What is Rebound in Basketball?

Basketball, just like other sports comes with a handful of rules. With rules, there are terms that a referee uses. Those terms are actions and the actions have rules too. Sounds complicated?

Don’t worry. Why?

Because in this article we will explain everything around the word “Rebound”. Yes, you will get to know about the following;

  • What is a rebound in basketball?
  • Types of rebound
  • Methods to improve rebound skills in basketball

Let’s begin…

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What is Rebound in Basketball?

Sometimes when a player hits the ball and it touches the rim of the hoop and it bounces back, there are two options. Either to let it be and ignore (this doesn’t happen in the game though) or to chase it and then rebound it. What rebound means here? It clearly means that the ball has to be hit again to make a goal.

What is Rebound in Basketball

Now there is another question linked to the situation.

Who chases the ball? 

Mostly it is observed that it is the player who is in the best standing or position. He is the one who bounces the ball back and hits the basket hoop. In this regard, it is important to mention that rebounding could be a skill and it takes time to practice. Other than that, a rebound is more to do with the desire or will to get the ball and throw it in the hoop.

Tricks and Essentials of Rebounding a Basketball 

At this point, it would be best to know some tricks through which a player can easily rebound a basketball. However, before going there, let us tell you that it is always about the technique and skills to get to the best rebounds in a game. We have got some examples of the best rebounders in basketball. Those include ben Wallace, Dennis Rodman, and Charles Barkley.

Following are some basics for rebounding a basketball.

  • The feet must be right under the head. Together and not too far from each other. That position calls for a rebound with two hands.
  • Players come under the category of “best ones” when they know how to anticipate. If and when they are there to make the audience look and watch the match, they aren’t good enough to be called best. So, being anticipated throughout the game to make the audience love the play, will really work.
  • Keep on moving feet until and unless the ball is rebounded. That saves the player from violating any basketball rules.
  • Another tip is to play and rebound while keeping hands to the level of the ear.
  • Understand, practice, and learn how to fight for the ball before matches.

Now that we know how to do what, we should move on to the next query:

What are the Types of Rebound?

Particularly, there are 2 kinds of rebounds in basketball – offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds. Being a defensive player, you can box the man out. Then, release to catch the ball. On the other hand, if you are an offensive player as in you opt for this type, then you will not box the man out. Instead, you will get near to the man who is boxing you out and then try to get a rebound.

Would you want to know some tips on how to be the best or a better rebounder in the basketball game?

If yes, we have explained both the types below.

Offensive Rebound Tips in Basketball 

Mostly, offensive rebounding doesn’t happen with the best positioning. Reason being, the other person as in the defender will be naturally between the basketball and you. In such situations, you are supposed to make use of swift but quick moves. In order to get to the offensive board, you can use anyone out of three moves.

Drive Under 

At times, what happens is quite the opposite of what we speculate from a player. The one who wants to box another player doesn’t make an appropriate move. How so ever, whatever he does makes him stand very near to the hoop. Whenever this kind of situation takes place, the player wants to use his body. So that he could drive them towards the basketball in such a way that it doesn’t leave them with a perfect angle to rebound. Eventually, that leads the ball on over your head. For such situations, coaches and professionals recommend the player to use body and not hands because that may lead to a foul.

We and all those who are associated with the game are aware of the basketball tricks and skills. Rebounding takes time to practice but you being the player should know how to do a basketball rebound.

Swim Move 

To let the person box you out, it is important to go in a swimming position. It is where you make a motion and position as if you are swimming. You bend and then go down to move hands like a fish’s fin. After that, you will pretend it in one way and then do the same with the opposite. You will do this so much so that the person who wants to box you out will be left behind. However, you will propel yourself out from the other person’s trace.

Spin Move

Spinning is similar to swimming moves. You will pretend one way and later spin it off to box out. Then, you will do the opposite to get a rebound. What happens in a spin move? Well, the player aims for a goal but misses it. That makes the ball go in the air and it is ready to get grabbed. But you make a move and want to be the first one to catch the ball. What you would do in such a situation? Does it matter if you are offensive or defensive?

If you tend to rebound the basketball and aim the basket, that might become a game changer move. If you are able to rebound the ball, then guess what! That could become one of the main reasons for winning the game.

Defensive Rebound Tips in Basketball 

As the shot moves up, you have to turn and find the player you are going to block out. Put your forearm on his chest and oppose the player by putting your butt on them. He will box out you when you don’t put your forearm on them at the first chance. Make your base wide and keep your hands up when you box out. You can avert the foul by keeping your hands up because wrapping the arms around the opponent player is foul in basketball. After you box out, you need to be ready to get the rebound. Don’t wait for the basketball to fall in front of you, but jump up and take it. If you wait for it, then the opposing player will take it. Keep your eye on basketball when it moves in the air, and react to the rebound quickly.

At this point when you have known the tips, types, and other important aspects of rebounding in a basketball, we would like to add another small portion. In this part of the article, you will read about the keys to becoming a better or rather best rebounder.

Key Points to Becoming a Better Rebounder in Basketball

Rebounding desire comprises of two elements – outwork and mentality. However, there are certain aspects that constitute towards understanding who would be the first to react to a rebound.

Summary of Answers to Questions Asked 

First thing first, mentality ensures an aptitude towards anticipated moves. Outwork on the other hand is dependent on the kind of work you can do with the ball.

When it comes to the question, who would reach the ball first, it is always about certain moves. First thing first, one can locate or release the basketball. If a player decides to locate, then it has the potential to give an advantage. Mainly because it will be the first move. However, if you release the ball being in the defense’s box out then you shouldn’t wait. Instead, locate the ball ASAP. Simply release the ball from the box (yours) and then chase the ball.

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