6 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 In 2023 [Reviews]

Are you surfing the internet for best basketball shoes under $100?

Buying these shoes isn’t easy, especially when the option available are never-ending.

Most of the buyers get confused regarding what to buy when they see hundreds of options available in the market.

So, we have come up with 6 highly recommended shoes for you.

Instead of googling your way, all you have to do is thoroughly read our review and make your choice by the end of this article.

We did hours of research and chose these 6 sneakers according to their quality and their price.

This is why

We are sure that this article will help you completely and even if you have any questions left unanswered, we will be happy to help.

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes

We did our research and found these 6 shoes that are not only cheap but they are ratted as the best basketball footwear. So go ahead read detailed review, features, pros and cons about them.

1. Nike Men’s Air Versatile – 

best basketball shoes under 150

Are you looking for a basketball shoe on a tight budget? If so, you need not to worry about because we have got something in store for you. We understand that when you think about buying sports shoes under a budget, you skip the part where you can get it from a renowned brand unless, you know exactly where to look.

Nike’s Air Versatile is a basketball shoe that comes with a lot of perks, one of them being, you can get under $60.

Yes! You heard us right. We are talking about Nike and you can easily access these shoes for the budget you have. They are comfortable, fit nicely and are great for outdoor playing. The shoes come in synthetic leather and that makes it last longer than other shoes. It has rubber sole and upper mesh breathable, lightweight and highly durable.

The internal bootie is also made up of breathable mesh that provides your feet enough space to breath, doesn’t get sweat and lets you have a soothing experience. If you have a fear that your feet might hurt while playing, this shoe has to be the go-to product for you.

It also comes with a midsole made up of phylon that provides you with a stable ride and lightweight comfort. The Air Versatile comes with an integrated webbing that supports the feet during hard-cuts along with Air-Sole unit that cushion the heel.

If you are looking for excellent traction during the play and want a shoe that can be used in numerous locations, Nike Men’s Air Versatile is your winner for sure.

  • It is extremely lightweight
  • Contains a cushion for heel
  • Comes with excellent traction
  • It does not offer a strong grip

2. Adidas CloudfoamIlation Mid  –best performance basketball shoes under 100

Adidas is among the best sports apparel provider and you might not want to skip it from your list so we would suggest you check out Adidas CloudFoamIlation Mid. For playing purposes, you require something highly durable and solid, and the CloudfoamIlation is the epitome of durability.

These shoes come in graceful design and color and you are absolutely going to love these.

For some people, bb shoes may hurt at the toes, but this won’t. They allow your feet to breathe and you can just go about wearing them all day long if you want to. The shoes are made up of cloudfoam so they provide you with a nice bounce rate and enable you to jump easily. The textile used for this shoe is 100% synthetic so you will not be ripping it off while playing.

The shoes come with a rubber sole and it features 3-stripes logo at the side. If you hate the feeling you get when your feet get sweaty while you play, it is time to turn up your play with these shoes because they come with perforation for ventilation.

It also has a cloudfoam sock liner and midsole for gentle cushioning and provides support to your feet. The shoes come with a grippy rubber sole and it is great for playing outdoors. This shoe is available in 4 colors, choose according to your own choice.

  • It is lightweight
  • It has perforation for ventilation
  • The shoes have 100% synthetic fiber
  • It may not be as durable as you want

3. Adidas Dame 3 – 

best cheap basketball shoes

If you are looking for a shoe that fits to your feet like sock, as comfortable as it can be, that too under $100, you have a winner. Adidas Dame 3 is being considered as the shoe of your dreams. The shoe feeling extremely light on your feet and is very responsive. Adidas Dame 3 is more versatile and quicker if compared to other shoes of its context.

A basketball player requires shoes that fit perfectly to his feet and with hat he can play easily. This shoes precisely live up to all those expectations. The shoes have excellent traction and if you are playing as a point guard, this might just be the ones for you.

These come in great style and provide you with ample support while you play. Adidas Dame 3 are manufactured keeping the needs of the player in perspective, so they provide complete protection while you play. The sole is made up of rubber and gives you the best bounce rate as ever.

It is engineered with a Techfit thus it maintains a natural, seamless and flexible fit. The shaft of this shoe measures approximately 3.69 inches from the arch, thus providing you with all the room that your feet wants.

The shoe also comes with a padded collar to provide some extra support to your feet. And the best part about these shoes is that it has four zones of flex for added stability and motion.

These sneakers come in a variety of colors to choose from. Giving you all the liberty, you need while you choose.

  • It is lightweight
  • The shoes are highly comfortable
  • The provide the perfect grip
  • The shoes may not be good for those who have wide feet.

4. Adidas Dual Threat– 

Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

It is hard to find the right product especially when you are looking for quality and durability on a tight budget. Some people do not even try and find shoes under their budget, assuming they are not available at all but we have a list and we just found another winner for you.

Let’s talk about Adidas Dual Threat. If you have been using adidas joggers previously, you must have an idea of how durable these shoes are. Every article that Adidas introduces comes with a lot of guarantee regarding its durability.

The Dual threat is another one of its best articles. The shoes come in synthetic fiber and provides you with ample support. It features high ankle support that keeps your feet protected throughout the play. The Adidas Dual Threat is a high-performance court model and it is extremely supportive and comfortable to wear. You can slide your feet in easily and the double cushioning gives you all the soothing you need.

Adidas Dual Threat is manufactured by combining upper mesh with a number of supportive layers, signature TECHFIT SPEEDWRAP, full-length ADIPRENE along with dual cushioning and a rubber outsole with modified herringbone traction pattern.

The shoes are extremely lightweight, and it enables the player to run fast. The sole provides a strong grip and Dual Threat is great for playing indoor games. If you want to play with style, Dual Threat also covers that territory very nicely. You can get these shoes in not one or two but 4 colors of your choice.

Adidas Dual Threat also works best for comfort.

  • Dual Threat is extremely lightweight
  • These shoes fit nicely.
  • Dual Threat has a strong grip
  • They are a bit narrow.

5. Adidas Crazy Explosive– 

Best Performance Basketball Shoes

Finding cheap bb shoes can be harder than you think. Especially when you have no idea where to look for. In this list we have another pair that you need to check out before you go ahead with the purchase.

If you are looking for something that can give you some ultra-boost while playing outdoors, Adidas Crazy Explosive are definitely your go-to shoes. They provide phenomenal support while you play, not to mention, these shoes are extremely lightweight.

It provides incredible support for you heels and ankles and once you put it on and start playing, you will definitely feel the TPU holding your knees together for you.

These shoes will provide you a very good bounce rate so these shoes can enable you to jump higher, these are definitely a winner. The shoes are so lightweight that you will feel as if you are not wearing anything at all.

It features synthetic textile and does not come in breathable mesh. The shaft of the shoe measure high top from the arch and has rubber sole that provides enigmatic grip. It features a boost cushioning which means the more force you provide it with, the more you will get in return.

For those who have a problem with lacing system because of the pressure it has on the feet, these shoes are the best because Adidas has upgraded the lacing system in these shoes and they do not put pressure on the feet anymore. The shoes come in numerous colors, so you can choose according to your own requirement.

If you are looking for a powerhouse of shoes under $100, this pair of shoes is the winner for you.

  • It is extremely lightweight
  • It provides great heel and ankle support
  • It is perfect for outdoor use
  • It does not have breathable mesh that makes the feet sweat a lot.

6. Nike Air Force – 

Good Cheap Basketball Shoes 

Our last pick under $100 is one of the best products of Nike, the Air Force. As the name suggests, this is one of the strongest and most durable shoes that Nike has ever made. If you want something fearless for all that outdoor playing, you should definitely go for Nike Air Force.

These shoes are extremely durable and come with a very strong, gripping sole and traction pattern. These shoes have reinvented the hoops icon and it has been modernized for the coming years. The look of these shoes, as suggested by the name have been inspired by the military and they have been made up of premium material.

Most of the basketball players look for durability and lightweight shoes but Nike Air Force not just provides you with all of that, but it also makes the epic style statement for you.

The product features pure leather and a rubber sole, giving you the maximum bounce, you need while playing basketball. The shaft of Nike Air Force measure mid top from the arch that makes it even more comfortable to wear.

The premium leather that is used on the upper and front side of the shoe gives it a very luxurious and smooth feel. It is very easy to slide in and out of your feet with the help of dual zipper. The best part about this shoe is that the laces do not put pressure on the feet and it feels lightweight as a feather.

The shoe has all the room for your feet with the help of exaggerated pivot points and it enables wide mobility. The durable rubber sole provides traction on a variety of surfaces that means you can use it for outdoors and indoors.

Nike Air Force comes in variety of colors to choose from so it makes even more easier to pick the right one for yourself.

  • It is extremely light weight
  • Comes with dual zipper, easy to put on and take off.
  • The laces of this shoe do not put pressure
  • You may face trouble with the back zipper in the beginning

Buyers Guide

Over the years, sports shoes have changed a lot. Previously, people used to buy only a few famous and limited articles. There was not enough room for choice so there wasn’t a problem at all.

But, since now we have countless options available whenever we go out in the market, choosing the right product has become somewhat difficult. In these circumstances, you need to be sure that you are making the right purchase. If you want to make a perfect choice under a tight budget, following is a list of tips that you need to keep in mind while making a purchase.

These tips will help you out in making the right choice and attaining your money’s worth.


The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the material. Many basketball shoe manufacturers do not use breathable mesh. That makes the feet go sweaty while playing because there is no room for air.

This becomes extremely uncomfortable for some players because their shoes begin to stink after some time. Not to mention, go for sneakers that are made up of leather. That ensures durability and more convenience.


Obviously, if you are spending money on a new pair of shoes, you do not want it to rip to shreds right after the first game. Always look for durable shoes and ask the seller if the shoes have quality guaranteed or not. durability is highly important when you are buying shoes that will be alongside of you in the playground. You also do not want your shoes to come off right in the middle of the game. So, durability is another thing you need make sure of.


Your comfortability while playing is highly essential as well. Your feet need to feel comfortable while walking and the shoe should never hurt. If it does, you won’t be able to play well. So always check if it has enough cushioning on the inside or not. slide your feet in and make sure it feels comfortable and lightweight.


The shoes you are about to buy should never be too big or too small. They need to fit perfectly to your feet. It is always recommended to buy shoes in person, so you can try it out at the time of buying but even if you are shopping online, make sure you enter the right size.

Always read reviews of the product that you are about to purchase. If you have wide fee from the forefront, never buy shoes with a narrow ending. They will hurt your feet.


Decide your budget yourself and then do a thorough survey. Check for recommendations and Google it all out. Do not go over budget. There are hundreds of options available online and in the market as well. Look at the features of and then buy the ones that fall under your budget.


As mentioned above regarding the fitting for the shoe, shape also intersects that matter. Buy shoes with wider endings. It will not hurt or irritate your feet. Also, look for shoes that have the exact shape as your feet.

But most people also like to get a size bigger than their feet so that they can comfortably move around without hurting their feet. Consider this fact, too, as it can actually work pretty well; other than that, there is no problem getting the one with your exact feet size.


This should be last thing on your list while you are making a purchase. Always prefer comfortability over style. But, if you get both in one shoe, what could be better than that. You will find numerous styles in the market once you start searching, choose something that goes well along with your personality.

The style of your shoes can also affect your gameplays on the court. It is better to determine your preferred shoe style beforehand to avoid any type of consequences while playing.


The search for basketball shoes is never ending. The more options you see on the web, the more complicated it gets to buy the right shoes for yourself. We have provided you our 6 recommendations, all under $100. You can go about all of them and choose for yourself, according to your need and requirements. All of our 6 recommendations are of high quality.

We have provided you with detailed reviews on all of them. According to us, the best pair of shoes in these 6 recommendations is Nike Air Force. It’s durable and it provides maximum support, not to mention, it is one of the most stylish articles as well.

So, we hope this article is able to help you but if you still have any question for, feel free to comment or provide us with your feedback through emails.

We will do our best to reply to you and solve your query or any type of confusion at the earliest!

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