Does Playing Basketball Make You Taller ?

We all see these tall basketball players slamming a dunk into the hoop with ease. Have you ever wondered whether they get that tall because of playing basketball or because of their gene?

Many people have wondered that, and to put this question to the rest, we got some proves that might surprised you.

Some Evidence of Increased Growth

Although no such data is stating that basketball makes us taller, some studies indicate the constant jumping motion sends messages to the brain and stimulates growth hormone. Enhancing blood supply to the spine and legs, and then triggers growth pates that are responsible for increasing height.

What does this mean?

This study is not limited to just basketball but can be applied to every sport that involves stretching and constant jumping such as volleyball, swimming, or tennis. This implements that every sport stimulates growth hormones to some extent and will add some inches to your height.

Does Playing Basketball Make You Taller

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How Can We Grow Taller Then?

There are few elements that play a major role in growth, proven by science and a little bit of common sense. And the best part you need to maintain them for a very short time until you are out of your growth phase.

Let’s discuss these elements:

Sleep – So important when growing taller, sleep helps your body to refresh its working. Think of sleep as a payback for your brain to help you use your body. It is no surprise that an 8hr of sleep is a must for all people. It helps you to look fresh as well as keep you healthy.

Healthy Diet – Avoid something that is not healthy to consume or beneficial on your own organs. The research proposed encouraging small children to consume eggs as a source of protein to develop and avoid stunting. Alcohol, smoking, and even coffee should be ignored if possible.

Exercise – Exercise is a must to grow taller, and if you play basketball, then there are no worries as that should fulfill all your daily activity requirements. Moving your body is important in order to grow properly.

Genetics – Unfortunately, we have no control over genetics, but we can grow to our full potential. Even if you have a gene that states that your growth will 6.5 feet, if you don’t provide your body with the right factors, you will not grow to your full potential.

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The short answer to our key query is, YES, basketball does help us to grow, but only when we take other factors to consider too. It is not like if you play basketball, you will be taller, you should have a healthy diet, a good sleep pattern alongside it as well.

Don’t get you hopes up that playing basketball will help you grow 10 inches. It does help, but having a healthy lifestyle helps more. So instead of eating MacDonald’s before a basketball training, try giving some greens a shot.

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