Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop Review In 2023

The Silverback NXT Portable Basketball hoop is changing the dimensions for portable goals.

It would be unfair to compare in-ground with a portable one, but Silverback NXT is the next big thing. Its portability backed by its strength and design is its identification.

An interesting feature of Silverback NXT is its quick assembling, it would take only 90-minutes to assemble and you’re good to play. Need not to worry about spending hours and hours in assembling the hoop to start the game, that takes away the game’s excitement, doesn’t it?

The Silverback NXT comes with modernly engineered features such as Stabili-frame technology for increased stability, Ergo-Move design for uniformity in its weight distribution that makes it easy to carry and move and also adjustable height so you don’t have to worry about the young players.

This portable hoop excels with its unique features and design and is challengingly the best among its competitors.


Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

Ultimate Strength And Stablity

Many basketball players would prefer in-ground systems than a portable one, wonder why? Because of the lack of stability and strength. It’s way disturbing for the players when the direction or the placing of hoop changes due to the impact of the shoot, that being major reason players don’t prefer portable hoop until they experience Silverback NXT.

The finely engineered design with stabili-frame steel-on-steel connected between the steel chassis and the main pole reduces the joint weaknesses which gives NXT an advantage over other basketball systems.

Increased Rebound

To enhance the integrity of the structure, the pole is designed such that it connects directly to the steel frame. For more strength and to keep the goal upright, the base and the weighted ballast wheels are shaped in such a way that they create an ideal center of gravity.

Silverback NXT is featured with Infinity Edge Backboard, which is not framed by the metal edge or plastic like the common backboards, it has differently wrapped corners that make it look like one material.

This technique not only gives the hoop a cleaner look but with increased rigidity, it makes Silverback NXT capable of the superior rebound.

Easily Move The Goal

What stands out Silverback NXT is the Ergo Move. Specifically, the base that has a sloped design allowing an even distribution of weight leads for the goal to be pretty much easy to move.

The whole system weighs 175 pounds only before you add any weight to the base. This gives the ease to keep the basketball goal upright for the entire season without worrying about it falling off.

Ultra Fast Assembly

How annoying is it? When you bring home a basketball goal and until you get it assembled, the day passes by and the time that you were supposed to spend playing basketball, was wasted assembling it.

It is upsetting right?

But With Silverback NXT, all you need to have is 90-minutes of wait and you will be all ready to play and practice like a pro.

Silverback NXT has pre-assembled parts and the rest are designed in such a way that it is simple to assemble and at most, it will take one-and-a-half-hour only to get it ready for you to play. So forget the hassle of assembling the goals and focus on your playing skills.

Height Adjustable

Silverback NXT has the most special feature of easily adjustable height. So if you and your kids want a basketball goal to play, NXT is good news for you. It is a matter of seconds to go from 10-feet to 7.5 feet, with 6-inch increments, so where you feel suited, adjust it and lets continue the game without any interruption.

The adjustable height feature is crucially useful for younger players, and you do not have to buy a new goal each time they improve.


Silverback NXT is what you need if you are looking for durability, longevity and a goal that will suit you and your younger players.

The adjustable height, ergo-move, quick assembling and most important of all, the strength to handle rebounds and stay upright are features that you can not get in any other portable basketball hoop.

Silverback NXT is the portable basketball goal with in-ground strength and stability which is why it overcomes all its other rivals, it’s a purchase worth making.

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