to discovering shoes without any glitch, then we have to comprehend the basics (mentioned in guidelines).

So, saying that it is possible to notice one foot smaller than the other one is taken normal nowadays. Unlike olden days when there were no solutions to such problems, Now it is very easy to find the best sneakers for wide footers.

Besides that, it is also obvious to mention that soft fabrics inside the shoes are the ones to go for – reason being they are woven keeping an idea of the need. Likewise, other materials like synthetic leather or pure leather have the potential of doing injustice while playing basketball.

Having said that, below is a list of the 5 most comfortable shoes. They are best in regard to – quality, comfortability, ankle support, price, weight, and performance. Let’s delve into the list and find out about the products.

Lets start with the reviews.

1. Adidas Harden Vol 1– 

Best Wide Basketball Shoes
Specific and particular movements on the basketball court make one special. James Harden is known as a celebrity himself. He joined Adidas and left Nike that came as a big shocking news for many of his fans.

He was offered much more than what the previous brand was offering. Even though he left the company, joined another one, he still stayed loyal to his followers. If you are thinking as to how that happened then you must know it was because of manufacturing Adidas Harden Volume 1 shoes; footwear that are considered perfect for broad feet.

Following are some of the main characteristics of his shoes:


The grip is just super awesome. It means that it has the power to get stopped anytime during the play. In case of getting dust on the shoes, you don’t need to worry or sweat about cleaning part.

Why? Because it is easily dusted off (with the help of cloth of clean fabric). By the way, dust caught on these shoes is way too less than compared to other sneakers.


Protection of feet under the sole impacts a lot on sports like basketball. Saying so, it is clear that cushioning done on these shoes is way better than any other – it is neither too thin nor too thick – comfortable enough to play in the basketball court.


There are various sizes of Adidas Harden Vol 1. Make sure of the following aspects before making a purchase – toe box is always wider than the midfoot. Midfoot is narrower than the toe box.

Individuals or players who like extra space towards the end of the shoe, they should get something which is a half size bigger than the actual one.

  • Support and stability of shoes is provided
  • Cushioning is amazing
  • It is meant for playing in basketball courts
  • Has the power to stop with a super gripping mechanism
  • Flexible
  • It has the tendency to wear off easily with high arches.

Bottom Line:

According to the professionals, Adidas Harden Vol1 is best in terms of cushioning and style. It has the look which others may not have – the sole reason of getting compliments from strangers and people from the basketball team.

Other than that, some players appreciated shoes by saying that these shoes are too good to be ignored, have the right fit, and also are easy to clean. Professionals even bought shoes with a size bigger than needed so that they can last longer.

The good part is, these shoes don’t wear off or get torn by toughest fall. Rest of the customers are of the point that the value of Adidas Harden Vol 1 is just too amazing. Since children can add laces and buttons on these shoes it has become more than ever famous. In short, Adidas harden Vol 1 has been rated 5 stars out of 5 from the experts.

2. Adidas Crazy Explosive

Wide Feet Basketball Shoes 
The basketball court has its own importance, influence, and impression on feet. For the best of best, there must be a criterion to rely on, the legacy to follow, and redemption to acclaim. Having said that, Adidas Crazy Explosive is one of the best choice for wide feet.

Why? Because of all the reasons mentioned in the pros section. And also due to the fact that they are majorly liked and appreciated by everyone – kids, teens, adults, and oldies (who so ever is into playing basketball).

Following are some of the main characteristics of Adidas Crazy Explosive:


Gripping is an element that is highlighted by several companies, users, and people who are into conducing products. It is best in regard to the following points:

  • Stops you instantly without noticing jerk.
  • The player can change direction at any given time, from right to left or left to right, turn around and what not!
  • There is not a pre-judgmental position when it comes to playing. A basketball player can stop without thinking or deciding about the next move. This is called a topography map.
  • Sole which is not just inside but outside of the shoes too, help in feeling the utmost level of grip.
  • Traction fails slightly only when the court is heavily coated with dust.


Comfort is the essence of playing basketball in a court or outside. Without comfort t and ease there is no point in investing a lot on shoes with special features.

Adidas Crazy Explosive tend to make sure of the following grounds while manufacturing products:

  • First and foremost, cushioning of Adidas Crazy Explosive makes the best deal in cuts and styles.
  • It also ensures to manufacture something that is not produced in the local or mainstream market.
  • With that notion, Adidas company defenses to the transitions made between toe and heel. This is indeed vital for those who have wide, broad, and even flatter feet.


Trying to mess up with the size and not buying the right fit is a bad idea for this product. However, follow basic guidelines while making a purchase comes as a necessary tool.

If you are selecting and buying shoes for narrow feet then getting half a size smaller is the best option.

  • Cushioning is amazing and has the best BOOST quality cushioning
  • Traction is power coral based which gives maximum grip to the feet
  • Great style, best fit
  • Performance is excellent too
  • Not the perfect fit for playing basketball outdoors (because it doesn’t prove to have the best traction on thick layers of dust).

Bottom Line:

According to players, this product is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. Reasons which are given are based on the quality of shoes. They aren’t too tacky and have some style which isn’t found in many sports’ footwear.

Also, they don’t have holes for laces. For which you have to take them to cobbler or shoe guy to puncture holes. Quality and boost protection go hand in hand. That helps in casting a spell on the person who wears these shoes.

Rest of the reviews are solemnly found best – some said, this is the best yet most elegant shoes to wear for a basketball game. They are also of the point that the product is perfect and just too amazing.

3. Adidas Dame 3– 

Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet
Adidas Dame 3 is considered one of the best shoes for basketball players. It is because of versatility, chicness, and features that it holds. Sizes, shapes, and look are way too cool which makes the person look even better.

These shoes do justice to the players by enabling them to play well in the court. Having said that, it is understood that it has a lot to do with perfect cushioning, support while wearing these shoes, and the structure.

Following are some of the main characteristics of Adidas Dame 3:


Adidas Dame 3 is meant for all sort of movements, grips, and even the way you stop while playing in the court. Coverage is given by all rounds and ways. Another trait to grip is based on the factor of slipping.

These shoes never let you slip and also assist in the following:

  • You can make twists and turns.
  • Cuts and pervading are possible through these shoes.


Cushioning is something which you can rely on. It leaves a deep impact in the making scores. These shoes are best for those who want extra cushioning with some sense of thickness on the sole.

In short, these shoes aren’t just too good for those who play basketball or guards but also for people who like to wear extra comforting shoes at affordable prices.


You need to get the exact size when it comes to buying these shoes. However, in the case where you want something that is cozy and snuggly fit then getting half a size bigger is the best option.

Adidas Dame 3 comes with lacing option as in there are many holes which can easily and comfortably be decorated as per the taste and need.  When it comes to sizes, you better wear it with loosened or tightened laces before deciding to return or buy.

  • Traction is way beyond imagination
  • Cushioning is heavy but cozy
  • Guards, sportsmen, and players can wear it easily
  • It has a rubber sole
  • It may take time to tie up laces

Bottom Line:

According to the players, Adidas Dame 3 is a lot better than dame 4. It is because of the fact that Dame 3 is much lighter and attractive than Dame 4.

It is also very responsive as you can turn, twist, and move around in the courtroom as per your wish. They have rated it as 4.75 because of the advantages that come with the product. Besides that, these shoes are the lightest one which makes the players feel great about the grip and other features.

Rest of the players s are of the view that these shoes are best for all ages and genders. Padding or cushioning comes as an extra bonus. At times this causes pain and can’t do justice but overall, it is one of the best picks for basketball and other sports.

4. Jordan Nike Air XXXI– 

Best Jordans For Wide Feet

Yes you read it right! Do not buy Jordan Nike Air XXXI if you don’t want a quality and worth buying shoes. What makes it too best for basketball?

Read on!

Jordan Nike Air XXXI is one of those shoes that need proper care. You cannot wear it outside because dust sits on it without wasting time. Also, if you want anything too fancy, then this might not serve as the best option. However, cushioning and other factors of this product are way too great to give it a good ranking.

Following are some of the main characteristics of Jordan Nike Air XXXI:


Traction or let’s say grip of this product doesn’t come with the best impact. It, however, isn’t that bad either. Perhaps because rubber sole is the only way to give a grip. Naturally, this is not enough for a sportsman to play basketball in the court; inside or outside.

Another glitch is based on the fact that it is not best for a slightly dirty court floor. Wipes and frequent cleaning will be required on the dusty or dirty floor. So, if you are playing basketball outside and there is dust or dirt, then you might have the probability of getting it torn within the shortest time period.

Especially, if you play it on asphalt, the duration of its life expeditions shortens super easily.


Cushion used in this product is of high quality – Zoom. It is a complete length one which is stimulated by a plate called “Flight Speed” – a kind of technology that enables to squeeze airbag to give a subtle impact on the wide feet.

This technology, however, takes a few days to break through and starts functioning. However, when it happens, the experience is way beyond amazing.


Since these are made out of woven materials, Jordan Nike Air XXXI are considered best for wide feet. They do not give trouble to wider feet and have a comfort level.

But yes, you have to make sure of buying the right size – the one which is absolutely fit and there isn’t much space either. Even though these are best for wide and broad feet, narrow feet also go well in these shoes.

Reason being there is a comfort level and some space for the narrower feet.

  • Gives space and more room to narrower feet
  • Flight Speed technology is used which helps in giving the best experience
  • The material used in making Jordan Nike Air XXXI is mesh and synthetic
  • Resilient rubber
  • Inconsistent and bad traction

Bottom Line:

According to professionals, Jordan Nike Air XXXI is rated 4 out of 5 stars. It is because everything other than traction is just too good for them to get fascinated. Not just fascination though, the product is great in use too.

Apart from that, Nike and Jordan’s companies tend to manufacture smaller sizes.  That is why customers like to order or get one size up. That turns out to be the best and they simply love the feel, its design, and all the traits that it possesses.

5. Adidas Crazy Light Boost– 

Best Wide Foot Basketball Shoes
If you have wide feet, then Adidas Crazylight Boost comes with all the features for the right fit. Adidas has started manufacturing shoes for wide feet a long time ago.

This pair of shoes is excellent for beginners as well as a pro at playing basketball in court. What comes best in these shoes? Well, the answer to it can be found in the review which is explained in quite a detail.

Following are some of the main characteristics of Adidas Crazy Light Boost:


In comparison to other shoes for basketball and wide feet, this product comes out as the best one in the market. Features that make it an amazing one is based on the impact it leaves behind. For example; the player can stop and cut as hard as he wishes without any fear of falling.

Secondly, you hardly have the possibility of slipping in the basketball court. It is obviously because of a reason, right? Adidas Crazy doesn’t get dirt or mess clogged in between sole, the sole reason to best traction.


Adidas Crazy Light Boost absorbs jerks and instant twists and turns in the court. It has a midsole that enables you to give a pronounced bounce. Despite the cushion suffices need for newbies, it still doesn’t fit in the requirements of veterans or experts.


Sizing comes as the true one as in you have to get the right fit for yourself. If you want to be more comfortable and flexible, then picking one size up would be the best decision to make.

However, there is a problem – heels. You need to buy it after trying. Having said so, buying it online would not be a good idea.

  • The material used in the making of this product is synthetic
  • Cushioning is just awesome – BOOST
  • Sole is made up of rubber
  • Traction is amazing as well, you need not worry about cleanliness in the court
  • Experts find it less cushiony
  • The wrong size can cause a problem in heels

Bottom Line:

Experts have given Adidas Crazy Light Boost 4.6 stars out of 5. It is because of the fact that it is light in weight, has a flawless grip, and is way too comfortable in use. Looks, style, and chicness are other elements which are not compromised at all.

Besides that, the best feature is about the traction – you have no possibility of falling or slipping on the court. Players find it more convincing about their sportsmanship abilities. According to them, they started scoring more while wearing these shoes.

Buyer’s Guide

So far, we have gathered information about the five products. Now, in this section we will discuss the following:

  • Types
  • Aspects to keep in mind before buying
  • Variety of cushioning
  • Traction and grip on floor or ground
  • Style and design
  • Sizing and the right fit

Let’s start off by understanding each, separately.


Style of playing basketball depends largely upon shoes that are worn. If experts wear shoes for noobs, then obviously traction and other features would be way different as compared for the veterans.

Also, specifications like the technology used in manufacturing, designing, and sizing are also some points that can never be ignored.

Basically, players are categorized under three classes – all-rounders, powerful, and fast players.

Each has its own trait, the requirement of the shoes, and needs that help in making scores.

Let’s sneak in them and see a bit about them:


Moderation and balance are the codes for all-rounder players. It means ankle support as well as cushioning must be appropriate – not too light or heavy padded. In short, this category finds shoes easily.

Want to know the reason?

It is because of the fact that it is considered the most traditional shoes.


Since this category is more pro and has expertise in playing basketball, he should go for something with characteristics – best and perhaps thickest cushioning.

Why is it required though?

Well, it is because, when these people bounce, flips, or make certain actions, best traction is required. Again, a sign of buying heavier shoes.


Light shoes are best for such players. Traits that really should be looked for as a fast player include reasonable cushioning and traction. Basically, players must get an idea to buy shoes which are handled accordingly.

Factors to keep in mind

Aspects that are always and should always be taken into consideration while buying are cushioning, traction, style and design, sizing and the right fit.

Why do you think it is important to keep all these factors in mind?

The answer is simple. We have to keep these pointers in mind so that we don’t spend on buying inappropriate shoes. Also, basketball isn’t an easy game. It puts a lot of stress on the lower body. Specially ankles, knees, and feet. Therefore, it is a must to know about cushioning or padding of the sole, gripping quality, and structure or design.

Variety of cushioning:

Variation of cushioning makes it easier for the player to score better. It is always needed to comprehend the dynamics of cushioning. Knowing about the functionality of several types of cushioning will lead to the right pick of the shoes.

Diversity in cushioning belongs to the diversity of technology used. Following are some cushioning used by famous brands:

Jordan Flight Plate – first and foremost, Jordan belong to Nike company and it has excellent cushioning – it is double as compared to Nike. Plus, this technology has the potential to boost Nike Zoom Air.

Also, Zoom Bags and this technology are unbeatable. It feels great to use shoes which are based on this technology.

  • Nike Zoom Air – the best thing about these shoes is the way it bounces and springs faster. How does it happen? Well, fibers and material that is used in the making enable to response way higher than expected.
  • Adidas Boost – it is all about energy – more the better. It gives the same level of energy which you put on these shoes. Won’t be wrong to say that the advantages are dependent on responsiveness.
  • Under Armor Charged Cushioning – it has two pieces of cushioning. First one is made of plush material and is on the top layer. The second one is foam which is not soft like plush, instead, it is denser.

Traction And Grip On Floor Or Ground:

Importance of traction or grip of a shoe is the prime need of all types of basketball players – all-rounders, fast, and powerful. It is a game in which there are a lot of movements.

All taken into action by stopping, cutting, slashing, and jerks. All big and famous shoe companies around the world have made sure to manufacture products with intensive care to fulfill the desired result.

Why exactly these companies invested millions in making the right pair of shoes for basketball players?

Why did they go beyond the lines to make these players comfortable and play without loosening grip?

Well, it is for something real, right? It is because of the fact that grip has to be maintained. Players knowing that the shoes are just the right one increases the efficiency as well control on themselves.

Besides that, best traction brings out best from the player too – he can turn and make cuts, stops, and change positions without fear of falling or slipping.

In short, grips on the shoes has a lot to do with performance and scoring. It will be totally absurd if someone says that gripping sole on the top, inside, beneath the shoe is only for attracting people. Hell no! that is not the case. It is for a reason. The reason to play its worth.

 Style & Design:

Following a set of suggestions and advice will guide you on picking the right shoes for a basketball game. Some of them are listed below:

–    Trying not to follow advertisements and glitz regarding new products is so not possible. However, you can try to not fall for them. As these products are mainly of no use and are just for glamor. They do not deliver what is promised on adverts, ultimately trapping customers. Again, see if other features are present too. If yes, make a purchase. If not, simply don’t.

–    Buy what makes you comfortable. As in nothing that looks good on showcase but hurts on feet. That will be of no use actually. So, get shoes which have other features like best traction, great cushioning, and the right fit. Take designing and looks like the last thing.

–    Another suggestion is to buy two pairs of shoes rather than one. Stay focused on the right fit and other features for the court. Another pair could be for glamor and the following fashion. This way thirst of getting

Sizing & Right Fit:

Generally, it is about right fix and right fit on feet which makes an impact on the court, in scoring, and playing basketball. For men, it is about wide toe box or space for placing thumb.

Let’s discuss it briefly.

  • Thumb Spacing:

The best way to select a shoe or pair is to place thumb at the heel. It will give an allowance of thumb space. Naturally, you need to stand and walk a bit to check its fit. Do it, if you feel comfortable enough, buy. Else, don’t.

  • Wide Toe Box:

All right, so first thing first, make sure that the shoes have wide toe box. What does it mean? It clearly denotes that shoes should be such which are not shallow. They must have space to rest toes. Tight shoes from the front can create problems in nails and its structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers tend to ask questions before deciding about the right product. It is because it helps them in knowing about the right selection. Ans also to learn basic mechanism too. Let’s check nine frequently asked questions – those which are always in mind.

Here are some of the main and frequently asked questions:

1. Why BB Sneakers are high?

It is important to keep these high. The reason being, to give support to ankles and to change directions. Since we see the best shoes with excellent traction and cushioning, it is always easy to keep players away from fractures, plantar fasciitis, and other injuries.

2. Why are these expensive?

Brands and companies which manufacture extra wide shoes are mostly expensive. But the question arises why and how so? The answer to it is simple: it is because of the fact that these shoes are made up of best yet different and peculiar material. Also, it is about the designing, features, and elements. Shoes with best features are expensive than those which are just with good looks.

3. When should you change basketball shoes?

Different brands offer different durations or life spans. Good and famous companies / brands (like: Nike, Adidas, etc.) take longer period to wear and tear as compared to those which are of cheaper quality.


Overall, the real need of shoes for basketball relies on the features which are mentioned briefly. Traction is more like grip and for that, you need to have the best shoes.

If the grip is bad or loose then it will leave an impact – resulting in bad game or scores. Also, cushioning is of various types. Each has its own mechanism or technology.

Fit and designs come as the basic element to look into before selecting sneakers with wide-width. In short, everything has its importance.

You can’t simply ignore one aspect to catch up with remaining elements. In short, all the guidelines mentioned in this article, regarding the best basketball shoes for wide feet are based on the needs and requirements of basketball players.

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