Brothers Who Played in the NBA

The world of basketball has witnessed numerous talented players over the years, but one intriguing aspect that has captivated fans is the presence of brothers who played in the NBA. From sibling rivalries to dynamic duos, these brothers have left a lasting impact on the sport. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating stories of brothers who stepped onto the NBA court, their achievements, and the legacies they have established.

brothers in nba

The Legendary Brothers

The Magic Johnson and Larry Bird Era

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a captivating rivalry unfolded between two legendary players: Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. These two brothers of the hardwood revolutionized the game and took the NBA to new heights. Magic Johnson, a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, possessed extraordinary court vision and led his team to five championships. On the other hand, Larry Bird, a forward for the Boston Celtics, showcased exceptional shooting skills and won three championships. Their battles on the court elevated the sport and left an indelible mark on basketball history.

The Gasol Brothers’ Dominance

The Gasol brothers, Pau and Marc, hail from Spain and have become synonymous with skill, versatility, and championship success. Pau Gasol, a power forward/center, played for teams like the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers, winning two championships alongside Kobe Bryant. Known for his finesse and basketball IQ, Pau’s contributions on both ends of the court were invaluable. Marc Gasol, a center, carried on the family legacy with his tenacious defense and strong presence in the paint. He secured an NBA championship with the Toronto Raptors in 2019.

The Splash Brothers

No discussion about brothers in the NBA would be complete without mentioning the dynamic duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, famously known as the Splash Brothers. Both guards for the Golden State Warriors, Curry, and Thompson are renowned for their exceptional shooting abilities. Curry’s remarkable three-point shooting and Thompson’s precision from beyond the arc have redefined the game and led the Warriors to multiple championships. Their partnership on the court is a testament to the power of brotherhood and shared success.

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Brothers Who Played in the NBA: Notable Duos

The Lopez Brothers’ Twin Tower Impact

Robin and Brook Lopez, the twin brothers from California, have made a significant impact in the NBA. Standing at seven feet tall, they are known for their shot-blocking prowess and dominant presence in the paint. Robin Lopez has played for teams like the Phoenix Suns and Chicago Bulls, while Brook Lopez has showcased his skills with the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks. Together, they have created an imposing frontcourt presence and contributed to the success of their respective teams.

The Morris Twins: A Tale of Versatility

Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris, collectively known as the Morris twins, have established themselves as versatile forwards in the NBA. With their ability to stretch the floor and defend multiple positions, they have become valuable assets for their teams. Markieff Morris has played for teams like the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers, while Marcus Morris has made his mark with the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers. The Morris twins’ combination of skills and toughness has earned them recognition as reliable contributors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sets the brothers who played in the NBA apart from other players?

Brothers who played in the NBA share a unique bond both on and off the court. Their shared experiences, sibling rivalries, and support for one another create a dynamic that sets them apart. This connection often translates into exceptional chemistry and an understanding that goes beyond regular teammates.

Are there any brothers who have won NBA championships together?

Yes, several sets of brothers have won NBA championships together. Notable examples include Pau and Marc Gasol, who both secured championships during their careers. Additionally, Stephen Curry and his brother Seth Curry have each reached the NBA Finals, with Stephen winning multiple championships with the Golden State Warriors.

Have any brothers faced each other in the NBA Finals?

Yes, the NBA Finals have witnessed brothers facing off against each other. One such instance occurred in 2019 when Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and his brother Seth Curry of the Portland Trail Blazers competed against each other in the Western Conference Finals. Although they didn’t meet in the NBA Finals, it was a memorable matchup for the Curry family.

Are there any brothers currently playing in the NBA?

Yes, there are brothers currently playing in the NBA. The Antetokounmpo brothers, Giannis and Thanasis, are prominent examples. Giannis, a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player, leads the Milwaukee Bucks, while Thanasis also plays for the Bucks. Their journey in the NBA represents the dedication and talent that runs in their family.

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Do brothers who played in the NBA have an advantage due to their shared genetics?

Genetics can play a role in a player’s athleticism and basketball skills. However, success in the NBA is also influenced by factors such as dedication, hard work, and opportunities. While shared genetics may provide certain advantages, it is the combination of innate talent and the development of skills that ultimately determines a player’s success.

How do brothers who played in the NBA contribute to the legacy of the sport?

Brothers who played in the NBA contributed to the sport’s legacy by showcasing the power of familial bonds, teamwork, and dedication. They inspire future generations and demonstrate the impact that unity and support can have on individual and team success. Their stories and achievements become part of basketball lore, enriching the history of the game.


Brothers who played in the NBA have left an indelible mark on the sport. From iconic rivalries to championship-winning partnerships, their presence has elevated the game and captivated fans worldwide. Whether it’s the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird era, the dominance of the Gasol brothers, or the electrifying performances of the Splash Brothers, these siblings have showcased the power of brotherhood on the basketball court. As we celebrate their achievements and contributions, we are reminded of the lasting impact brothers have had on the NBA.

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