8 Best Basketball Shoes With Traction in 2023 (Guide)

Have you been surfing the internet for good basket ball sneakers that offer the best traction? In that case, you have come to the right corner of the internet. We have been researching a lot when it comes to basketball shoes with the best traction and we came across a lot of queries with regards to that.

So, we decided to choose the top 8 products from the internet and create a list for you. These recommendations will help you choose best shoes for basketball that are available in the market.

The reason behind writing down this article was so that you will have to go through tons of research havoc. You can just go through this article and have your winner.

Why do you need Traction? 

Playing basketball is all about positioning yourself accurately and having a stronger grip on the court. One trip and you will most probably fall on your face.

A shoe that provides good traction will maintain your position on the court throughout the game and will not let you lose your balance. It also prevents you from any kind of injury.

This is why having a basketball shoe with awesome traction is highly important.

Besides that, it is always a good idea to have the proper essentials and kit required to play basketball. It will only increase your chance of winning and showcasing your skills on the court. You would not really want to slip on the court, embarrassing yourself, right?

We did our research on tractions and came up with the following recommendations. These shoes are the best available articles in the market and their traction is topnotch.

Take a look at what we have in store for you.

top Traction Basketball Shoes

For Indepth reviews keep reading.

1. Adidas Crazylight Boost

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes With Traction
The first recommendation on our list is an article from Adidas, known as the Adidas Crazylight Boost.

The company took almost two years to manufacture another article from the Crzylight Boost family and this product comes off as one of the best article with traction. Adidas has put maximum effort in the development of this article and let’s find out why.

It predecessor, the Crazylight 2016 came out with a Jacquard upper whereas this article possesses a textile upper along with some extra fuse fits to provide extra durability.

However, Adidas did not really reveal anything about what they used to create the textile upper but from the way it has been tightly knit, it sits perfectly on the feet and provides more softness than a regular pair of sneakers.

The best part about its textile upper is that you do not need to give it break-in time, all you have to do is put it on, lace it up and you are ready to go.

The textile is quite thick and might make your feet suffocate a bit but trust us when we say, you will not find any sweat on your feet, not even a little bit. The textile is breathable, even though its thicker on the inside, it still doesn’t let your feet sweat.

The upper provides the exact containment you need while playing and the shoe is perfect for taking a hard beating.


  • It provides full-length boost cushioning.
  • The upper is thicker, made out of textile and can take a hard beating.
  • The traction is phenomenal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It has lace closure and doesn’t require breaking-in.

Semi-translucent rubber has been used to heavily cage the forefoot’s external side ensuring stable base when putting on a lot of pressure on the lateral side while the extra BOOST on the inside absorbs all the heavy impacts.

The heel is also made up of heavy thicker boost exclusively designed for people who are looking for solid impact protection underneath their feet and want to feel a responsive bounce.

As for the traction, we all know its predecessor was famous for its killing traction and so is Crazylight Explosive 2018.

The company redesigned the traction pattern with this article and it literally feels like glue to the feet.

If you are looking for a pair of sneakers that provides you with some beastly traction in all sorts of conditions, then you must choose the Crazylight 2018 to provide you with great performance.

Whereas for the fitting, we are well-aware that Crazylight 2016 was never an option for wide-footers and neither is this bad-boy.

The shoe isn’t suitable for players with wide feet. It doesn’t offer enough toe space that may be daunting to some people. The fitting however is really good for those with narrow feet and it provides all around support.

Another feature that we would like to talk about is the Foam-filled Achilles that has been placed on the internal side of the heel and provides maximum support.

The lockdown is also really impressive and the slippage problem some players faced in the previous version of Crazylight Boost is long gone. However, the shoe doesn’t come with lateral containment but still performs really well.

  • It is true to the size
  • It provides amazing support
  • The traction is amazing and one of a kind
  • The upper textile is breathable
  • The aesthetics aren’t that impressive
  • It doesn’t offer lateral support

2. Nike Hyperdunk 2017

Best Grip Basketball Shoes
The next recommendation we have for you is an article from the world-famous brand of sports apparel, Nike.

Nike has manufactured some of the best sports shoes regarding great tractions and support. The product that we have chosen to add in our list is Nike Hyperdunk 2017, one of the best basketball sneakers for traction.

Did you know that Nike has a sports research lab? Well, if not, let us tell you that it does and the traction pattern of Hyperdunk was developed by data-informed pressure maps of the feet in their laboratory.

The Hyperdunk possesses a traction pattern that manipulates foot’s movement and impact.

This pattern was created by SWOOSH to ensure the player has a supportive base that is fine tuned to provide most traction where required.

If you are looking for phenomenal traction, we would say that Hyperdunk is by far the best basketball shoe in this category. Of course, you will need to wipe off dust at some point with this shoe but other than that, it is good to go.


  • It possess synthetic fiber for upper
  • The shoe has breathable Flyknit that ensures maximum support where needed.
  • It keeps your feet comfortable and it is ultra-lightweight
  • Adidas has integrated Flywire cables with the laces to provide extra support

The outsole of Hyperdunk comes with an extended outrigger that works great. It needs some time to break-in but after that, it works like magic and provides great responsiveness.

HyperdunkFlyknit 2017 was the first basketball shoe in Nike family that features React foam for cushioning. A lot of people has questions regarding the response it provides and we are here to answer all of them.

The React foam is going to take some time to break-in and once you put your feet in the shoe, the heat your feet will release will mold the foam. The cushioning is quite firm and bounces back pretty quickly, providing you with the responsiveness you need on impact.

The upper of Hyperdunk 2017 Is extremely comfortable and has been entirely constructed by using Flyknit.

The midsole/outsole of this shoe also features a piece of React foam and it has been declared as one of the best built basketball shoe available in the market.

The best part about this shoe is its fitting. Even for people with wider feet, the shoe is highly comfortable because of its extended toe box.

You do not need to go for bigger size in case your feet isn’t narrow, stay true to your size and we assure you, this shoe fits perfectly. You may feel bit narrowness in the beginning but since it is made up of Flyknit, it will fit perfectly to your feet.

Another thing that we would like to add is its padded ankle collar. For those players who are always looking for ankle support in their shoes, this article is a winner.

It not just provides awesome traction, great support and comfort but it also offers amazing lockdown along with ankle support.

The shoe provides perfect balance and stability while playing. Once you are perfectly strapped in, you are good to go. The lockdown is smooth, there is no air space and you will feel your feet perfectly grounded.

Nike Hyperdunk is also best for flat feet.

  • The shoe comes with Flyknit that is extremely comfortable
  • The traction pattern is phenomenal
  • It provides expected level of responsiveness
  • The shoe may take some time to break-in

3. Nike Lebron 16 – 

Basketball Shoes With Good Grip
The third recommendation on our list is another product from Nike, the Lebron 16.

We are sure that you must have heard the name Nike Lebron before if you are a keen basketball player but if not; we are here to shed all the light you need on this product exclusively.

Nike made a huge jump when it launched Lebron 16 in the market. It may be an article some years older but this pair is everything you have wished for.

It offers great support, traction and responsiveness along with many other features. Read further and you will have all the information you need.

First things first, let’s talk about the traction of this shoe because this is the focal point that is going to force you to buy these shoes.

The traction pattern of Nike Lebron 16 is based on the herringbone pattern that was previously introduced in Lebron Soldier 12. It is truly thick, gripping and dust-free traction that you will hardly find anywhere.

It basically uses straight lines with a slight angle that will provide you with the best grip that you could ask for. The pattern is spaced wide enough to push out any kind of dirt while playing along with being really deep.

We tested these shoes for almost two week and we are not joking when we say that we only had to wipe it once.


  • The shoe is available in leather and synthetic mesh
  • It features herringbone traction pattern
  • It has a very stiff overall setup that provides great impact protection
  • The Lebron 16 uses Battleknit 2.0 with nubuck that provides amazing fitting experience

The rubber used for outsole is really hard and you can easily use for outdoor courts for many months to come. The Lebron 16 feel quicker and smoother and is capable of providing great impact protection.

The shoes are also highly responsive. You will not feel your feet sink into the shoe even for a moment instead you will experience a quick bounce back that will enhance your jumping spree greatly.

The Lebron 16 has been manufactured by using Battleknit 2.0 along with nubuck. We know these aren’t the premium of material but they do perform exceptionally well. The material is bit stiff in the beginning and will take some time to adjust.

As for the fitting, initially, you will not be much impressed by the feeling, the shoes may feel they slip on the heels and the upper mesh will feel somewhat stiff.

But as you will keep on playing while wearing these shoes for a couple of times, the shoe will flex up and the pressure you will at the forefoot will loosen up.

Another feature of Lebron 16 that we need to tell you is that it comes with some extra lace holes to provide you with a more customized fit. The laces are a bit hard to tie up but the feature of extra holes provides the player with amazing lockdown support.

You can go true to your size and don’t need to get a bigger one for wider feet. The shoe adjusts to the foot size after playing for a couple of times.

One last thing that we would like to mention is that the Lebron line has never lacked in providing ample support to the player and neither does Lebron 16 lacks in that exact department.

The internal padding and double-layered heel cup provides all the support you need for your feet and works amazingly well.

  • The traction is amazing
  • It provides great support
  • The customize fitting works great for lockdown
  • It feels somewhat stiff in the beginning

4. Adidas Crazy Explosive – 

best basketball shoes with best grip
Next we have another article from Adidas. This brand we are in love with.

Adidas is known for its commendable quality and amazing designs which is why we are always researching for our products in their domain.

If you are looking for something that can give you some ultra-boost while playing outdoors, Adidas Crazy Explosive is something you should definitely consider.

The Crazy Explosive is known for its full-length and amazing traction. The outsole comes with a classic traction pattern that is great for playing on indoor courts.

On cleaner courts, the outsole sticks perfectly to the floor and doesn’t slip even from a notch. Whereas if we talk about its performance on the outdoor courts, you may have to wipe the dirt off a few times but other than that, the grip is quite solid.

These are extremely lightweight and they are recognized for providing the players with ample support while they play.

Once yopu put Crazy Explosive’s on, you will feel the TPU holding your knees tightly together allowing you to give your best to your game. These shoes also provide your heels with incredible support and will keep your ankles protected at all times.

If you are thinking about the responsiveness of these shoes, we would like to tell you that is something you don’t need to worry about if you are going to buy Adidas Crazy Explosive.

Another thing that we would like to mention about Crazy Explosives is that these shoes are a perfect fit for those players who want to jump higher while playing. Their responsiveness is literally amazing and these will provide you with the perfect bounce rate taht you had been looking for.

The shoes are lightweight and they will wrap around your feet like a sock. You will not even notice that you are wearing something and you will still play efficiently.

Most of the testers have considered Adidas Crazy Explosive as one of the top-performing sneakers.

The responsive cushioning and plush of these shoes just add to the comfort of it. It is highly responsive and works great on the court.


  • The shoes provide an overall comfort
  • The shoes fit perfectly
  • They provide great ankle support
  • The Boost cushioning is extremely responsive

Adidas has also made a major difference in these sneakers by upgrading the lacing system. The Crazy Explosives are known for providing you with a customized fitting and the laces will not put any kind of pressure on your feet anymore.

The shoe features a rubber sole that provides the player with a much needed grip. The shoe features a boost midsole and it allows you to put pressure on it just as much as you are expecting in return.

It has a pretty broad base which offer all the support you need while playing. It comes with a newly forged Primeknit that uses supportive reinforcements on the shoe.

Adidas Crazy Explosive stops that materials from stretching too much and keeps your feet intact and locked down perfectly.

The shoes come in numerous colors, so you can choose according to your own requirement.

If you are looking for a powerhouse of shoes that not only provide you great responsiveness but also have an amazing traction, this pair of shoes is the winner for you

  • Extremely lightweight
  • It provides great heel and ankle support
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • It does not have breathable mesh that makes the feet sweat a lot.

5. Under Armour Mens Ua ClutchFit Drive Ii – 

best basketball shoes with grip
We don’t mean to brag or anything but the Under Armour Clutch Fit Drive II is by far the best shoe of the year that will provide you with extraordinary traction.

We know that previously, we have only recommended products from Nike and Adidas but Under Armour is a company that has managed to make its place alongside both these huge names.

Under Armour manufactures some of the best shoes you will find in the market regarding best traction, ankle support and price tags.

Their sports apparel is not going to cost a kidney if you want something that is highly durable and will last longer than anything else. The company is known for manufacturing quality sports sneakers in very affordable prices.

Speaking of, let’s talk about the product we have recommended, the ClutchFit Drive II.

We have heard that when you are in doubt regarding the traction of your basketball sneakers, you should definitely go for multi-directional herringbone.

The traction pattern in these basketball sneakers is nothing extra ordinary so we are not going to tell you any stories. The shoes are just famous for phenomenal performance and grip that it provides to the players.


  • The traction pattern is straight line and provides amazing performance
  • The shoe features multidirectional herringbone pattern that makes navigation really easy
  • It features Charge foam technology for the cushioning that is extremely comfortable to the player
  • It uses ClutchFit material as an underlay for added support

The best part about the traction of ClutchFit Drive II is that it is multidirectional and doesn’t matter in which direction you move in, the traction is going to support you thoroughly and will help you navigate relentlessly.

Another thing that we would like to mention about its traction is that it wraps up on the midsole of the medial forefoot and provides even more coverage on quick cutbacks and hard cuts.

The predecessor of ClutchFit Drive II features full-length MicroG technology bwhereas these sneakers feature Charge Foam technology.

This foam is firmer than the previous one and it sacrifices plushness for being more responsive. This makes it ideal for quick guards that use lateral movement to get where they want to be.

The best part about this cushioning is that your feet and back are never going to feel even a tad bit sore. These perform really well even under tough conditions which are why they are perfect for those who love playing a bit hard.

One disappointment that we did get from this pair of shoe is that it doesn’t feature a full-length ClutchFit material on its upper like its predecessor.

However, Under Armour used a fused overlay to make up for that disappointment which happens to be really good and easily flexes itself upon the feet after playing for a couple of times.

The forefoot also uses a mesh that is flexible and fits perfectly around the toes. The materials used in ClutchFit Drive II aren’t something of premium quality but they do not stab, pinch or hurt while playing which makes them as good as they can be.

The fitting of this shoes is also really good and you can easily remain true to your original size. If you happen to be someone who like space around his toes, the ClutchFit Drive II isn’t going to disappoint you at all.

The sneakers are also capable of providing you with great support and lockdown. However, it isn’t a shoe that we would recommend for bigger players. It is lightweight and carries players really well but if you have a strong physique, the shoes will not be able to handle you.

All in all, the ClutchFit Drive II is a great fit for those who are looking for something lightweight that offers maximum traction and comfort.

  • The shoe comes in an amazing traction pattern
  • It is perfect for outdoor and indoor use
  • The mesh is breathable and flexes easily
  • It isn’t recommended for bigger players

6. Adidas Light Em Up 2

Adidas Basketball Shoes With Traction
By now you must think that we are a fan of Adidas and we are not going to lie, we most definitely are and it isn’t our fault.

Adidas has always been capable of manufacturing the best basketball shoes for all sorts of requirements and the Light EmUp 2 is another exception in that regard.

We chose this article to add into to our highly recommended shoes for traction because this shoe isn’t just great for its traction but the price of Light Em Up 2 is something you are really going to appreciate.

We were real happy when this shoe was launched and we made sure it ended up on our list for so many reasons. One of them being the tech that has been integrated in this shoe.

The Light Em Up comes with great support, overall comfort and impact protection on a very minimal amount. The support and comfort that this shoe provides in this amount is not just hard but impossible to find.

As for the fitting and comfort, we can strongly say that this bad boy doesn’t annoy at all when it comes to comfort and space.

The shoe is pretty breathable and you will not feel any kind of sweat while playing. Not to mention, the Light EmUp 2 is extremely lightweight that just adds to all its perks.


  • The shoes offer all around support to the feet
  • It features BOUNCE cushion that you will not find in any basketball shoe of this price
  • The traction pattern is phenomenal and it doesn’t require any kind of wiping at all
  • The lockdown is perfect and you will not be bruising your feet at all

Some players fear that their shoes might slip while playing but since the outsole of Light EmUp 2 has been made out of rubber, there is no need to worry about that at all. These are also full-length shoes and provide all around support ensuring that you remain true to your size.

Most of the people love Adidas shoes because some of them come with Bounce cushion and you will be happy to know that Light EmUp 2 does as well.

The heel of these pair of shoes is soft, responsive and bounce that provides enough impact protection. The shoe maintains your stability and doesn’t compromise on your speed.

The forefoot of this shoe is also quite firm so you can easily feel the court without having to feel any kind of pressure. As for the traction, we mentioned in the features that Light EmUp 2 is famous for the traction.

If you love playing on outdoor courts, this shoe is your winner. You can play as long as you want without having to wipe of any kind of dirt. The traction pattern of these sneakers is wide spaced enough that it doesn’t let dust stay in there for long.

The shoes are capable of gripping the floor really well. You can cut, stop and change directions without having to lose control over your body.

The upper of Light Em Up is relatively soft but we have to tell you that these sneakers aren’t famous for their support system. They provide good lockdown but only to those who don’t play hard on the court.

As for the material, you will not find stuff like this because it is an engineered mesh with textile. You will need some time to break these shoes in but after a few tries, these will be your favorite pair for sure.

The best thing about Light EmUp 2 is that they are highly comfortable, responsive and possess phenomenal traction in a very affordable price. If you are looking for a product that comes under your range, Adidas Light EmUp 2 might be it.

  • These shoes are extremely lightweight
  • They provide ample support
  • The traction is extraordinary
  • Support is a bit weak for heavy players

7. Under Armour Curry 3

UA basketball shoes with grip
Another recommendation that we have for you regarding shoes with traction is another article from under Armour, Curry 3.

This shoe comes with herringbone traction and it is also among the best shoes for traction that you will find on a budget.

Under Armrour launched its Curry series with a bang and all of its shoes in this line came with herringbone traction.

Like its predecessors, the Curry 3 basketball shoe comes with the same beastly traction that have all been whooshing about and it is the best shoe in the series.

The pattern isn’t that aggressive as it was in Curry 2 but the company shurely has changed the rubber sole and has made it a lot more gripping in nature.

The performance has gotten a whole lot batter in Curry 3 due to the change in rubber compound. It happens to be a viable option for outdoor playing because the rubber is pretty firm and will not lose its grip on the outdoor courts.

However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that the grooves of Curry 3 are a bit shallow but if you are looking for strong performance over longevity, then Curry 3 is the one for you.


  • The upper is manufactured of mesh and it is breathable
  • The shoe comes with a rubber sole that has optimized grip
  • The Curry 3 possesses herringbone traction that provides beastly functionality
  • You will find this shoe in numerous color combinations

Curry 3 possesses charged cushioning and it also has an Ortholite insole adding in to in-step comfort. Impact protection isn’t a specialty of Curry 3 but if you are looking for a pair of shoes that will provide you with a subtle court feel, then this one is it.

If we would talk about favorites, then  we would say that other than traction, the material is another feature that we love about this shoe.

Under Armour took a leap and has introduced a Threadborne into its material arsenal and we have to say that it is amazing.

The company has made use of high intensil thread through the lateral side of the shoe which provides the player with amazing fitting without compromising the support quotient.

The company has also integrated anaFoam that will mold into your feet and provide with a customized fitting to your feet.

On high wear areas, Under Armour has used fuse and it does what it is supposed to do perfectly, without getting in your way.

As for the fitting of this shoe, the Curry 3 fits perfectly and it remains true to your size. But as we always recommend, you should try on the shoes before purchasing.

The shoe has a slight asymmetrical lacing system that provides a complete lockdown. It is strong and keeps your feet in the place without suffocating it.

There is also extra padding throughout the tongue and rear that keeps you comfy and makes the heel feel solid.

Curry 3 is famous for its ample support. The exaggerated midsole sculpts into the heel counter while true carbon fiber wings are in place for additional security.

As long as you are wearing a proper size, your ankle will not be going anywhere. The responsiveness is also in point and it provides the exact bounce you need while playing.

  • It features herringbone traction
  • The support is really good
  • The shoe features charged cushioning for added comfort
  • It doesn’t offer impact protection

8. Under Armour Team Drive 4

Best Basketball Shoes With Grip
The last recommendation on this list is another product from Under Armour and this one is another one of their top products.

The ClutchFit drive family has come a long way. The sneakers we have recommended you today is their 4th generation sneaker but this time, the shoes do not feature ClutchFit upper.

This is the reason why Under Armour has not used ClutchFit in the name and it is only known as Drive4. So, without taking too much of your time, let’s dive into the review for this bad boy.

The first thing that we would like to tell you about this shoe is that it doesn’t feature a ClutchFit upper which happens to be a bit of a bummer. The material did really well on the past product of this line and those looking forward to get an upgrade won’t this time.

The shoe instead features a textile mesh and neoprene. This is a budget friendly combo and they have mainly used it because it’s relatively cheap.

But man does it feel good? Yes. It does. We are totally satisfied by the feel this material provides and not mad at Under Armour at all for replacing ClutchFit.

The inner side of the forefoot along with the ankle collar is made up of neoprene whereas the soft mesh material covers the external forefoot and toes.

The company has also integrated fuse overlay to provide added durability and make sure the shoes remain firm at all times.

The neoprene has done its job really well and provides all the comfort you need for your feet. It lets your feet breath and move freely under all conditions.

As for the cushioning, UA has brought back the MicroG but this time, it isn’t a weak layer that was hard to feel before.

The Drive 4 features MicroG in the entire heel and you know now that this is the perfect cushioned shoe for bigger players.

Under Armour has brough back the full length MicroG layer because the company is trying to accommodate all sorts of players and it has done it quite wonderfully.

The Drive 4 comes with a really well-balanced setup that provides players with support in all sorts of playing conditions.

The heel also comes with enough impact protection and provides enough bounciness for enjoyable landings. However, do not get your hopes up that it will feel like Air zoom but nonetheless, the responsiveness is still pretty much solid and up to the mark.

The Drive 4 features Phylon forefoot that works perfectly for guards and explosive players. You can see by now how versatile this shoe is.

As mentioned earlier, the Drive 4 features the traction pattern of herringbone and it personifies that pattern beautifully.

No matter what kind of court conditions are, the traction pattern works beautifully and it will provide you with all navigation you need. However, the outsole nicely copes with dust but you will have to wipe it once or twice while playing.

One another note, the Drive 4 is a perfect fit for outdoor players because it comes with sharp and deep grooves that will last for a long time.

The shoe also features a bootie construction with soft material that provides the player with comfort. The connected lacing system also provides the player with a very solid lockdown and it keeps the feet entirely in place while playing.

You should go true to your size and check the shoes by wearing it thoroughly before you purchase it. The support setup is also good and provides all the performance you need.

  • The shoe features herringbone traction
  • The support is really good
  • The shoe provides extreme level of comfort while playing
  • It doesn’t have ClutchFit material

Factors to look While chosing

As you have read, those were our recommendations.

We thought that since we have provided you with so many options to choose from, it is only fair that we also tell you how to choose the right pair of basketball shoes.

Buying a basketball shoe goes beyond considering recommendations. It is all about what you need and what you must have in your pair of shoes to play in.

Remember, BB shoes are not like your regular sneakers so there are a lot of things that your regular sneaker cannot do what a basketball shoe can.

A good and right basketball shoe will help you reach miles without having to injure yourself. It not just keeps you from spraining your ankle but it also makes sure that your feet remain protected from impact.

It provides you with responsiveness while you play and keeps your feet stable. In short, basketball shoes affect your game and the way you play it a lot. So, you need to make sure that you choose the right shoes for yourself.

We gave this notion a lot of thought and that is when we came up with the idea of writing down a buyer’s guide for you.

It is simple and all you need to do is keep the following things in perspective when you are treating yourself with a shopping spree.

Measure Your Feet

Most of the basketball players do not think it is important to do so but we will tell you otherwise.

Measuring the width and length of your feet is highly important if you want to land the best pair for your game. Players usually choose to neglect it because they think they know their size.

But we would like to inform you is that the shape and length of your feet changes overtime. So it is highly necessary that you measure your feet before putting a basketball shoe on.

Always Try Before You Purchase

Feel your shoes thoroughly before you purchase them. We know that this might feel we are overemphasizing it but this is essential.

Make sure you try the shoes on and walk around in them in the store. Jump up and down and perform a few lateral movements so you can understand how the shoes feel completely.

In case you are planning to buy online, always choose an accurate size and shop those shoes that come with exchange or refund policy.

This will help you return or exchange the shoes in case they don’t fit you perfectly.

Compare Shoes

We know that as soon as you see the perfect pair of shoes, it is hard to wait but we would suggest you to hold on a little.

Shop around and open yourself to bargaining. Look at products at other stores and compare features, prices, this will help you determine which shoe is the best for you.

Comparing shoes and shopping around before you make a purchase will also broaden your horizons. You will come to know more about the brands and the shoes they are offering. Not to mention, you will know about the shops that sell them at lesser costs.

The best thing is, you will have a wide variety, in the end, to choose from. You will just have to get your hands on the one with the best price, most outstanding quality, and premium features without any type of hassles. So do not forget to compare them at all costs.

Consider The Cushioning

What is the most important aspect of owning basket ball shoes? It is knowing that they are extremely comfortable to play in.

The comfortable factor comes from cushioning. Do not go for a pair of shoe because it has a good design instead, consider all the necessary aspects.

Your shoes need to be comfortable so you need to make sure the cushioning is good. There are two types of cushioning that you need to consider, foam cushioning or air-based cushioning.

Both of them work effectively and provide you with all the comfort you need.

Consider The Outsole

Another important aspect of the basketball shoe you need to consider is the outsole.

Not all the outsoles can be used for outdoor and indoor use. Some are exclusively designed for indoor use while some are designed for outdoor use.

Most of the outsoles are made up of rubber. We know that there is not much to consider when it comes to the material of the outsole but a few things you do need to check are thickness, traction and softness of the outsole.

This also depends on the kinds of courts you play on. Make sure the outsole is gripping enough and doesn’t slip.

Body type

Most of the players will just barge into the market and start looking for their options. They do not consider their physique or body weight which happens to be truly essential in order to find the right pair.

Not all sneakers are manufactured to carry heavy weighted and strong-built people.

Same as, not every underweight player can carry heavy shoes. These are designed exclusively according to different body types.

Consider your body type and body weight. Then start looking for shoes that are perfect for your physique, height and weight,

Many brands have now started to put strain on this fact and it will help you find the right basketball shoes for yourself.


We know that people don’t want price to be a purchasing factor but fortunately or unfortunately, it is. Price will always determine the kind of shoes you will be purchasing for yourself.

Keeping that in perspective, we always recommend our readers to consider various options before making the final purchase.

There are many brands now in the market that offer maximum features in minimum price tags. Not to mention, try to attain the advantage of seasonal sales. Big brands usually offer great discounts on these sales.

Make sure you keep your money safe and the buy the best option that comes under your budget.

So, these were a few things that you must consider. In case you think there is another tip you would like to add, do let us know through your feedback.


As you have read, these were a few of our recommendations regarding best basketball shoes with traction.

All our recommended articles are among the top basketball shoes in the market. They all offer best traction and great support to the basketball players.

Most of our products have always been from Adidas and Nike but this time, we chose to bring another brand in the light that is Under Armour.

All these brands provide best sports apparel that you will find in the market and their quality is topnotch.

We hope our buyer’s guide was also able to shed some more light on the aspects you need to consider before buying a basketball shoe.

We hope this was able to sort out a lot of your confusion.

Try them and If you think there is another basketball shoe that we must know about or there is any suggestion you would like to make, do let us know your feedback through the comments below.

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