What is Big3 Basketball? (Explained in Detail)

If you are a die-hard fan of basketball and also tend to watch other sports as well, then you would definitely know that there are different types of leagues in each sport. These leagues are created through the official sports association of a country or through the world federation of that particular sport.

Not only that, but you can surely find some minor leagues that are neither created by the country’s or world’s federation, but by some specific sportsman or famous beings among the sports. A similar scenario goes with the Big3 too. But let’s first understand what actually Big3 is and who founded it?

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Meaning and Origins of Big3

The Big3 is a 3-on-3 league where each team has three players to play and score in the game. This league got very popular because of its unique playing style, short time, and quick scoring. Not only that, but the actual number of viewers has also increased in the past couple of years as more and more people are starting to like and follow it.

What is Big3 Basketball

If we talk about the origins of the Big3, it first started in 2017, and since then, it has been booming among all the basketball fans from all over the world. Big3 League is held every year so that the players can show their quick skills to their fans and entertain them in a fascinating way. But unfortunately, the fans did not get to see the Big3 for the 2020 year because of the severe pandemic going on all over the world. But you will unquestionably be able to see many Big3 leagues coming up in the upcoming years, entertaining you in the same pattern!

Who are the founders of Big3?

If you are wondering who the founders of Big3 league are and who you should thank for this crispy display of games, you might want to meet Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz.

Almost everyone who has really used the internet knows who Ice Cube is. He is a very popular rapper, actor, and film producer who has done remarkably well in all three formats. We have all seen the crazy and funny movies of Ice Cube, where he entertained all of us through his acting skills. Not only that, but the rapping of Ice Cube is also considered top-notch by many people, and that might also be the reason for his success.

On the other hand, Jeff Kwatinetz is an American Entertainer who has also shown his outstanding acting skills in various movies. You can see a whole bunch of fascinating movies in which Jett Kwatinetz is starred, and you will undoubtedly enjoy them all.

Both of them, especially Ice Cube, is playing an essential role in promoting the league through his influence, and the best thing is, the league is getting the recognition it deserves. You might also be able to some changes in the league in the future to make it even more exciting and enjoyable for everyone.

Difference between Big3 and NBA

Here comes the most asked question that what is the actual difference between NBA and Big3. So let’s discuss it and know some crazy changes made in the Big3!

1. Half Court Games

The first difference that comes between the Big3 and NBA is that Big3 is played on half of the court due to the less availability of the players. This allows the players to play efficiently within the court so that they can play defense and offense even with the limited number of players. It might seem very strange to the NBA watchers, but this makes the game even more intense.

2. Zones

As you might know, there is two pointers zone and three-pointers zone in the standard leagues, but to add a very intense crisp in the Big3, the four-pointers zones have also been added in it. The four pointers zones can change the whole game, and that is why the overall game becomes much more exciting and suspenseful.

3. Shorter Shot Clock

In NBA, a 24-second shot clock is provided to the teams. But if we talk about the Big3, the shot clock only consists of 14 seconds. It is also pretty understandable because there is a fewer number of players in both of the teams. Not only that, but the shorter period also ensures that both of the teams get possession without wasting too much time.

4. Age restrictions

The managers of Big3 are continually trying to make this league faster and better than ever. It is undoubtedly impossible with the senior players who are in their 30s who cannot move “really” fast. That is why there are some age restrictions implemented in Big3, and players above 22 cannot play in the league.

This restriction gives more chance to the younger talent from all teams and enhances their skills in the most efficient way. Not only that, but the viewers also tend to enjoy faster games with quick reflexes.

5. Number of Teams in the league

As the league is not that old, the current number of teams included in the Big3 league is 12. If we talk about NBA, there are massive 30 teams included in the league, which broaden the number of players. We cannot know if the number of teams will remain the same in the Big3 as there is a huge chance that some more teams will be added frequently to make the game better and available for different players.


So this is how the Big3 league works and operates. It is undoubtedly an exciting league that can bind the viewers into it because of the suspense and thrill included in the games. If you are willing to watch some quick moves and crazy skills, you should feast your eyes on the Big3 league. Just don’t forget to get yourself familiar with its rules to avoid confusion later in the game.

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