15 Best European NBA Players of This Season 2023

Explore the top 15 European NBA players who dominated this season in this comprehensive blog post. From impressive stats to outstanding performances, we delve into their expertise and impact on the court. Join us for an exciting basketball journey!

The NBA has seen a surge in talent from across the globe, with European players shining bright on the court. In this Blog, we will celebrate the “15 Best European NBA Players of This Season.” These players have not only brought their skills to the American basketball stage but have also left an indelible mark on the league, elevating their teams’ performances to new heights. Let’s dive into the engaging world of basketball and explore the most remarkable European players of this season.

Best European NBA Players

1. Luka Dončić – The Slovenian Sensation

Luka Dončić, hailing from Slovenia, is a force to be reckoned with on the court. His exceptional basketball IQ, vision, and playmaking abilities have earned him comparisons to legendary players. Dončić’s proficiency in pick-and-roll situations and clutch performances make him one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA.

2. Nikola Jokić – The Serbian Maestro

As the first-round draft pick in 2014, Nikola Jokić has mesmerized basketball fans with his versatile skills. This Serbian center possesses incredible passing abilities for a player of his size, and his scoring touch in the paint is unmatched. Jokić’s remarkable season statistics and leadership have made him an essential pillar for the Denver Nuggets.

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3. Giannis Antetokounmpo – The Greek Freak

Giannis Antetokounmpo, known as the “Greek Freak,” has taken the NBA by storm. Hailing from Greece, this powerful forward has won multiple MVP awards for his exceptional athleticism, defensive prowess, and ability to dominate in transition. Giannis’ versatility makes him a nightmare for opposing teams, and he continues to improve his game every season.

4. Rudy Gobert – The French Stalwart

Rudy Gobert, a dominant French center, has made his presence felt in the league with his exceptional shot-blocking and defensive skills. As a key player for the Utah Jazz, Gobert’s impact on the defensive end has been pivotal in shaping the team’s success. His ability to protect the rim and alter opponents’ shots makes him one of the most valuable players in the league.

5. Kristaps Porziņģis – The Latvian Sharpshooter

Kristaps Porziņģis, hailing from Latvia, is a towering presence on the court. His ability to stretch the floor with his three-point shooting, coupled with his shot-blocking skills, makes him a unique and impactful player for the Dallas Mavericks. Porziņģis’ offensive versatility and defensive contributions make him a significant asset for his team.

6. Marc Gasol – The Spanish Veteran

Marc Gasol, one of Spain’s basketball legends, has had an illustrious NBA career. With his exceptional basketball IQ, passing abilities, and defensive instincts, Gasol has been a pivotal player for various teams throughout his career. His leadership on and off the court has helped teams secure crucial victories.

7. Bojan Bogdanović – The Croatian Sniper

Bojan Bogdanović, a Croatian forward, has been a consistent offensive threat in the league. Known for his deadly shooting from beyond the arc and ability to create his own shot, Bogdanović has been an essential scoring option for the Utah Jazz. His offensive prowess makes him a valuable asset in high-pressure situations.

8. Serge Ibaka – The Congolese Rim Protector

Serge Ibaka, originally from the Republic of Congo, has made a name for himself as one of the league’s premier shot-blockers. His defensive presence and ability to protect the rim have been crucial for multiple teams, including the Toronto Raptors and the LA Clippers. Ibaka’s impact on the defensive end has often been a game-changer.

9. Danilo Gallinari – The Italian Forward Extraordinaire

Danilo Gallinari, an Italian forward, possesses a wide array of offensive skills. His smooth shooting stroke and ability to score from anywhere on the court make him a tough matchup for any defender. Gallinari’s experience and scoring prowess have been valuable assets for teams during clutch moments.

10. Bogdan Bogdanović – The Serbian Playmaker

Bogdan Bogdanović, another talented Serbian player, has made a name for himself as a skilled playmaker. His ability to handle the ball and create scoring opportunities for his teammates has been instrumental for both the Sacramento Kings and the Atlanta Hawks. Bogdanović’s court vision and passing make him an invaluable asset in any lineup.

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11. Ricky Rubio – The Spanish Magician

Ricky Rubio, a crafty Spanish point guard, has earned a reputation for his exceptional passing and court vision. Rubio’s ability to distribute the ball and set up his teammates has been a hallmark of his game throughout his career. His presence on the court elevates the play of everyone around him.

12. Jonas Valančiūnas – The Lithuanian Bruiser

Jonas Valančiūnas, a Lithuanian center, has been a dominant force in the painting. His physicality, rebounding skills, and post moves have made him a formidable presence for various teams, including the Memphis Grizzlies and the New Orleans Pelicans. Valančiūnas’ impact in the low post has earned him accolades from fans and analysts alike.

13. Goran Dragić – The Slovenian Slasher

Goran Dragić, another Slovenian talent on our list, is known for his aggressive drives to the basket and scoring ability. This veteran guard has consistently been a reliable offensive option for his teams, including the Miami Heat and the Toronto Raptors. Dragić’s tenacity and scoring prowess have made him a fan favorite.

14. Dario Šarić – The Croatian Forward with Finesse

Dario Šarić, a skilled Croatian forward, has displayed his scoring ability and basketball IQ throughout his NBA journey. Whether it’s shooting from outside or driving to the hoop, Šarić’s offensive arsenal is impressive. His contributions off the bench have been crucial for teams in their pursuit of success.

15. Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot – The French Swingman

Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, a talented French swingman, has shown promise and potential during his time in the NBA. His scoring ability and defensive skills have earned him rotation minutes with the Brooklyn Nets and other teams. Luwawu-Cabarrot’s development and growth have been exciting to witness.


Q: Are there any other notable European NBA players who didn’t make the list?

A: Absolutely! The NBA boasts a plethora of talented European players. While we’ve highlighted the top 15, there are several other notable stars who are making waves in the league and contributing significantly to their teams’ success.

Q: How do European players adapt to the NBA’s playing style?

A: European players often face an adjustment period when entering the NBA due to differences in playstyle, athleticism, and competition level. However, their basketball IQ, skillset, and work ethic allow them to excel and carve out impactful careers in the league.

Q: Which European player has had the most significant impact on the NBA?

A: The impact of European players on the NBA has been profound, and it’s challenging to single out just one player. However, Dirk Nowitzki’s influence on the game, with his shooting and scoring abilities as a 7-foot forward, has left an enduring legacy.

Q: How has the increasing European presence affected the NBA?

A: The influx of European talent has brought diversity and a fresh perspective to the NBA. It has also expanded the global reach of the league, making basketball a truly international sport loved by millions worldwide.

Q: What makes European players stand out in the NBA?

A: European players often stand out due to their high basketball IQ, fundamental skills, and versatility. They bring a unique style of play that emphasizes teamwork, ball movement, and a well-rounded approach to the game.

Q: Who is the youngest European player to make a significant impact in the NBA?

A: Luka Dončić, at just 19 years old, made a significant impact in his rookie season. His maturity, skill level, and ability to perform in high-pressure situations set him apart as one of the most promising young talents in NBA history.


In this detailed blog post, we celebrated the exceptional talent of the “15 Best European NBA Players of This Season.” These players have not only showcased their basketball prowess but have also brought a unique flair to the game, enriching the NBA with their skills and passion for basketball. As the league continues to evolve, we eagerly anticipate the rise of more European stars who will leave a lasting legacy on the grand stage of professional basketball.

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