What Does Hedge Mean in Basketball?

In basketball, there are different types of offensive and defensive techniques that are used during the whole game. In actuality, these techniques make the game even more interesting to play or even watch. But these techniques can be tough t understand sometimes.

If you are becoming a die-hard fan of basketball or you are planning to enter the professional phase of basketball, then you should definitely be aware of all the techniques and rules included in basketball.

If we talk about one of the most excellent basketball techniques that can overturn the game within seconds, then hedge is unquestionably one of them. But to understand hedge, you will have to consider the whole scenario and picture it to understand it better. That is why I am actually here to help you with your confusion, and I will briefly explain what does hedge mean in basketball and how does it works.

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What is the meaning of hedge in basketball?

First, to understand how the hedge is implemented during the game, it is crucial to know what it really is. A hedge is a defensive technique in basketball that can be used to counter different offensive techniques implemented by opponents. You must have seen or heard different big teams using the hedge techniques to win the games or counter the attacks; it is because this technique has proven to be helpful.

What Does Hedge Mean in Basketball

The best thing is, a hedge can also be used to counter some of the most potent offensive techniques in the games and turn the tables right on them. But do note that there are some things that need to be cared about when using the hedging technique in basketball, or it can create consequences for a team. Not only that, but the players can also be fouled or given a penalty if this technique is not used correctly and efficiently.

How does hedge work in basketball?

The hedge technique simply works in a way that the ball screen defender prevents the ball handler from entering the colored lane. It might seem very simple by just reading it, but there are some technicalities in there that can make it complicated. So let’s check-in details on how exactly a hedge is performed.

To implement the hedging technique, the defender that is guarding the screen should remain connected to it for the perfect implementation. In the meantime, whenever the screen is set, the defender that was guarding the screen has to come in between the play of the ball handler to stop him from scoring. This sudden movement can easily confuse the ball handlers preventing them from scoring or throw the ball. This technique is also beneficial to prevent the ball handler from entering the painted area or getting anywhere near the basket.

How to prevent being hedged in basketball?

We have now clearly understood how a hedge works in basketball. But the thing is, what if the hedge is going to be implemented on your team? What will you do in that case? Will you be able to counter it and still score? It can hard, but it is undoubtedly possible as a hedge is also not an easy technique, and it requires many tactics too. So if you work accordingly, you can also beat hedge in the most efficient ways. Some of those ways are mentioned below!

1. Understand the defense

Understanding the defense with an open mind can seriously help you how the other team will perform hedge. Not only that, but you can also prevent it by understanding the defense thoroughly. If you concentrate a little during the games, you will know if the team is planning a hedge or not. The easiest way to know if the team is planning a hedge or not is to check if the defenders are starting to hedge the screen. Not only that but also check if they are determined to defend it or not. If this case is positive, you can know that a hedge is being performed, and then you can come up with your own strategy to counter it.

2. Confuse the defense

To perform a successful hedge, the defender has to come in the middle of the ball handler to prevent him from entering the lane or go near the basket. But most of the defenders go near the ball handlers when they are about to screen. All you actually have to do is to change the direction of your screen when the defender is about to approach, and you will be able to prevent the hedge from being imposed on your team.

Final Verdict

This is how a hedge is performed in basketball. You might need a great deal of practice before you and your team can master it. So if you are really planning to use this technique during the actual games, it is better to enhance it as much as you can for better results. And of course, I have also stated some ways to counter it to help you out!

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