How to Get Better At Basketball Dribbling – [Skills for Beginners]

Dribbling and controlling the ball is a much-needed skill to practice in basketball. Before the score point added on the board, there’s a long struggle of snatching and handling the ball, creating space while defending it from the opponents, eyes on the ball and the rim, and finally getting that score point.

It is a game all about how good you are with the ball. The better you can handle the ball, the more amazing you will be at the game.

Dribbling is one of the easiest skills to practice as it only requires a basketball and some area. No need for big courts or game partners, just you with your basketball practicing different drills.

Although it may be intimidating at the start, as you keep practicing these drills with dedication, you will find yourself become an amazing ball handler.

Here are some easy tips and drills for you. Practice these more often and step up your dribbling game!

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Basketball Dribbling Skills for Beginners

How to Get Better At Basketball Dribbling

Dribble with your finger pads

The first basic key to improving your control over the ball is, dribble with your finger pads. Players often forget this basic tip and dribble with the palm of their hand or fingertips. The truth is, dribbling with the finger pads will give you the best control over the ball.

Hit the basketball harder

When practicing dribbling, try to hit the ball with enough force. If you hit harder, the ball will hit the ground faster and return to you in no time. The more the ball stays in your hand, the less the chance of defender to steal it.

Stay Low

Train yourself to play the game with mobility, strength, and stability in a lower stance while you have the possession of the ball. It will help you play more explosive and the ball will be out of your hands for an even shorter time.

Dribbling with both hands

First, practice your dribbling with one hand, and then learn to use alternate hands while dribbling. A good basketball player should dribble equally well with both hands.

Some Drills to Practice for Getting Better at Basketball Dribbling

Ball Slaps

Start your drill practice by continuously slapping the ball from one hand to the other.

Spider Dribble

Spread your feet about shoulder-width. Use alternate hands and dribble the ball between, in front of, and behind your legs as fast as possible.


Dribble and cross the ball continuously from one hand to another.

Drop and Catch

Hold the ball between your legs while one hand in front and others behind your body. Drop the ball, exchange hand positions, and quickly catch it before it falls to the ground.

Front V-Dribble

Use your one hand, dribble the ball from side to side in the shape of a ‘v’ in front of your body.


While staying in a stationary position, practice dribbling with all the moves you know. Be creative and bring your own moves too.

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How to get better at basketball dribbling is all about practicing different drills and techniques. Advance dribbling skills will get you any spot on the floor and set you up for high-percentage shots, eventually leading your team to a win!

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