Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Every Game?

The actual NBA players are unquestionably treated very well everywhere, whether it is on-field or off-field.  Some people think that the players are provided with a luxurious treatment in every single match. But do you really think it is true? Do the teams have enough funds to do so or are all the luxuries on the players themselves? Not only that but if we take a look at the jerseys and the shoes of the NBA players, they are usually changed in every game. Some people think that the shoes are changed every single match, or some believe that they are used again in the official matches. So do NBA players wear new shoes every game?

It depends on the players themselves to decide whether they want a new pair of shoes for the game or if they want to keep playing with the shoes they used before. There are some more reasons behind that, like the shoes’ durability, sponsors, and some more things that urge them to change the shoes frequently.

So do you know what is the part of durability and sponsors in changing the shoes of the players? Well, there is a massive role of both of these things, and you can only understand by checking both of them briefly.

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How long do Basketball shoes last?

Please note and remember that we are not talking about the professional players here. But if we take a general idea, do you know how long do basketball shoes last? Well, if we take a look at what the professionals say about the life of basketball shoes, then good basketball shoes can last about 3-4 months. After these many months, you can begin to see some distortions in your shoes, which can make it hard for you to play basketball effectively.

Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Every Game

So if you really want to play basketball without getting yourself injured or without losing your winning potential, you will have to spend some bucks after every four months. But the thing is, this scenario is only valid for casual basketball players who just have a passion for basketball and they do not play in big or massive leagues. When it comes to professional basketball and big leagues like NBA, the whole thing is different. The period of four months is just too big for experienced players to keep using the same pair of shoes. Anyways, what is the specific period that the basketball players use their shoes for? Let’s find out!

For how long do NBA players use the same pair of shoes?

Here we are not talking about the casual players, but the most professional players are playing in NBA. The thing is, there is no specific period specified by anyone to know for how long the NBA players use the same pair of shoes. But there indeed is speculation that can help you to understand how often they change their shoes.

Most NBA players change their shoes within three to four games, which is definitely a brief period. But if we look at the other players, they can even use the same shoes for up to 20 games which is a long period for any NBA player to use the same pair of shoes. It depends on the players, too, as sometimes they get too comfortable with specific pairs, and they perform better because of that pair’s features and comfort. But mostly, you will see a new pair of shoes worn by your favorite NBA player just after a few games. So, do you know what the reasons are behind that? Well, I have already told you that, but let them understand with some context!

Are the promoted shoes in stores the same as the ones players wear?

There is a misconception among people that the players wear the same shoes that are sold in the stores. While it is half true, it is half wrong too. Players certainly wear shoes of the same designs, but their features and specs differ. When you go to a branded shoe store, you only check its size, and you buy it to use in basketball games. But the whole scenario is pretty different when it comes to professional basketball players.

Professional basketball players state their preferences and what they like to add to their shoes. After considering all the points and features given by the players, brands custom-make the shoes for them, but with the same design. So the thing is, the exterior design remains the same, but the inner features for the professional players change to make them comfortable while playing on the court.

Why do NBA players replace their shoes so quickly?

These are some of the reasons why NBA players replace their shoes so quickly, so take a look and keep all the points in mind for your better basketball future.

1. Quality and Reliability

One of the biggest reasons for NBA players to replace their shoes so quickly is because of their quality and durability. When it comes to professional basketball, you cannot just compromise. It is better to spend hundreds of dollars to win the game rather than using the same equipment that can result in a loss. NBA players have stated themselves that the shoes start to lose their grip and sturdiness after few games, and it becomes vital for them to replace them. If they don’t do it, it will affect their whole performance, and they can also lose the matches because of it.

But you might now be thinking that I have stated that the basketball shoes can last for four months, so why is the scenario changed here? It is because we have jumped right from casual basketball to one of the biggest basketball tournaments in the world. It is a tournament millions of people watch and admire, so can you compromise your performance while playing in it? Definitely not!

2. Sponsors

How do you think the players get so rich in such a short time? Is it only because of their performances on the fields and the titles they have won? Well, they do get excellent salaries for playing for different teams and winning matches for them, but the real deal comes from the sponsors. Sponsors are what make them rich in an instant for promoting their products. Do you know that a single player can earn as high as 30 Million dollars a season just for signing the contract with the brand to use that player’s name? Yes, you read that right! 30 Million dollars in a single season! But for that, the players have to promote their products in several ways, either by advertising them on the television, internet or social media. And of course, by using their merchandise in the actual games.

That is where the players wear different shoes provided with their signed brand in various games. They have to wear other pairs with varying designs so that those pairs could be promoted and the fans would buy them from that brand’s stores. This is how all the story works behind the quick replacement of shoes in NBA games.

If you love shoes and don’t have money to get new pairs to use in every other game, you will just have to do few things. Those things include playing in NBA, perform well enough to attract the brands, expand your fan following, and boom! You will be able to make a deal with a brand that will benefit you in almost every way. But indeed, it is tough to do so, and even hundreds of NBA players dream of getting that much attention that can take them to new heights.

Should you replace your shoes that quickly?

We have talked about professional players replacing their shoes, so what about you? Should you replace your basketball shoes that much quicker? The answer is no! It does not precisely matter how much money you have; it is a good idea to use them for an extended period. But it does not mean that you can keep using the same shoes for months without any problems. If you are a regular basketball player who plays basketball every day, it is better to change your basketball shoes every two months.

If you are a player who only plays basketball on weekends, you can use the same pairs for five to size months without getting in any type of trouble. But as soon as you feel that your shoes are losing grip, you should get them replaced. If you don’t get them replaced, you can get seriously injured on the court and get into some severe trouble. Not only that, but you will actually feel discomfort while playing basketball if your shoes are not in the best shape.


You should have understood why NBA players replace their shoes in a short period and what is the actual duration of doing so. But if you are really just starting your career, you will surely not want to spend that much right from the start until or unless you start playing for a good team. Other than that, it depends on your likings and demands too to get different pairs in a short period or a long one.

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