How to Get a Better Grip on Basketball Shoes?

How do you get better grip on basketball shoes?

Imagine you are in a basketball match, you have the ball and you are going for the winning shot for your team, there’s no obstacle ahead and you’re running towards the pole.

But suddenly your shoes loose the grip, you slide on the ground and your perfect shot turns into an embarrassment.

In a basketball match, you can’t let anything stop you from scoring a goal for your team. You need to move swiftly in a basketball court and catch every possible chance of scoring. If your shoes aren’t as swift as you are, they can keep holding you back.

To maneuver the abrupt changes of direction in a basketball match, having shoes with solid grip and traction is incredibly important. Slippery shoes can not only affect the player’s performance, but they can cause an injury too.

Keeping good care of your basketball shoes can improve its grip, avoiding slip and slide, and help you move better on the court.

Even if your shoes are slightly worn down, it can cause you to be one second too early or too late. And this is what the basketball match is all about.

6 Best Ways to Get a Better Grip on Basketball Shoes

How to Get Better Grip on Basketball Shoes

Cleaning the sole of shoes

Basketball shoes can easily collect dirt and dust from the floor. Even if the court is cleaned regularly, it will still have some dust which then coats the bottom of your shoes, loosing its natural grip.

Keeping shoe soles clean is the first trick to improve the grip. When you wipe off the dirt from the bottom of the shoe, it will start having more friction and contact with the floor, providing you a better grip on your move.

Clean your shoes before and after every match for better results. You can clean them either with a washcloth by wiping down the bottom of your shoe, or by scrubbing down the sole with a bristle brush and soapy water.

Make sure you don’t use them for outdoor courts if the shoes are purposely made for indoor play. The material used for indoor basketball shoes can collect a lot of dust and easily get damaged.

Cleaning the court

Make sure your indoor basketball court is free of dust and dirt by cleaning it before every match. A clean floor will definitely make a big difference.

If you go for dry mopping, it will somehow remove dust but won’t helpfully remove dirt from the floor.

For the best result, Wet mopping is the best way to clean basketball courts. Ask your friends to help you with cleaning before the match, so nothing can hinder your play.

Buy a Gel or Traction Mat

Here’s an easy way to get an extra grip for your shoes. Also known as ‘Sticky mat’, a traction board can give your shoes a certain grip.

All you need to do is step on this sticky mat before the match, and it will instantly grab off the dirt from the rubbery sole of your shoes. The effect might not be for longer so you will have to re-step on it every often.

Traction Fluid

When traction fluid is applied to the bottom of a shoe, it enhances the grip by adding stickiness to the outsoles.

You need to apply enough of it on the soles of your shoes before the match starts and during every timeout.

Hair Spray

Hair sprays can also be used as grip enhancers. Just spray the bottom of your basketball shoes and it will help them stick better to the floor.

Using Sandpaper

This is a DIY method of improving your shoe’s traction on the floor.

Grab low-grit sandpaper and rough up the bottom of your shoes with a few swipes. This will help them to have a better grip on the floor. Just don’t go too hard or you will puncture the shoe completely.


Grip and traction for a basketball player is an important part of their play. A strong grip will help them score more effortlessly. But shoe soles can wear down quickly and lose their grip. You must take good care of them and follow these tricks to retain the grip on your basketball shoes.

Try different methods and figure out which one works the best for you.

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