What is a Field Goal in Basketball?

If you want to understand a sport, you will have to go through each and everything related to it. And yes, it is unquestionably not easy to do so as there are hundreds of things that you have to keep track of to know all about your favorite sports. If we take a look at the vast field of basketball, you will definitely have the same case. You cannot expect your brain to get everything just by watching few matches. There are some terms and rules that should be understood to know what they do in the actual game. In the same way, one of the most common questions is that what is a field goal? That too, specifically in the basketball? So do you know what a field goal in basketball is? Well, it is pretty simple!

A field goal is a shot that is attempted by any player on the court towards the basket. But do note that the field goal can only be attempted during the regular play and not during any other particular scenario or case.

It might still be a little hard to get a grasp on the field goals as you might now be thinking that every player would have hundreds of field goals by that logic. But no, this is actually not how things work in basketball. So let me get into the depths of some things that can help you understand that.

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What is a regular play?

It is imperative to first understand what regular play is. As I have stated above that the shots attempted in the regular play will be counted as the field goals. So what actually is regular play? Regular play does not include any type of penalties or free throws. As you might have seen in the basketball games, teams are offered penalties or free throws within the game for the foul committed. So if a player takes a shot for the free throw, it will not be counted as the field goal.

What is a Field Goal in Basketball

The field goal will only be counted when both teams are playing in the game with a timer running. In any other case, the field goal will not be considered, no matter how many points are scored with a single shot. So keep this critical point in mind if you are looking forward to increasing your field goal ratio.

How does the field goal system work?

Just so you know, there are three fundamental aspects in the field goals that you should know. Those three systems are:

  • Field Goals Attempted or commonly known as FGA
  • Field Goals Made or commonly known as FGM
  • Field Goals Percentage or commonly known as FG%

If you can understand all of the three, it will help you out to calculate the statistics of different players. As stats are vital for any player in the basketball industry, the system of field goals helps quite a bit to make it easy for everyone to judge a player.

So let’s have a look at how the three different systems of Field goal works for the basketball players.

1. Field Goals Attempted (FGA)

You can actually score points without this aspect. Just as the name suggests, Field Goals attempted are the ones that a player attempts to score on the court. You will see many players with high FGA in their professional careers, and that is sole because they try to score every time they get possession of the ball.

The best thing about FGA is that it is counted whether the player scores points or not. This means that you will still get FGA even if the ball does not go through the basket. But still, it can create consequences for your team, and that is why it is better to keep this thing in check. The best player is not the one who has better FGA, but the one with the better FGM. But wait, what is FGM? Let’s see!

2. Field Goals Made (FGM)

Yes, inverse the situation of FGA, and you will understand the meaning of FGM. In simple words, FGM is the field goal that has been scored by passing through the basket instead of missing it. In the basketball games, FGM is the one that wins the matches for the teams. Not only that, but it is also the best way to check the abilities of any player that how well he places the ball when on the court.

But do note that the FGMs will not be counted if you have committed a foul during the play. The FGMs are only counted when the whole match is going on with the timer on.

3. Field Goals Percentage (FG%)

If you think that you can take as many shots as you want in the game and your FGA will get better, then you are probably not thinking right. Undoubtedly, your FGA will increase, but what about the FGM and the ratio that matters to evaluate the skills of a basketball player. FG% is the thing that calculates the ratio between the FGA and FGM attempted and scored by the basketball player. If the ratio is higher, the player is outstanding in taking shots and scoring. But if the ratio is too bad or falls behind 20-30%, then the player is considered average or even wrong.

That is why it is vital to take the shots that you can be sure of. It is not a good idea to take the shot whenever you get possession. You should first determine if it is the right time, how many players are gathered around you, if there is defense around the basket, and some other critical things. It will unquestionably help you make your FG% better and better. But you will have to be patient and consistent because the ratio does not just hike up after few matches. It can take a considerable amount of matches to see a good change in your ratio or percentage.

Is there a point restriction for the Field goals to be counted?

Most of the basketball players think that there are some points restrictions implemented on the field goals in order to be counted. But no! Even if you score 2 points by throwing the ball, the field goal will be counted.

But yes, different leagues have different types of points scoring systems. As NBA and some other popular leagues offer a 2 and 3 points scoring system, some leagues offer a 1 and 2 points scoring system. Not only that, but you can also find the leagues where the highest points score by a throw can go as high as 4! Yes, it is possible! The higher the points you score, the better the chances of your team to score. But do note that the point scoring system does not affect the field goals in any way. You have to put the ball through the basket, and you are good to go!

How to enhance your FGM ratio?

It does not actually matter what you do and what you not on the court; if you are a striker playing on the offense, the thing that will matter the most for your career is the FGM ratio. Every person in the world will check how good is your FG% to see if you are a great player or not. Not only that, but the better FGM also describes your abilities and skills. So if you are just starting or have already started but struggling to increase your FGM ratio, you will have to keep some essential things in mind.

To make your FGM ratio better, you will have to avoid throwing the ball unnecessarily. If your team is already winning, you should not take massive risks and throw the ball. It will not only make your FG ratio worse, but your team can lose possession. Losing possession means that the other team can get the chance to score with ease. Aside from the risks, you will have to work on your vision. If you want to succeed in basketball, you will have to take care of your surrounding players and plan that can work while you are playing. There are many defenders to stop you from throwing the ball or getting close to the basket. But if your vision is excellent and you can judge the situation, it will be easier for you to score and increase your FGM ratio.

The last thing that you can do is practice your shooting. The miss shoots should not be tolerated, and your every shot should be towards the basket and nowhere else. But it is only actually possible if you practice your shooting with your teammates on the actual court.

Final Verdict

The field goal system is pretty simple if you check it with an open mind. The best thing is, it is also straightforward to keep track of your field goals that how many have you missed, and how many you have put it. If you don’t want your ratio to be worse and below the average level, you would consider implying the points mentioned above. So what are you waiting for? Get on with your training and train your mind and body in a way that would become unbeatable.

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