What is a Block in Basketball?

Do you follow any rules in a school? In the break time, you go and make a queue to get the meal, right?

Never did it occur that you would have gotten a meal without being in a line, right? Likewise, there are certain rules in basketball game too. And… just like other places (for example canteen) there are terms to understand. Knowing about terms helps you in understanding rules.

Just like that, there are certain words for specific actions and movements in basketball. Among all those terms, today we have selected the word “Block”. What is a block? How can we block a player? and other related questions are answered in this article.

So, without further ado, let’s start the article.

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What is a block in basketball?

This is the first thing you being an amateur player should know. Block in a layman’s language means a hurdle in achieving the normal task or milestone. However, in basketball world it is somewhat same – to not let the defender deflect on a shot.

What is a Block in Basketball

Further Explanation of Block in a Basketball 

It is noticed when defenders play, they keep hands up and mostly out. Why do they do that? It is done so that the other player (offensive player) could be stopped from trying to aim the hoop.

Another question which is frequently asked is…

Where are blocks made?

You in daily life activities can block anyone, anywhere, right? Likewise, in basketball too you can block any player. But there are some boundaries which are applicable in the game. Blocking a player is okay and can be done anywhere in the basketball court. But mostly it is seen that the players tend to block other players as soon as they go near the basket or hoop. It is done so that the player doesn’t make a goal.

Blocks are best played by the tall players as they have the ability to stop the offensive player from getting a point.

Are you ready for another answer? Okay… here is the question…

How a player blocks the offensive player?

Most of the time player puts his hand on the top of the offense’s head to not make him able to make a goal. Other times the player who wants to make a point, swats the ball up and lead it towards the basket.

Other than the questions which we have replied in the above section, let’s discuss some other aspects.

Disadvantages of Blocking a Player in Basketball Game

Blocking can become risky for the defender. Since we know that blocking is always about not letting the opponent’s player make a point, we forget that block can cause a negative result too.

Types of Blocking in a Basketball Game

Blocking can give a negative consequence in two ways – goaltending and shooting foul.

There is a slight probability that the player, who blocks the shot, may touch the shooter, which is foul – one of the negative outcomes. And a player who commits foul will get a free throw. Goaltending is another negative outcome of the blocks. It occurs when a player interferes with a ball towards the basket ring.

So, it’s better to contest the shots in situations where the probability of these negative outcomes is more. Along with the pros and cons, shot-blocking is part of basketball. And it plays a valuable role.

The most victorious shot-blockers have heights, long arms and broad shoulders. This combination allows players to avoid the disadvantages of blocking. Here are some best basketball players who are known for blocking tricks. Some examples are Mark Eaton, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Dikembe Mutombo.

What is blocking foul in basketball?

A blocking foul occurs when the player who blocks the ball does not follow the above rules. As a defender or blocker, you shouldn’t make contact—the contact of legs, thighs, etc.—with the offensive player, nor lean into him when he passes the ball.

Is blocking from behind a foul?

A back penalty is on those who jump into the front player with excessive force and displace it. To avoid the penalty, the player should not displace the player. Anyways, blocking from behind has the same criteria as general blocking.

Why is blocking out important in basketball?

Most players try to jump and take the ball and try to secure the rebound. “Blocking Out” is simply establishing a position between the offensive player and the basket. To stop the opponent’s aggressiveness, the blocker must contact their opponent, not simply standing in front of them.

What is a block charge in basketball?

The block-charge situation occurs when the defensive player contacts the offensive player—who is changing his direction.

Can you block a dunk?

Trying to stop a slam dunk is a risky call. An unsuccessful attempt to stop a slam dunk can lead you to foul. To perform a successful block against a slam dunk, don’t go forward to hit the ball off the hands of a scorer; instead of that, jump straight and block it.

Can you block the ball in the basket?

When the ball is moving in the parabolic path towards the basket, then you can block it. Often many players can block the ball, but they didn’t due to its motion.

How do you become a good basketball blocker?

The first thing you have to do is, improve your vertical jumping. And follow the Whiteside sayings, “try to stay in front of the ball. If the ball is in their right hand, use your left hand to block the shot; if a ball is in their left hand, use your right hand. Always block with the opposite hand.

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