What is an Assist in Basketball?

All the team sports in the world are played beautifully when the other teammates are contributing equally. You cannot expect to win your team’s crucial matches singlehandedly. Yes, it is possible that in different cases, some individual players perform well, which can turn the whole game around. But most of the time, the inclusion of all teammates is necessary to win and have good possession in the entire game. In the same pattern, basketball also requires all the teammates to perform and help each other score points and win the games. If any of the players on the court fail to perform better, the match can be lost. That is where assists help the teammates to score. You might be thinking what is assist in basketball?

Assists are typically the passes that lead to scoring points. A player who has possession of the ball passes the ball to the other player, and if that particular player succeeds to score points, then it will be called assist by the player who passed the ball.

It can be pretty hard to understand it in words if you have not watched basketball or football matches. But I will surely help you understand in a better way so that you can have a proper grasp on it.

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Understanding the meaning of assist briefly!

Assist is a pretty common term in football. If you are a regular football watcher who never misses any match of its favorite scene, then you would know how assists work in football. Not only that, but assists also tell how good the midfielders in football are performing.

What is an Assist in Basketball

If we take a look at the assists in basketball, we will find many similarities between them. The players who offer assists are usually the ones who play in the mid or defense. It is not particularly fixed that only the mid or defensive players will offer the assists, but sometimes, to trick the opponents, front-liners can also provide assist.

The simple way to understand what assist is to keep in mind that the one who helps the player scores the points will be the assister. And yes, do not confuse the assist with the actual scorer as the player who scored will be called the scorer and the one who passed the ball is the actual assist provider. But the player who is going to score also has to take care of the ball and put it in the basket so that you can get the assist in your name. Otherwise, your hard work on the court can be wasted along with the assist.

How does assist work in basketball?

Now the question is, how assist works? I mean, can anyone get the assist by passing to the scorer? Or are there some conditions to be met? Well, there are not many conditions in order for the assists to be counted, but there is one single condition. That condition is that the ball should be directly passed to the scorer if you want your assist to be counted. If the player you have passed the ball loses possession and then gains it back by himself, then the assist will not be counted. It will be counted as the solo points scored by the player.

So if you want to pass your teammates the ball to get assists, you and your teammates will have to keep the ball in possession. Losing possession can cost you much more than just the ball. So it is better to always keep it in check by practicing your skills every other day. It will enhance you every ability to show off on the court.

Is there anything like Pre-Assist in Basketball?

If you don’t know, pre-assists are the assists that are passed to the ones who are going to assist the actual scorer? You might not have got it now, so let me explain briefly. If you have watched football, you can easily understand how pre-assists work. For pre-assists, there should be three players involved to score the points or a goal. The first player is the one who is going to pass the other player, now that player is going to pass to the one who will score the goal. So the first player who passed will get a pre-assist, the player who passed it to the scorer will get an assist, and the one who will score will get the goal.

The same scenario goes with the players in the basketball. One player has to pass the ball to the other one so that he can pass it to the player who is going to score. This trilogy of the players rewards pre-assist, assist, and points to the players. But wait!

The thing is, there is actually no such thing as pre-assist in basketball. Not only that, but many professionals also don’t consider the pre-assists even in football. The reason behind that is the inclusion is just too meager. Everyone would get the pre-assists as we are talking about the team games. Assists can be crucial, but pre-assists are indeed not that much of an achievement. That is also the reason why pre-assists are not used is the statistics of a player to see how well he actually performs in the game. So if you want to get something on your name during the matches, you will not have to rely on the pre-assists. You will have to find the players that can directly pass and then score.

Are Assists important?

Definitely! How can you expect your team to win the matches if the players cannot score? Of course, the other players will have to pass the ball to the other players so that they can score. You can know that the assists are directly proportional to the points scored. And the points scored means that the better chances to win the game.

You will see many players owning a massive number of assists, and why do you think the reason behind that is? Because they passed the ball to the player, that is most feasible to score at the moment.

How can assists help the team to build trust?

Believe it or not, a team can be destroyed within seconds if there is no proper relation between the players. Basketball is not a solo game where the players can play individually and win the games. The whole team needs to be connected if they want to win the match. And yes, assists play a crucial role in building trust. Rather than running on the court and then jump to score the points, the players actually pass the ball to their teammates so that they can score. In this way, it assists build good trust between the players that can help them win the matches.

Not only that, but as assists are counted as significant involvement in the game, players now don’t hesitate to assist their teammates. But of course, scoring will always have more potential because scoring is what gives you the points.

So if you are new to the team and want your teammates to trust you, the best way to do it is to provide them assists during the game. They will simply know that you trust them, and that is why you are passing the ball to them. And indeed, you will get the same result as your teammates will give you assists when the right time arrives. So be patient and keep working.

How can you improve your assisting abilities?

If you think providing assists is easy, then have you ever watched a basketball game? You are gathered around so many players, along with your teammates and the opponents. Between this, you have to find your best teammate who can score at the moment and then pass the ball to him. Can you do it while you are gathered with the opposing players? Not only that, but the opposing players can also distract you and make you miss-pass the ball. This can create even more hassles.

That is why training yourself to offer the best possible assists is necessary. To make your body comfortable offering assists, you will have to do some specific things. The first and the most critical thing in providing assists is your vision. If your vision is wrong, you might not be able to offer assists in the right way. You will have to intensely train your eyes and brains to find the right person in an instant. You can also mistake an opponent for your teammate, which can indeed create trouble for your team.

The best way to intensely train your eyes and brain is to play in the packed courts with other players as well. By doing so, you will be quickly able to grasp the situation. As for the second aspect, the passing should be good enough to land in the hands of the player who will put the ball in the basket. Your vision won’t do any good to you if you can’t pass the correctly even under pressure.


Now you can undoubtedly understand how crucial assists can be and how big of a role they can play in a game. So if you want to master this game, you will have to train yourself accordingly with all the crucial things which make the game beautiful.

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