How to Get into The NBA Draft (A-Z Guide)

One of the biggest dreams of every basketball player is to enter the best basketball league that is NBA in any way possible. If you are also planning to get into the NBA draft so that you can play for your favorite team and start showcasing your skills to the whole world, you will have to check some important things and see if you can get into an NBA draft. Most of the players think that it is tough to qualify for the NBA draft, but the reality is, if you have enough qualifications, it will be a piece of cake for you. A quick answer for how to get into the NBA draft is given below.

To enter the NBA draft, you will first have to meet the minimum eligibility criteria relating to your academic qualifications, age, and experience playing basketball. Only then you will really be able to get drafted in NBA.

Seems so simple, right? But believe me, it is not because there are some critical things to understand briefly, and there might be some things that you would not qualify for. Most of the things that seem easy and effortless are usually the ones that require the most struggles. So never take anything lightly and keep proceeding with passion for what you love.

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Understanding the Eligibility Criteria for the NBA draft briefly!

Without any further delay, let’s briefly understand the qualifications and criteria you will have to meet to get into the NBA draft!

How to Get into The NBA Draft

1. For college students

Most of the basketball players who want to enter the draft of the NBA are the ones who are in actual college or have recently completed it. To be eligible or qualify for the NBA draft, you will have to complete your college education, i.e., four years, so that you can enter the draft. If you are currently studying in college and you are in your 2nd or 3rd year, then, unfortunately, you don’t get quality for the NBA draft.

In the real meantime, you can enhance your skills furthermore and try to achieve new heights with what you have gained. You will be able to get drafted by a better team that can enhance your future in the basketball industry wholly. So make wise decisions and work patiently so that you won’t have to face the consequences later.

2. High school graduates

There are also some basketball players who don’t want to pursue further studies, and they only plan to graduate from high school. So what will happen in that case? As you might have read above that it is necessary to complete college in order to be drafted in NBA, so isn’t it confusing? Well, let me explain to you something more precise. The college eligibility criteria are for those who have already enrolled in college and are currently studying. That is why they will have to study in college for four years to be eligible for the NBA draft.

But if we talk about high school graduates, they don’t need to attend college unless they want to. But instead, they will have to wait four years in order to be drafted into NBA. So this option is suitable only for the ones who want to invest all day in practicing basketball. They will not have to really worry about exams, lectures, college timings, and whatnot. But for a safe future, college can play a significant role in offering great feasibility. So again, you will have to make a wise decision.

3. Contracted players

These are the players who consider them the luckiest because they have already been hired by another and professional basketball team. But wait, how can that be so easy? Well, it indeed is easy because you are already playing for a top-notch basketball team.

But one thing to keep in mind or remember here is that the team you have a contract with should not be included in NBA. If you already have a contract with the NBA team, getting in the draft will make no sense for anyone. Aside from that, you should also have played under the contract. This means that signing a contract is not enough, and you must have few matches under your name to be considered as qualified for the NBA draft.

Do the same rules imply to international players too?

No! The rules stated above are for US residents only, and some other rules imply international students. So if you are living in the USA, you might want to skip this section and read the one mentioned above again.

Let’s check what the eligibility criteria for the international players that want to get drafted into NBA are!

1. Age

Age is one of the essential criteria for international players as they don’t have to study in any type of school or college in the USA. That is why they have to be at least 22 years old to qualify for the NBA draft. They can be older than 22, but not even a less month than this criteria. If we look at the same criteria for USA players, they are automatically 22 or more than this range after studying for four years in college or waiting for four years after high school.

2. Playing for a team in the USA

It is pretty evident that the qualifications outside the USA will not be considered there whether you have played for any basketball team. That is why you must play for a professional basketball team in the USA if you want to be drafted in NBA. Not only played, but you also require a valid contract so that it can be evident that you have played and performed in different matches. If you are an international player, the best course of action for you can be to join a professional basketball team that is not in NBA and spends few months or a year playing for them. You might meet the age requirements in this period, and you will also be able to gain experience. That experience will help you actually stand out from the other players, and your chances to be drafted into an excellent team will increase dramatically.

What happens after you get drafted for the NBA?

Congratulations if you have already been drafted for NBA, or you have confirmation that you will surely be able to do so. So now the question is, what will you do next to carry on your journey? It is straightforward! The team that has drafted you will guide you on how they will proceed with you. It also depends on your contract with the team that how things will happen. But most of the time, the newly drafted players are regularly called for practice sessions, practice matches, and then they are evaluated as per their skills.

After the evaluation, their official debut goes on in an official match where they can show the world what they have got in themselves. The whole process can take months for you to get started with your professional basketball career; that is why you will have to keep learning. You will have to keep going with patience and wait for the best chance to enter the court with confidence. In the end, it will worth your patience and training that you have been doing.

Is there any chance for the young players to be drafted in NBA?

As the USA is the literal hub for basketball, there are thousands of players with different preferences who want to enter the NBA draft. That is why there are players who want to get into the NBA draft before the actual age requirements. In that case, what will you do? The young basketball players have to play for their college teams for a specific time, and then they have to be removed from high school for one year. Only then will they be able to be drafted in the NBA.

But one most important thing that the young players will have to do is declare that they are actually eligible for NBA before the draft. It is not like you can declare the eligibility before a week or few days, you have to declare it before 60 days, or your application can be rejected.

How hard is it to be drafted in NBA?

Getting qualified for the NBA draft is one thing and getting drafted is another. As thousands of players get eligible for the NBA draft and all apply for it, it is impossible to get them all drafted because of limited seats and teams. As per the survey report by NCAA, 1.2% of eligible players are drafted into the NBA. So if there are 100 players along with you, only one player will be drafted among them. But the thing is, if you are passionate enough and have remarkable skills, you will get the chance for what you deserve. There will be no discrimination, and you will get an equal chance as the others.

The Verdict

This is the complete procedure of getting into the NBA draft. First, you will have to make sure that you are eligible or not by focusing on all the points mentioned above; only then will you be able to apply for the NBA draft. After that, it depends on your luck and skills if you will be drafted by a team or not.

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