What is a Triple-Double in Basketball?

If you want to measure how good a player is, you would look at his stats and determine how the player is performing since the start. There are many different ways to determine the strength and weaknesses of a player that can entirely show how the expertise level of a player. If we talk about common sports, the abilities are calculated on the basis of goals, assists, and these types of things. The same thing goes for basketball, and then comes the Triple Double. But do you actually know what is a Triple-double in basketball and how does it work for the statistics of a player?

A triple-double is a way to determine the abilities of a basketball player in a single game. If a specific player reaches a double figure in multiple aspects of basketball in only one game, the player is crowned with the title of a triple-double, which is also considered an outstanding achievement.

You might now be thinking that what are the aspects that are considered in basketball to be crowned with the title of triple-double? That is why I am going to explain all the things briefly so that you can have a better understanding of all things.

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What are the aspects needed to be considered a triple-double in a game?

What is a Triple-Double in Basketball

Well, now is the time to discuss what are the essential aspects of basketball that a player has to perform in to get the title of Triple Double. So let’s have a look:

Now the question is why there are no other essential aspects like steals or blocks? This is because the three stats mentioned above are indeed the most important ones, and they are the ones that help the team to win the matches. If you don’t know-how, let’s discuss them in some details!

1. Points

Can you imagine a basketball game without points? How can a team win if no player has scored points? There are four rounds in an official match of the NBA, and players get hundreds of chances to score and increase the number of points for their team. If a player gets the possession and he scores points and reaches the double figure, he will be able to pass the first out of the three steps to get the crown of triple-double achievement. One thing to note here is that scoring points are the most critical aspect in the triple-double title because points are what win you the matches.

2. Assists

Different players have different abilities, and not everyone is really developed to score the points every time they get the possession. That is where the assists come to the rescue of the player to get something on its name. If you are great at passing and have good vision, you will easily be able to get a lot of assists in the match and get close to the triple-double. And yes, it is the second of the three steps that are required to be considered as the triple-double achiever in a game.

3. Rebounds

It is undoubtedly not possible to have possession of the ball in the entire game by a single team. There are times when a team gets possession, and the same goes for the opposing team. So when a player gains possession for the team when the other team tries to score by throwing the ball towards the net, it is called rebound. So if you want to fulfill the third and the last requirement of a triple-double, you will have to retrieve the ball as many times as possible. And of course, it should be in the double-figure if you want to fulfill the third requirement completely. Otherwise, it will not be considered, and you won’t be able to get the title you longed for.

Why triple-doubles only are awarded in a single game?

If you have not got the meaning of triple-doubles, then let me rephrase it again. Triple-doubles are the stats, including Points, Assists, and Rebounds that have reached a double figure. So wouldn’t it be straightforward to reach the double figure in multiple games? If that were actually the case, almost every single player would have this achievement, and it would not be worth that much.

That is why triple-doubles are considered in a single game. For example, if a player scores 10 points, ten assists, and ten rebounds, he will achieve the triple-double award as he reached the double figure in all aspects. If you think that it is pretty hard to do so in a single match, then you might have to work harder to make it easier for you.

How can you make it possible to get a triple-double in a single match?

It seems impossible for some of basketball players to get a triple-double in a single basketball match. Well, the thing is, it indeed is, and no everyone can get a triple-double, but that is where all the fun begins. If you want to achieve many triple-doubles in your basketball career, you will have to work harder and gain what seems impossible to you. But to gain all the things, there are some aspects you will have to improve. So let’s check what those aspects are so that you can increase the number of triple-doubles in your lifetime career.

1. Analyze the game

If you think you can get the ball and score, assist, or rebound, you have not understood how basketball is played. The first aspect to make your basketball career successful is to analyze the game and act accordingly. You will have to check the tactics of the opposing team that how they are reacting when a player reaches the basket. Not only that, but you will surely have to check out their defensive and offensive power, too, so that you can create rebounds. If you can understand within a minute how the game is going and what its direction is, then there is a massive chance you can succeed in that game. But one common mistake that you will have to avoid here is to waste your precious time analyzing every single thing. As I have actually stated above, you will have to analyze everything within a minute while moving on the court to act faster and better. If you consume most of your time doing nothing, you cannot win the triple-double in a single game.

2. Don’t only score; assist!

If you don’t know the criteria of a triple-double, scroll up a little further, and you will see that assists are also one of the requirements. So if you only try to keep scoring and don’t pass the ball to your teammates so that they can convert the chance, you will not meet the requirements for the triple-double. But on the actual other hand, you will also have to score points to reach the double figure. The thing is, you cannot slow down in any aspect, and you have to act in every way possible for an achievement.

3. Play defensively too

It does not really matter if you like to play offensively and want to help your team score many points. If you want to achieve the triple double title, you will also have to play a little defensively. Whenever you see the opposing player is going for the shot, you will have to get ready to catch the ball to call it a rebound. That is why you will have to play a little defensively, too, so you won’t have to run from offense to other team’s defense to get the rebound. If you ignore this aspect, you will also have to ignore the triple-double title. So act wisely on the court!

4. Keep track

If you are good at remembering specific things, then you will not get into trouble with this thing. All you will really have to do is keep track of your stats of the game you are playing. If you have reached a double figure in specific aspects like scoring, you can leave it and keep focusing on the other two. It will help you know what aspect you have to clear now, and you will be able to act and perform according to it. For example, if you have reached a double figure in scoring and assisting, you can now focus more on rebounding.

5. Practice

The final thing is, of course, training because training is what everything relies on. If you can get yourself better, you can get anything you want. Whether it is scoring, assisting, or rebounding, it can only improve if you can practice your skills and enhance them just as you want. So get onto training if you want yourself to gain many triple-double titles in your lifetime.

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Many great players have hundreds of triple-doubles in their careers. Unquestionably, it was also not easy to achieve these many triple-doubles. But if you are enthusiastic enough, you can do it too with all of your might and get every single thing you want.

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