Lebron James Rings: How Many Rings Does Lebron Have?

There are many legendary and great players who have played basketball and earned notable names in the industry. If we take a look at the achievements of such players, it would indeed look like a dream to millions of basketball players who have just started their careers. One of those legendary players is Lebron James, who made basketball better than ever and changed the whole perspective of professional play. He urged the fans to love him with his performances and unique playing style. He also played an essential role in making basketball popular in different countries where no one had heard about it. Lebron achieved different trophies and milestones, and one of those essential things is the NBA championship ring! SO, how many rings does Lebron have?

The famous Lebron James has won 4 NBA Championship rings with different teams in different years. He achieved the rings with three different teams, which makes him unique and unbeatable in many aspects.

There are some different things to understand about Lebron James that how we won all those rings and what different teams he played for. Not only that, but do you also know in which years he won all those rings? To solve all of your problems, let’s have a brief look at all the details about Lebron James!

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In which years did Lebron win the NBA rings?

There are some players who won back-to-back NBA championship rings and made several records. If we take a look at the records of Lebron James, the scenario is pretty similar. He won NBA championship rings in 2012, 2013, 2016, and 2020. This means that he won back-to-back rings in 2012 and 2013, which is a pretty remarkable achievement. But there was a considerable break as he won the next ring in 2016, and the last one till now in 2020.

Lebron James Rings

We also don’t know how many more rings Lebron James will win in the future and what team it will be. So the only considerable thing we can do now is to wait and feast our eyes on the performances of this fascinating player.

With which teams Lebron James won the rings?

Lebron James played for different teams in his lifetime, and luckily, he performed well with all of them. But if we talk about the rings he won with the teams; he won four rings with three different teams. So do you know what those teams are? Well, these are the three teams that he won his rings with:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Miami Heat
  • LA Lakers

Some of those teams are popular because of their performances in recent times, and obviously, Lebron James played an important and crucial role in winning the matches and tournaments for the team. Some teams do not have a great history in winning the tournaments, but Lebron James even performed with those teams and made it possible to win the NBA championships and the rings.

But now you might really be thinking that how many did Lebron win with different teams? So the thing is, he won 2 rings with Miami Heat, one ring each with Cleveland Cavaliers and LA Lakers. Lebron also got to play with some of the best basketball players in the world, who also played a vital role in making him win all these rings. Not only that, but some of his trios were also very popular, and he got more popularity because of the group performances he showed in recent times.

Are these four rings enough to make him the best?

Basketball is a vast sport, and there are hundreds of world-class players you have to compete with. It is not like Lebron James is the only one who is performing currently and winning the matches for their team. No, there are hundreds of many other players who are doing the same. But the thing is, not everyone is a big-game player to play in the finals and win it. But still, the competition is very tough, even when it comes to crucial matches. Lebron James is usually competing with Jordan when it comes to the trophies and individual performances in the basketball games. But is he excellent enough to get ahead of the mighty Jordan? Well, let’s discuss it a bit later.

But if we take a brief look at the achievements of Lebron James and the rings he has won, they are certainly enough to make him one of the greatest and a legend. But surely, this does not make him the GOAT of basketball or, does it? Let’s check out!

Jordan vs. Lebron! Who is the best?

Here are some of the most critical and important stats of both of the players that can help you decide which actual player is the actual GOAT of basketball. Let’s see where both of the players surpass each other!

1- Rings Won

As we have discussed before, Lebron has won 4 NBA Championship rings which is undoubtedly an outstanding achievement. But it is not anywhere near the rings that have been won by Jordan. Jordan has won a whopping number of 6 NBA Championship rings which is undoubtedly just unbelievable. Many players can only dream of getting that far, but it is the reality for Jordan, and he has done it. He has done many great things and played impressively to reach where he is standing now. So in this aspect, Jordan is ahead of Lebron, but the rivalry is not over yet. We don’t know who is going to win the next NBA Championship along with the rings to furnish their stats even more and do the impossible for their teams. So let’s wait and watch!

2- Finals played and won!

When it comes to finals, Lebron has always been very unlucky. Lebron has played a massive number of finals that are 10; there are significantly more minor players who would have played this many finals. But one thing to note here is that Lebron has only won 4 finals out of 10. You can call it unlucky or anything else, but it can be considered bottling because losing six finals can ruin your reputation. But still, playing ten finals is also an outstanding achievement and winning four times is not easy.

As for Jordan, he has won every final he played, and that is just mind-blowing. Jordan has played 6 NBA championships finals, and he has won every single one of them. Can you imagine a player who has not lost a single final? Well, you can take a look at Jordan.

3- Individual Stats

As we all know that basketball is a team game, and you cannot expect to win finals and games singlehandedly. That is why it is also essential to compare the individual stats of different players to see who is performing relatively better than the other.

If we talk about the points scored per game by Lebron James, he has scored an average of 27.1 points a game. On the other side, Michael Jordan has scored an average of 30.1 points a game which is truly fascinating and more than what Lebron has scored. B

But the story is reversed when it comes to the other stats like rebounds and assists. Lebron has an average of 7.4 in both the stats, assists, and rebounds. At the same time, Jordan has an average of 5.3 and 6.2 respectively for assists and rebounds. Lebron is ahead of Jordan in the other aspects if we exclude the points scoring stats. Not only that, the field goal percentage of Lebron James is 50.5, while the field goal percentage of Jordan is 49.7.

Who is the best between these two?

As we have seen earlier, they are good in different aspects. One has won more rings and trophies, while the other is better in individual stats. That is what makes it very hard to decide which one is the best for sure. If you want to decide which one is the best, you will have to wait till the end to have a better understanding of their careers. Their careers are still going on, and we don’t know when one can surpass the other one in any aspect.

Can Lebron James win more rings in the future?

Lebron James has officially stated that he is going to play basketball for the coming years without any issues. That is why we can actually expect him to win many more rings and do the impossible. Not only that, but he can also break the record of Jordan of six rings if he keeps going with the same enthusiasm and skill set.

But it can be challenging for him to do so as we have seen that his record in the finals is not that excellent. But if the whole teamwork improves, anything is possible in basketball.


Lebron James is unquestionably a great player and the rings that he has won indeed prove it. His whole career is an inspiration for many other basketball players, and if you have also made him your idol, you are indeed on the right track.

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