Which LA Laker Wore Fortnite-Inspired Sneakers?

We all have seen different players doing different types of unique and crazy things that make the people wonder, “What was that?” Not only that but doing unique celebrations or altering the uniform is also very common in many sports worldwide.

But the players can also be fined or charged for altering the uniforms as it is against the policies of various leagues and associations. Especially if we talk about football, every other footballer brings out new types of celebrations by showing off his under-shirt or a unique tattoo. Another similar scenario happened in basketball when a player wore a Fortnite-inspired sneaker in the official game of LA Laker. But the question is, who was that player, and why did he do that?

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Who LA Laker player wore the Fortnite-Inspired sneakers?

Josh Hart is the one who wore the Fortnite-inspired sneakers during the basketball match. He even hired multiple artists and designers to custom design his sneakers and gave them a unique look along with the Fortnite theme. Those sneakers surely were appealing and were the main highlight of the game. Most of the people and fans loved those sneakers just like Josh did. But you might now be wondering, what is Fortnite? Right? Well, let me clear the fuss for you and explain what Fortnite is!

Which LA Laker Wore a Fortnite-Inspired Sneakers

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an online multiplayer game that was released back in 2017. This game is developed by Epic Games, and they spent years to finalize the game. The best thing about playing Fortnite is that it is available on many various gaming platforms. Gamers from all nations can play Fortnite on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Android, IOS, and even Mac. So it does not actually matter which device you have; it will be easy for you to play it anywhere you want.

Fortnite also offers different types of a mode within the games. But most of the gamers opt for the 100 Players Battle Royal, where 100 players land in a big arena and the last one standing wins the games. There are many types of weapons and building abilities integrated into the game, making it even more exciting and fun to play.

Why did Josh Hart wear Fortnite-Inspired Sneakers?

The main reason behind Josh Hart wearing Fortnite-Inspired Sneakers is the never-ending love for Fortnite. The player specifically wore the Fortnite-inspired sneakers to express his love for the game and how much he loves it. Not only him, but the whole world loves Fortnite. You can even estimate how popular Fortnite is by seeing that most popular movie franchises opt for Fortnite to showcase their heroes. You can also take the example of John Wick, who was featured in Fortnite just because everyone plays Fortnite.


People can do crazy things for what they love. But this is what lets them keep going with their life, and those types of people are the ones who enjoy life to their fullest. So the moral is, you should do what you love without even thinking about what others would say, just like Josh Hart did.

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