Do Basketball Shoes Make You Jump Higher?

You might have seen most of the professional basketball players wear specific basketball shoes and also promote them stating their certain abilities and design. So the question that pops up here is, do basketball shoes make you jump higher?

Well, the absolute answer only depends upon the style, strength, and the techniques a player is implying! Many basketball shoe manufacturers claim that their shoes can help the players to jump even higher than the standard shoes. This allows the players to score more and help them to show off with their unique dunks.

It is true because basketball shoe manufacturers design the shoes with specific materials and integrate basketball-specific mechanism to make it perfect for the players. But this might not be the case for every player! Because many players don’t find any difference, but some enhance their jumping abilities in every way.

The combination of strength and the technology used in the shoes results in the best, unique, and higher jumps. That is why power is the first thing to look out for. So first check out if the integrated technology in your desired basketball shoes fits you or not, then get your hands on it!

Features in the basketball shoes that make you jump higher?

Well, these are the features that can help you to jump higher with your basketball shoes:

Do Basketball Shoes Make You Jump Higher

1. Springs Integration

This is the most vital aspect in jumping specific basketball shoes, the rest of the things come after this. There are basketball shoes that are integrated with the compressed springs, and they drastically increase the jumping abilities of a player. But be aware that the National Basketball Association has banned these types of shoes because of the enhancements of the skills. So if you are consistently planning to use these in the official games, you might want to change your mind.

Compressed springs integrated shoes stores energy whenever a player steps for a jump, and then release that energy when jumping. This means that the jumping enhancement mainly depends on the strength you put in for a hike. But these springs can also fire back when faking a jump or running with intense pressure. The players can get imbalanced because of the enormous strength of the springs.

So only go for these types of shoes when you are confident that you can handle its strength at your best. Otherwise, the results can be horrible for your playing experience!

2. Material Used

When it comes to reliability and durability, there are certain materials that you can find in your favourite basketball shoes. Manufacturers are using Fabric, Rubber, Leather, Mesh, Neoprene, and some other stuff to design the perfect basketball shoes. These materials can help the users to bare the absolute pressure of their legs when jumping. For this reason, it is particularly convenient for the users to go with the shoes made out of these materials.

Also, check out for the sole material, the best suited for the professionals is the one with synthetic rubber sole. The mesh material is also good for the upper side of the shoe to make it comfortable and durable.

3. Cushions

Cushions certainly play a critical role for the players when jumping, as all of the pressure depends on it. A good cushion can make it easy for the players to jump conveniently. If you are going for the springs integrated cushions, you can surely jump a few inches higher than the normal. But still, the shoes with good cushions quality can cover up for that much height.

There are multiple types of cushions that you can find in the basketball shoes. These types include the Air Zoom, CloudFoam, Bounce, Graphlite, and some other types of cushions. So choose the ones according to your preferences and jumping style.

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4. Design and Structure

A calm and edgy design only offer looks and nothing else. If you don’t go with the basketball shoes with great ankle, toes, and palm support, you might face some severe circumstances when on the court.

That is why it is very best to go for the sturdy materials for your basketball shoes so that it can offer overall comfort to you.

This will not only allow you to jump with your best potential, but you will also be able to move with relaxation.


Enhancing your jumping abilities with certain shoes is not only a myth, but it has become a reality. All of the credits for this goes to the technology. But sometimes, the difference in jumping height is low that most of the players don’t consider it as an improvement. Over time, the players get more used to the shoes and learn how to use them. This will also let them go for the higher vertical angle jumps and hikes. Not only that, but players will also be able to show off their rebounding skills with comfort and style.

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