How Much do European Basketball Players Make?

Basketball, one of those games which tend to make one enter professional level championship competitions. Many take a lot of years to combat weaknesses to come to the state of “perfect basketball player”. Others despite the hard work don’t meet the expectations. Therefore, those who go on the par are given more as compensation.

Another fact about the best players is that they are given chance s in a higher level of games. Hence, the salaries and payouts are determined according to the skillset. For example, in the latest season 2019 and 2020, NBA gave an astounding $7.7 million. In this season, Steph Curry’s salary was $40.2 million.

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NBA Teams and Salaries for Players

Do you know only 60 individuals are prepared from NBA teams? Most of these are those college students who got enrolled because of a basketball scholarship. They had been playing for their college basketball. Besides that, these 60 are elite young players.

How Much do European Basketball Players Make

One question that comes to our minds is that:

How much do European basketball players make is the same as the players from other players from different continents or not? 

Well, the answer could be a pretty detailed one. You need to brace yourself for another 3 to 4 minutes read. But in this while, we will make sure that you don’t get bored.

Salaries for Serious and Young Players 

Young players living in North America can dream of a career in NBA. Not just because of the repute it maintains. But also, it offers salaries that are not given by any other leagues. Practicing and taking challenges in the game leads them to get drafted in the NBA teams. However, the ones who are left behind due to any reasons are added to the D-League of their college clubs and teams. D-League means “Developmental League”. It serves opportunities to the minor leagues for the same NBA.

Salaries of D-League Players in North America 

It is normal of the D-League players to not get a chance in NBA. These players are taken as free agents who could fill out the player is missing. But this is a good practice. Reason being, it gives a spot to these players in near future. However, only a handful of players get a call as a filler player. Because of this, it takes years to get promoted.

Salaries for D-League player is between $12,000 and $24,000 for every season.

The salary is nothing as such. Which makes the player take a full-time job to meet the ends.

What about in Europe? 

Such players tend to apply to other countries in Europe. At least they are paid more. Since there are more leagues than in the US, competitions are way better as compared to the D-League.

Let’s go on to the main questions: how much do European basketball players make?

It depends. Yes, it depends on the player who travels all the way from North America to Europe. If he travels from one continent to another, the player expects more. But the question is if he is paid according to the expectations or not. Well, he is.

North American players in Europe are given a minimum of $65,000 and a maximum of $100,000. The salary is dependent on various factors. Two of them which make a huge impact are the market and the league.

Are there any exceptions? 

Yes, there are exceptions though. basketball players with more experience or those who maintain high profile tend to get a lot more than anyone else.

Star players get $4,000,000

These veteran players are given other benefits and they are exempted from giving taxes too. Benefits may include a house to live in and a car.

Basketball players in North America leave for Europe for all these reasons. To us, them, and many it is totally justified.

Some reasons as to why players get all the fame and riches are mentioned below.

Reason 1: Determination, hard work, and passion make anyone do anything. That is the case in basketball too. People as players just don’t leave any opportunity to make it to the peak. They don’t give up on their dreams. 

Reason 2: Uprooting a family in a new country can be daunting. But still, positive minds see positivity everywhere, right? For them, it is more like liberating themselves and young family members differently.  

On contrary, many don’t endorse such bounties and salaries. They stay back and make less money to spend their lives with their wives and kids.

Let’s take an example:

A 20-year-old basketball player who leaves the US and opts for Europe for competitions and leagues earns $100,000 on an average (annually). Such kids make their lives purposeful and more career-oriented. They invest a lot to grow professionally only because they earn millions. In the return, they get benefits and more endorsements to get better opportunities. Later, they go back to their native country in the US with a lot more than expected money in their hands. For a professional, such actions and decisions matter a lot. When they go back to their country, they become coaches and personal assistants of legends.

What happens when the basketball players stay in the D-League for let’s say… a decade? 

If the basketball players didn’t approve of going abroad i.e. Europe, what possibly would go wrong? They will stay back in the D-League for years and years. Too obvious, right? Jokes apart… the player will stay back and make a maximum of $300,000 which is a lot of difference – a good $700,000 difference! The player will not have a safety net and will crunch financially in the end.

Europe – is it an exile for the players?

People in the olden times used to have this weird notion. The philosophy of leaving America and going to Europe – is more like being exiled. We know it is not true for many reasons. First thing first, the world is more like a global village now. Some many players and scouts attend leagues in Europe (aka Euro League). Many players chose to go to Europe, play games, and are frequently drafted to NBA. After some point in time, they get a good contract from NBA. But obviously, that doesn’t hold a player from going back to North America. It isn’t written anywhere to stay in Europe forever. So, keep your head cool and worry about nothing!

Different Leagues Played in Different Countries 

Once you are in Europe and want to make most of it after the season, just go back to North America. By North America, we mean the place from where you hail. NBA league in summers is the best to go for in summer break from Europe. Remember, money or Europe is not the ultimate happiness. It is a source of contentment though. Means, one should keep looking for reasons to stay in North America or Europe.

Last Words – How much do European basketball players make annually? 

Low-tier league players make $1,000 to $3,000 on a monthly basis. Some are even paid less than $1,000. However, to take basketball professionally one should use some strategies. Players must go to Europe and make a fortune, come back and play in the NBA summer league to make an even better amount annually.

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