What Happens if Someone Breaks The Backboard?

Some fantastic moments are what make the game exciting and fun to watch. The fans always wait for something crazy to happen that could change the whole perspective of the game so that they could get to see a unique thing happening. Not only that, these types of moments can happen in different sports, whether it is cricket, football, or basketball. But when it comes to basketball, one of the unique things that you can see on the court is the shattering or breaking of the backboard. It is actually a very rare thing to happen as backboards are built with premium quality and durable enough to hold up a player without any problem. But the question is, what happens if someone breaks the backboard?

When someone breaks the backboard in a basketball match, the game pauses for the time being so that the officials could replace the broken board with a new one.

But you might also have heard some other scenarios where the game was suspended or abandoned, so is it really true, or are these all just myths and made-up scenarios? We can only find it out by diving into the details, so let’s check it out!

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What actually happens if you break the backboard in basketball?

It is one of the most exciting questions that what actually happens when a backboard breaks during an official game? Do they suspend the game? Do they call it a draw? Or they postpone it? Well, they do neither of them. Whenever a backboard is broken during the official basketball game, the backboard gets replaced with the spare backboard available at that time.

What Happens if Someone Breaks The Backboard

One thing to actually note down here is that the backboard is not usually replaced as a whole, but its different parts get replaced. If only the backboard is shattered, they replace only the backboard; if the rim is broken, then the whole rim is replaced.

In the meantime, the game remains paused, which actually gives time to the players to discuss the tactics or whatever they want. Besides, it can actually take quite a long time to get all the things done because it is not very hassle-free to get the things replaced in a basketball hoop.

Do the players get any foul for breaking the backboard during a game?

Yes, players do get a foul for breaking the backboard during a game, and that is why most of the players avoid using extra force on the backboards. The foul that the players get for breaking the backboard is called a Non-Unsportsmanlike technical foul. This foul does not actually have a massive impact on the player or team, and that might be the reason the players don’t actually mind getting it.

But the things do not end here. The actual story starts after the match as the player has to pay the fine for breaking the backboard. This fine is not implemented on every player who has broken the backboard, but to those who deliberately used much force, causing the destruction of it. Other than that, the players can go free without even paying a single penny.

If we talk about the advantage to the other team when a backboard is broken during the game, the opposing team gets the possession. If the player of Team A has shattered the backboard, Team B will get the possession as soon as the game resumes. So that is where the team could get into problems as losing the possession can definitely create massive hassles for any basketball team.

Who was the actual first person to break the backboard in basketball?

There is always someone who starts the trend or who is the first one to do a unique thing, and when it comes to breaking the backboard in basketball, the player who did it was Chuck Connors. Yes, Chuck Connors was the first-ever basketball player who broke the backboard in basketball.

Chuck Connors was playing for Boston Celtics when this whole scenario happened, and it was, of course, pretty mesmerizing for everyone.

One fantastic and amazing thing to note here is that Chuck Connors did not break the backboard with the usual slam dunks of today, but he broke it with a simple ball throw that resulted in the breaking of the backboard. It was the warm-up session for the Boston Celtics when Connors took a shot, and that particular shot hit directly on the front of the rim. As the rims were not actually very reliable at that time, the backboard shattered and broke. It created history for every basketball player because it was the very first time that something like that happened in basketball. Since then, different players have done it in different styles, but Connors will be remembered for what he did for the first time.

Who was the last person to break a backboard in the NBA?

Shaquille O’Neal is considered as the last person who actually broke off the backboard in the NBA game. He was also the actual one who changed the whole perspective of backboards in basketball and made the companies to make them stronger.

Different people have different opinions about this, which is why you might be confusing yourself with all the things mentioned here. The thing is, basketball is a very vast sport, and there are hundreds of leagues going on in different countries of the world. There might be some players who would have broken the backboard, but that would have happened in different leagues. As we are talking about the NBA here, we will have to go through the history of the NBA and not other leagues.

Another thing is, the breaking of the backboard does not mean bending it or scratching it in some ways. Breaking means the shattering of the backboard or making it come off of its original position. As history remembers, Shaquille O’Neal was the last person to do so, and no one has done it like him after that period.

It is also pretty fascinating to know that almost 30 years have passed, and no one has broken the backboard to include his name in the list of the most destructive players.

Why don’t we usually get to see the shattering of backboards in today’s games?

This is one of the questions that break the hearts of today’s basketball fans. We do not actually get to see the breaking and shattering of backboards, so what is the actual reason behind that? We have definitely heard how the old players used to smash the backboard in the early times, but it has become rare, and no one is actually able to do it. That is why about 30 years have passed since the last actual breakage of a backboard in basketball.

If we talk about the reason behind it, then the only reason is technology and advancements. When last time Shaquille O’Neal broke the backboard, the basketball hoops companies started to work on the structure of their basketball hoops. Instead of using the direct contact combination in their hoops, different methods are used now. Rims are now integrated with massive springs that can easily bear the powerful dunks of influential players. Players now don’t have to worry about breaking the backboard easily because of this aspect. Not only that, but the backboard material has also been changed and advanced. Those backboards are now very flexible, and that is why they don’t break with casual slam dunks.

No one now knows who will be able to shatter the backboard in today’s games, as it seems pretty much impossible. But let’s wait and watch what the future has stored for us.

How to choose a basketball hoop that would not break in any case?

It might be fascinating to watch the shattering of basketball hoops in the NBA because that is where your money is not going anywhere. But when it comes to your personal basketball hoops, you will have to go through severe pain as you might not want to see your basketball hoop breaking into pieces that you bought after saving for months.

So how can you choose a basketball hoop that could efficiently serve you for long without getting you into problems? Let’s find out!

  • Rim: You must check the quality of your basketball hoop rim and how it is attached to the body to make sure it won’t break. Most of the basketball hoops break because of the slam dunks of the players, so if your rim is strong enough to hold them, the backboard won’t break. The best option for you here is to pick the rim with loaded springs so that it could easily bear all the pressure.
  • Backboard material: If you are choosing Glass over acrylic for your backboard material, then you can surely get into some massive problems. Glass tends to break easier than acrylic, and that is why it is better to spend one time rather than spending little every single month.

These are the only two things that ensure that your hoop’s backboard is safe and sound. So make sure to properly check them before you get your hands on any basketball hoop.

The Verdict

It is not really and actually a good idea to take inspiration from players who have broken the backboard in official games, as you might have to pay a hefty fine if you break a backboard deliberately just to become the headlines.

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