Why Do NBA Players Wear Masks? [Explained]

Are you wearing a mask during outdoor activities? If not, then you might be catching germs that could be really risky in the pandemics – covid19. However, there are times when most of us wear a mask but the situations are different. For example, doctors are supposed to wear scrubs and mask while conducting medical procedures.

Likewise, NBA players are seen wearing a mask. What are they covering it for? What risks are involved in not wearing masks during a game? How wearing a mask combats the player from getting hurt? All these questions are answered in this article.

Are you ready? Let’s begin…

It is true and makes sense to wear a mask during a basketball play or game. Why? Mainly because it protects the player from getting hurt. When a player hits the ball hard so much so that it touches the nose or face of another player, getting hurt or meeting an accident is pretty sure.

When a person wears a mask, he is safe from such incidents where he could have gotten hurt. That is one of the main and most logical reason. However, there are other reasons too.

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Reasons for Wearing Masks in Basketball Games 

Wearing a mask can elevate the progress and performance of a player. Ask why! When a player plays without the risk of getting hurt, he is more confident. He touches the highs and even makes a record. Not only in his previous performances but at the national level too.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Masks

So, the question again…

Why do NBA Players Wear a Mask?

Players are hit on the face many times in a year. They wear a mask to stay protected and get fewer chances of being hurt. Masks make a player’s nose away from getting damaged or broken. The best time to get the nose fixed is within two weeks. Reason being, you can’t delay for the fact that it joints back and the actual placement is disturbed.

Remember there are many reasons as to why one should wear a mask during basketball matches. Here are more to add in this regard…

Swelling and Nose Realignment 

It is not just that masks protect players from getting nose fractured. There is more to add. If and when the nose is fractured and the player still wants to participate, he should wear a mask. That will help in protecting the nose from swelling. However, we agree that it could be way too uncomfortable. But again, preferences matter. One got to do what is required, right?

Masks Help Facial Contusion 

Other than all that, masks help in an already broken nose, facial bone, or cheekbone. When someone wears a mask it also heals facial contusions.

FBA Basketball Requirement

Doctors recommend wearing masks. It is one integral part of the rules. However, there are many who doesn’t follow the instructions. Doctors don’t pass such players to take part in the game. If a player is hit and doesn’t want to wear a mask, then he won’t get approval to play in the game too.

Player Misses Game Without Mask 

There are no ifs and buts to playing NBA basketball without wearing a mask. If players want to keep playing the game actively and continuously, then they are supposed to wear masks even when they don’t feel like wearing one. It is mainly because without wearing a mask one can get hit and break a bone. Once hit, he might not be able to play for a longer time. That’s why in order to stay safe from such incidents, it is a must to wear a mask in the NBA game.

Types of Masks for NBA Basketball Games 

There are mainly two types of masks that are worn by NBA players. Those include;

  • Custom Fit Masks
  • General or Uncategorized Masks

Custom Fit Masks 

As the name suggests, these masks are custom made. What does that mean? It means, the size is not in general that seems to be loose on some faces and tight or right for others. Instead, these are more towards the tailor fitted ones.

The benefits of these masks are many but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any disadvantages. To begin with pros, we know that these are for specific needs. Secondly, they are a lot more comforting than the generic ones. These suit best for those who are tall and heavier players. As these masks are made after getting your face structure and all, they fit the face in a much better way. However, with all these perks there is one drawback too – these are a tab expensive than the other type.

Note: Custom fitted masks are good to go for especially when the NBA player has to use them for a longer duration (months and even maybe a year or two).

General or Uncategorized Masks 

General masks or the ones which are for all are considered best for those who don’t have heavy pockets (someone who can’t afford expensive masks). These masks come with many restrictions and limitations. For example, when it comes to comfortability and adjustability on the face… it doesn’t seem like the best fit. Reason being, these masks are not designed and structured after taking measurements and molds of the face. Since everyone has a different structure of the face, these masks tend not to do justice.

When it comes to materials, they aren’t as great as those which are custom made. Velcro straps are mostly used in the masks which makes the face hotter than expected. But that is fine with many players as they have to use a mask for a reason and few days or a couple of weeks. Another point on the basis of which players prefer buying generic masks is about the use. Players use this type of mask only when they are playing a game. Otherwise, it is resting in their player’s kit/bag or elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Queries Related to Wearing Masks in Basketball Games 

Questions have been asked about masks. Some of them are asked so many times that we have decided to answer them below. It will help the noobs and all those who are about to buy a mask for their basketball game.

Will spectators see the mask I wear? 

The best feature of masks for NBA players is that it doesn’t reveal if they are wearing one. Others can’t see the masks. It is understood by the manufacturers that these masks may put off spectators. So, they ensure that neither the player nor the audience is intimidated.

What happens when a player wears something that doesn’t fit perfectly on the face? 

First thing first, if a player wears a mask that is too close to the eye, it will hinder the vision. Most likely, the player will get tunnel vision. In such cases, players will not want to wear such masks.

While wearing masks, do players see at the corner of their eyes?

Not during the play at least. But yes, maybe after the game one tends to look from the corner of eyes. This happens unconsciously and at times out of curiosity.

Which materials are used in the making of masks?

Materials that are used in the making of NBA players masks include hard plastic, carbon fiber, or medical-grade polycarbonate. However, in custom fitted masks, players can choose from these options. Otherwise, in generic masks, the material is picked by the manufacturing company. Here, it is important to mention that some companies choose quality or quantity and other companies, unfortunately, don’t go for quality as such. Resistant to impacts and lightweight are some features which some companies provide in their masks.

What are the current NBA rules in pandemics (regarding masks)?

It is a must to wear a mask till they enter the basketball court. The rule is new for almost everyone related to a basketball game. In pandemics, it is also a must to wear a mask when players meet coaches and team players. They are also supposed to report the names of professional players, therapists, chiropractors, private trainers.

Our Last Thoughts –

Many players think it is not wise to wear masks. The reason they give is on the ground that there are always fewer chances of getting hit at the same point. However, it is not always the case as there are many players who actually got hit at the same point, twice. You know there is a reason for it! And that is how a player reacts to the ball. It is seen that players are prone to get hit at the same point again and again because they are noobs and don’t know how to dunk, rebound, etc. Furthermore, it is observed that players who abide by the recent rules in pandemics and otherwise, wear masks and stay protected do a big favor for their career. Therefore, we think it is a good deal to wear a mask.

What do you think about it? Do you think it is a good practice? Comment below and let us know the experience or story related to wearing masks in the basketball game. We would love to hear from you.

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